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Top 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home

Have you ever considered growing edible vine plants with limited space? Do you like to showcase your creativity by incorporating an architectural design of your home garden through the presence of vines? This article is made for you if you answer yes to either or both questions.

Vines can be a good or practical choice if you want to save some space in your garden. You do not need a large garden to grow different fruits and vegetables.

But this does not mean that these are the only plants recommended for small backyards. Understand that some climbing vines are bushy. Some plants produce heavy fruits. In that case, you may need a bit more space than you thought or more durable training support.

Anyway, we are going to discuss some of the ideal plants that can be grown vertically. Here is a list of the 17 climbing vines you can choose from.

Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home

1. Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon

Bitter Gourd or Bitter Melon 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Bitter gourd may not always be the first pick of many people, especially children. Like other vegetables, this is loaded with many nutrients.

It can be helpful to have a supply of such ingredients like this that can provide various vitamins and minerals. Thus, growing this edible vine plant should be taken into consideration.

This plant requires full sun and regular watering. It has to grow in a subtropical or tropical climate. If properly taken care of, this can produce a dozen bitter-tasting melons.

2. Blackberry

Blackberry 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Blackberry is technically classified as a small tree or a bush. It is also considered one of the tasty edible vine plants. This can be vertically grown using a trellis, fence, or wire in full sun. It survives in a climate with warm days and cool nights.

After the initial planting, you can start harvesting the black-colored berries and enjoy a season of baked goodies, smoothies, and fresh fruits since they can be eaten raw.

3. Chayote

Chayote 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Another tropical plant you can grow around your beautiful garden is chayote. Expect less difficulty in maintaining it as long as you have the right type of soil and climate conditions.

This gourd family member can be eaten raw or cooked. You can prepare lunch and dinner that consists of your traditional or favorite salads, stews, soups, and other meals. It has a bland taste with a crispness that makes it an interesting addition to other vegetables.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Cucumber cannot be excluded from the easy-growing edible vine plants. It is effortless for this plant to grow and produce more fruits if sown on a trellis. As part of the maintenance, regular pruning and harvesting cucumbers immediately are required. 

This is a well-known food added to salads or mixed with lemon juice. You can also use it as a natural facial remedy and skincare treatment. This is more than just a plant that fills in the empty spot of your garden.

5. Grapes

Grapes 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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One of the most popular fruits known to many is grapes. You do not need a farm or a larger space to grow your grapes.

This is a perennial, edible vine plant that is usually grown vertically in full sun. Make sure to add some space in between for easy spread out and regularly prune it.

6. Kiwi

Kiwi 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Kiwi is also among the edible vine plants that you can grow in your backyard. You can use a pergola or trellis with a few meters of space for climbing as this plant reaches up to 20 feet in height. It is essential growing this fruit in warm climates with pruning at least once a year.

7. Loofah

Loofah 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home 2
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It may not be common to use loofah as food as it’s widely known as a body sponge. Its fruit is similar to cucumber and other gourds but usually longer and bigger in size.

Growing this vine is not difficult for first-timers. The process is much easier if you have experience sowing similar plants.

8. Malabar Spinach

Malabar spinach is included among the edible vine plants that are full of leaves. You may plant cuttings or seeds. It grows substantially, especially if sown in tropical climates. It can be necessary to harvest the leaves and prune them regularly.

9. Melon

Melon 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Melon is another plant you can grow on a trellis or pergola. This has various species, which include the popular cantaloupe, honeydew, and watermelon. Ensure to install big, durable support since most of the fruits weigh about 4 pounds or much heavier.

10. Nasturtium

Nasturtium 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Let’s move on with the list of edible vine plants. Nasturtium is the only plant in which flowers are widely used as an ingredient in many fine cuisines and family meals.

It has a decorative element that makes your ordinary food look like it’s prepared by an experienced chef. Don’t you want to take a creative and bold idea to step up your dishes? For sure, you do and you’d be appreciated if you present them at the family table.

The leaves can also be used for different dishes from salads to smoothies. It may not be common but is still a healthy addition.

This easy-growing plant starts producing flowers in a month. You do not need to wait for a long time before you enjoy those small, cute petals.

11. Passionfruit

Passionfruit 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Passionfruit is known for its pulps and seeds that are usually added to many dishes and drinks. It would be nice to have a supply of your own. This can be planted in warm climates as it needs full sun as well as rich soil. However, it takes a year or more before it can produce fruits.

12. Peas

Peas 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Peas are edible vine plants that are very easy to grow and maintain. They may be easily sown in pots and grounds. It’s much better to grow them vertically to easily spread out the vines. In addition, this needs fertile soil, regular watering, partial shade, and a cool climate.

13. Peppers

Peppers 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Peppers are natural climbing vines. This is also among the easiest vines to grow and maintain for home gardens.

Some of the common types are bell pepper, Romanian pepper, jalapeño, and serrano pepper. A trellis is recommended to use in terms of supporting and training the plants to climb upwards. 

14. Pole Beans

Another easy-to-grow vine is pole beans. It is a type of tropical plant depending on a warm climate.

A long trellis or fence is needed as this plant grows as high as 10 feet. You may also use large pots with support to keep the vines climbing rather than spreading out toward the ground.

15. Pumpkin

The fall season, most notably during Halloween, is when pumpkins come around. You can grow this with ease in your yard, like other edible vine plants.

However, you need a larger space since it is a vine that spreads out. A trellis or a pergola is necessary if you wish to grow it vertically. During harvest, it can be fun to pick them for cooking or carving.

16. Raspberry

Like blackberries, raspberries provide delicious and nutritious fruits you can add to your bowl of berries, a plate of fresh salads, or a glass of juice. It is also easy to grow on a fence or trellis.

This vine produces fruits in summer or fall. One of the benefits of growing this vertically is it reduces the infestation of pests as well as diseases.

17. Squash

Squash 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Squashes are among the edible vine plants that can grow in a vertical garden. Generally, they are grouped as summer squash like zucchini and winter squash like butternut squash.

Make sure there’s support on the trellis or pergola as the fruits are heavy whatever varieties you choose. This group of climbing vegetables is a good addition to your home garden as you can harvest ingredients you can use for a lot of dishes.

18. Tomatoes

Tomatoes 18 of the Edible Vine Plants to Grow Vertically at Home
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Tomatoes are one of the edible vine plants to consider. It is low maintenance with quick growth. The best varieties for a vertical garden are cherry, honey grape, tomato burgess, early girl bush, and big boy.

Moreover, this plant can be grown vertically via a pot with support like a wooden stake or a trellis. It takes only a few weeks before you can enjoy harvesting its fruits, which you may use for a variety of fresh or cooked foods.


It does not matter if your home garden is spacious or small. Growing some edible vine plants can be fun and rewarding throughout the process. Harvesting the fruits, leaves, and even flowers is enjoyable.

It is a great investment any home gardener can consider. Some climbing vines may produce their fruits after a short, few weeks, while others may take a while.

Nevertheless, all of your time and effort in maintaining them are worth it. If you are a beginner, you’d inherit a sense of being productive and practical, which is good.

Which ones among these edible vine plants that you can easily and confidently grow? Which among them can be challenging to you personally?

Take this as your next goal or hobby whether you find it easy or challenging. You have the desire to experience it, so go for it. Remember that whichever you put your knowledge, creativity, time, and energy to, the result is always a sweet moment you’d probably appreciate.