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15 Frost Tolerant Flowers that Beautiful & Easy to Grow for Your Garden

Neither snow nor cold weather can stop you from growing frost tolerant flowers. Yes, there are freeze-proof plants that can thrive well during the cold months and produce beautiful flowers in spring, even late winter.

A few flowering houseplants can stand the cold of the winter season. Others may need to be placed indoors until spring begins. Regardless, your worry about taking care of such plants can now be dismissed.

Which plants can produce flowers in winter or spring? What kinds of flowers should you grow even if it’s too cold or snowing? Below is a list of great suggestions for growing frost tolerant flowers.

15 Frost Tolerant Flowers

1. Bachelor’s Button

Bachelors Button Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

The blue shade of the Bachelor’s button is attractive. Although it is the most popular, it blooms in other shades of flowers. These include white, pink, red, and purple.

Whichever shade you prefer, this plant offers a unique charm that may not be easy to ignore. A few stalks of this can enhance your entire landscape. This is usually grown to make borders or fences and decorate rock gardens.

You may start sowing the seeds with well-drained soil indoors during frost. Once spring begins, you may place the plant outside.

This needs regular watering even though it is drought resistant. Deadheading must be also applied whenever necessary to keep self-seeding.

2. Black-Eyed Susan

Black Eyed Susan Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

Black-Eyed Susan typically tolerates warm and dry conditions, but it is also one of the frost tolerant flowers. Its foliage comes out in full bloom highlighting the yellow petals that resemble sunflowers.

For this to happen, the plant must be grown from a spot where it can get full sun or partial shade. The solid condition must be neutral in pH level. Maintenance includes regular watering, deadheading, and removing weeds.

3. Coneflower

Coneflower Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

Echinacea is the botanical term that refers to coneflower. This is a flowering plant that is known for its pink and purple petals with black stamens. It is similar to rudbeckia or black-eyed Susan and the only difference is the color.

Coneflowers are easy to grow and maintain with the right process. This plant needs to be watered, placed in full or partial sun, mulched, and deadheaded. It thrives best in hardy zone 3.

4. Cyclamen

Cyclamen Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

Cyclamen has small, beautiful flowers in shades of white, red, pink, and purple. These are frost tolerant flowers you may like to consider growing around your front yard and backyard. It tolerates warm and cold temperatures but must not exceed 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

5. Dianthus

Dianthus Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

You may make your garden or front yard easily more attractive with the presence of dianthus. This type of annual plant has exciting flowers that can capture every pair of eyes that see them.

Varieties differ solely based on the petals of the flowers from colors to patterns to shapes. The most popular shades are red, pink, yellow, and white. There are also ones that have mixed hues, usually two.

6. Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

One of the frost tolerant flowers that are perfect for the season due to its silvery foliage is a dusty miller. What really stands out the most are the snowflake-like leaves and the beautiful, contrasting yellow-colored flowers.

This plant is not only hard and tolerant of the cold but also resistant to drought and diseases. Take proper care of this plant to ensure it grows healthily and bountifully.

It includes the full sun for at least 6 hours a day. Water the soil once it’s been dried up. Remove any dead plants or weeds nearby. This thrives well in zones 4 to 10.

7. Geranium

Geranium Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

Geranium is another versatile, freezing-proof flower plant to beautify your premises. It is one of the many frost tolerant flowers that vary in colors and patterns.

You can choose a mix of shades, which include white, pink, purple, red, yellow, and orange. There are also bi-colors that can be more strikingly pretty in a garden.

8. Kale

Kale Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Freeimg

Kale is obviously a type of vegetable but is also considered a flowering plant since it produces flowers. You can grow any variety in shades green, cream, purple, blue, or rose.

This is frost tolerant and full sun dependent. You can find delight in seeing a field of curly foliage and harvesting leaves for consumption.

9. Marigold

Marigold Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

There are many varieties of marigolds. These include French marigolds, African marigolds, triploids, and singles. Calendula is one of the most popular frost tolerant flowers from this group. It has very bright, golden or yellow flowers.

You can effortlessly grow marigold in your garden around fall, about 3 months before the end of the winter. Fill in a pot with seeds and care for it indoors.

You may transfer or replant on the ground outside to get some sun. Artificial light is also a great source. Part of the maintenance is to keep the soil moist, although it can also tolerate drought. Those expected lovely daisy-like blossoms then start popping out by spring.

10. Nemesia

Nemesia Frost Tolerant Flowers 1

Nemesia is an excellent, lovely flowering border or bedding plant you may add around your vicinity. Its foliage highlights small, bushy leaves and tiny, delicate, and colorful flowers.

Since the size is small, you can also hang them in a basket for a more charming view. The wide range of colors makes it easy for anyone to choose which shades to plant. In fact, you may mix a few varieties to have a colorful landscape.

Frost tolerant flowers like nemesia require moist, well-drained soil. This plant also survives well in full sun during cold months, while partial shade is alright on warmer days. It can be watered, but not too much or frequent to avoid rotting the stems.

11. Osteospermum

Osteospermum Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

Most commonly known as African daisy, osteospermum can amaze you with its gorgeous flowers. This can accent any type of landscape., whether the area is spacious or limited.

Some variants are single-layered, while others have double petals. You can choose any shade from its array of colors. These include yellow, orange, blue, red, pink, and the most popular color, purple or lavender.

Taking care of this flowering plant is also less difficult than you could imagine. It needs full sun, but also tolerates partial shade. Regular watering and adding fertilizers when necessary must be also kept in mind.

12. Pansy

Pansy Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

Pansies are lovely plants mainly due to their strikingly gorgeous flowers. They offer different colors and patterns. Most varieties have two or three colors.

This flowering plant is much easier to grow since it is smaller in size. You can plant in pots and align them around your patio. You may also directly grow them in the ground to create attractive pathways, edges, and borders.

13. Petunia

Petunia Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pxhere

Petunias are another popular choice among frost tolerant flowers. This plant is annual that loves cooler weather. You may start growing them during the fall or winter season.

Like others, this flowering plant also has different varieties. Of course, there are many colors, sizes, and shapes to choose from. Purple, pink, and white are just a few of the common ones. Regardless, the flowers bloom in a trumpet shape.

14. Snapdragon

Snapdragon Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pxhere

Snapdragon does not tolerate warm weather, so this is a perfect flower to grow in colder seasons. It features a well-arranged, erect stalk of flowers. It has assorted colors, which include white, yellow, pink, and purple.

The sizes of this plant vary as well. Some are dwarf, others are regular. The tallest varieties grow up to 2 feet tall, which is still not high enough when compared to other plants. Nevertheless, this can be an additional beauty in any home garden.

15. Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum Frost Tolerant Flowers
via Pixabay

Let’s also add sweet alyssum to this list of frost tolerant flowers. It is a scented flowering plant that grows from 4 to 6 inches in height. However, this easily and swiftly spreads out making it a good border plant.

It produces countless tiny flowers that are white, blue, red, or bi-colored. It is imperative to keep this plant exposed to full sun, even if it can resist cool weather and frost. Pruning or deadheading is required to stimulate its growth and more production of flowers.


You may start changing your landscape as the coldest season begins with these frost tolerant flowers. Adding more attraction to your home garden is still possible even if the weather becomes unpleasant at times.

The cold temperature doesn’t greatly affect the growth of these plants as long as you properly care for them. So, enjoy gardening in the next few days and feel the joy after the flowers start appearing in the background.