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Golden Moneywort – 6 Caring Tips & 3 Propagation Methods

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The Golden Moneywort belongs to Europe and the Caucuses, where it is typically grown near water. The plant belongs to the family of Primulaceae and is also known as “twopenny thot”.

The unique quality of this plant is the fast growth rate which makes it ideal for growing indoors.

Golden Moneywort Creeping Jenny 1
Golden Moneywort – Creeping Jenny – via Etsy

Main Characteristics of the Golden Moneywort Plant


Golden Moneywort grows flowers mainly in the summer season. The flowers are yellow and are exactly the shape and size of a coin. The small bright yellow flowers are very attractive and can grow to 1.5 inches.


These plants can grow up to 2.5 to 4.5 inches in length. The best thing about this plant is that it grows vigorously and can spread like a mat. Due to their rapid growth, they need to be pruned quite often for good maintenance.


The leaves of Golden Moneywort are quite small and are round in shape. They have a very vibrant green colour which is appealing for the sight. The leaves are quite smooth and leathery. They have long and trailing stems on which the leaves are arranged.


Once the plants bloom in summers, they can have seeds that are the shape of a capsule.


Unlike other plants, the Golden Moneywort doesn’t get attacked by pests and diseases very often. However, it can be attacked by slugs when the area where the plant is being grown is populated. This can ruin the leaves of the plant, but the plant can likely survive. 

Golden Moneywort Creeping Jenny 2
Golden Moneywort Creeping Jenny – via Etsy

Top 6 Caring tips for the Golden Moneywort plant


The health of a plant is greatly affected by the place and soil it’s grown in. For best growth, you must keep your plant in an area that has moist soil. The reason why the plants need moist soil is that it is found in wet areas such as ponds, riverbanks, etc.

Furthermore, you also have to provide proper drainage so that the roots of the plant can breathe and there is less chance of waterlogging.


The Golden Moneywort plant loves water. The best way to water your Golden Moneywort is to give the water regularly. These plants can handle overwatering as their water requirement is quite high. The soil should not be dried completely. If you see your soil drying up, water immediately.

If the plant is being grown near a water body, then it can meet its own water needs by extending the roots into the water. The plants have shown a high growth rate near water bodies.

When not given an adequate amount of water, the plant can suffer drought, which can cause its beautiful leaves to lose their colour.

Lighting needs

Generally, for a healthy Golden Moneywort, you have to keep your plant in bright and indirect sunlight. The colour of the leaves can change depending on the light you provide, and if kept in the sun, it can give golden yellow leaves and green colour in an area where there is shade.

It is suggested that you do not expose your Golden Moneywort to direct sunlight as the leaves can die.


The plant has shown healthy growth when placed in an area with warm temperatures. However, it must not be exposed to direct sun. The drawback of growing the plant is that it cannot survive in cold temperatures.

Even very high temperatures can cause the plant to catch diseases.


Golden Moneywort can be pruned to tame the fast growth of plants. The Spring season is ideal for pruning the plant as during that time, and the plant shows its highest growth. Pruning can help the plant grow even healthier and stop the plant from taking over other nearby plants.


Although soil can easily provide the Golden Moneywort with required nutritional needs, however, to boost the growth of the plant, fertilizers can be added every spring season.

Ways to propagate your Golden Moneywort Plant

In this section, we will discuss 3 different ways you can easily propagate your Golden Moneywort plant indoors. These are, namely:

  1. Propagation via stem cutting
  2. Propagation via division
  3. Propagation via water

Stem Cutting

This is a much-known way to propagate your Golden Moneywort plants. The steps are for propagation are:

  1. Firstly taking sanitized equipment.
  2. After that, remove a stem cutting from an existing mother plant of Golden Moneywort.
  3. Make sure it is a healthy branch with no leaves on the lower part of the stem.
  4. This method can be best executed in the autumn season.
  5. Now, put 1 teaspoon of rooting hormone in a dish and dip the slit end of the cutting into the dish.
  6. Now, cover your pot with a plastic film to maintain humidity.
  7. Expose them to indirect sunlight.
  8. Watch your Golden Moneywort for the upcoming days.

Propagation by water

Here are the steps:

  1. Firstly, remove a stem cutting.
  2. Insert the stem cutting into a clear jar filled with water.
  3. Change the water regularly to avoid any diseases.
  4. Observe your plant from the transparent jar.
  5. Now, wait for a week until the plant starts growing.

Propagation via Division

Another way to propagate Golden Moneywort is through diving the root.

  1. Firstly, you need to dig the plant.
  2. After that, you need to remove the soil from the roots.
  3. They start cutting the roots using a sharp tool.
  4. Once the root is cut, transfer to another place.


The Golden Moneywort is an attractive green plant with yellow flowers which spread like a mat in the area which they are grown. These plants are low-maintenance plants that can be used to enhance the elegance of any garden by hanging them in baskets.

However, if you want to maximize their growth, place them where there is high quantities of water, the soil moist and well-draining, and have been exposed to indirect sunlight. For propagating your plant, you can use the 3 methods which have been discussed above, which are:

  1. propagation by stem cutting,
  2. Propagation by water, and
  3. Propagation by division.