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The Gold Lace Juniper – Care & Propagation Guide!

No home garden or field is complete without at least one shrub tree present in it. If you’re wondering what plant you should add next to your collection of plants, look no further. The Gold Lace Juniper would make for the perfect addition.

If you end up getting this plant for your home garden, it will be useful to be aware of the different ways you can take care of this plant. This article will guide the top care and propagation techniques for the Gold Lace (Chinese) Juniper Plant.

Gold Lace Juniper
Gold Lace Juniper – via Etsy

The Gold Lace Juniper – Basic Information

No home gardener can hope to properly care for a plant if they don’t know at least some rudimentary information about the plant that they’ve decided to parent.

This section of this article aims to give you a brief introduction to the Gold Lace Juniper plant. This is not meant to be a complete introduction, but instead, only meant to give you enough rudimentary information about the plant so that you can understand its needs and care for it properly.

The Gold Lace Juniper is one of the three types of Chinese Juniper plants. The plant gets its name due to the Vibrant (seemingly gold) color of its foliage which goes from a deep forest green color to a bright yellow color as it grows.

This coloration allows this shrub to beautify any setting it is planted in. so get ready to upgrade the aesthetics of your garden with this plant.

The golden hues that this plant boasts will provide you with the perfect color contrast to harmonize with the rest of your decorative plants.

This evergreen plant, when properly cared for, will grow up to 3- 4 feet tall and spread about an average of 6 feet in width. The hues combined with the size proportions of this plant will definitely beautify your home garden, unlike any other plant.

How to care for your Gold Lace Juniper

Now that we are somewhat acquainted with the Gold Lace Juniper plant, it is time to discuss all of the different ways you can take care of this plant.


Unlike most plants, The Gold Lace Juniper does hold the ability to withstand the direct sun. In fact, you will find that your plant grows best when it receives at least 6-7 hours of direct sunlight every single day.

So, make sure you reserve a place for it where it can receive that amount of sunlight. If you place your plant somewhere, it does not receive any direct sunlight at all, and its growth will be stunted.


The Gold Lace Juniper is pretty tolerant of a range of soil types. The plant can grow on sandy soil and rocky terrains, and clay soils. But of course, the gold lace Juniper, too, has a preference. When put in slightly acidic soil where the drainage is good, you will find its growth at its best.


The Chinese Juniper plant will grow its best when watered moderately. Make sure its soil is moist (but not soaking) at all times. Watering your plant once a week will do just fine.

But stay vigilant; adjust the frequency with which you water your plant depending on your region’s temperature and humidity conditions.

Temperature & Humidity

The plant will grow best in mildly warm temperatures and in environments where the level of humidity does not fluctuate to extremes. Overall, though, the plant is very flexible when it comes to temperature and humidity levels.


Fertilizers are not a must-have for this plant. But they do assist in boosting its growth. Don’t shy away from making use of this resource. Use fertilizers right before the spring season to see the best results. The recommended type is a “slow-release” fertilizer.


Your plant’s shape and size will vary according to how well you care for it. In turn, this will determine how often you will prune your plant. As a general rule, though, pruning is typically best done annually right before spring season when the plant re-enters its growth phase.

Take away all dead leaves and branches to prevent your plant from catching diseases. Additionally, this will help it grow healthy. If you prune your plant too often, though, you will end up damaging its growth.

Gold Lace Juniper 2
Gold Lace Juniper – via

How to Propagate a Gold Lace Juniper – A Step by Step Guide

Now that we know about how this plant should be cared for, it is time to discuss how you can propagate this plant inside your home. Don’t fret. The process is fairly simple. Just follow the steps outlined below.

The Gold lace Juniper is propagated using the cutting method. The best time to get these cuttings is during the end of winter and the beginning of spring.

This is the time during which your plants’ growth starts picking up pace again, so it is perfect for trying and propagating it during this time. Take a sharp, sanitized knife and take out a cutting at least 2 inches long (longer is preferred).

The cutting must be separated from the place where it attaches to the main bark. Place your cutting in peat-based soil and keep the soil moist. Ensure the soil is well-draining for the plant’s optimal growth; you can facilitate drainage by poking holes at the bottom of your plant’s container.

Also, dip your plant in a rooting hormone before placing it in the container. Keep caring for your cuttings for a couple of months, and your plant should successfully be propagated in no time.

A Summary

The Gold Lace Juniper is a stunning shrub that is bound to make for a really valuable addition to your home garden. The plant is relatively easy to maintain and take care of, so it’s definitely worth getting it.

The plant is propagated with the use of cuttings which are put in a rooting hormone before being placed in a peat-based soil. The details of this method have been mentioned above.