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How Long Do Lemons Last?

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Do you consume fruit regularly? If the answer is yes then you must know that fruit is one of the best ingredients for us to have nutritious elements in our body.

Among all the fruits the most used fruit is undoubtedly lemon. Lemon is a citrus fruit that not only provides the maximum quantity of Vitamin C but also helps to keep the body antitoxic.

Though citrus fruits provide enough nutritious elements in our body but it is a very common question that how long do lemons last?

Citrus fruits especially the lemon rotten very fast. So, you often feel the common problem regarding lemon storage for a certain period.

Lemon is the most commonly used fruit that is available throughout the whole year. So, you must keep lemon in your must-eat fruit list.

Just like all the other fruits, you may tense about the rotten period of lemon. Here is a certain fact that can remove your worry regarding the rotten time of lemon. The fact is, lemon does not rotten as fast as the other citric fruits. 

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How Can I Preserve Lemon?

You can’t go to the market to buy a lemon every day. Usually, we buy a certain quantity of lemon and preserve them. You can preserve your lemon both keeping outside and inside the refrigerator.

Generally, we do not use lemon on a single day. We often cut the lemon and use the slices. There are certain ways to preserve the lemons both without cutting and the sliced lemons.

1. Refrigerator

Keeping the solid lemon or the slice of lemons inside the refrigerator is undoubtedly the easiest way for you to keep them fresh for a certain period. So, find an airtight container and put lemons there. Now you can put the lemons inside the fridge.

Lemons in Fridge - How Long Do Lemons Last
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2. Away from Moisture

You have to keep the lemon away from moisture if the lemon is cut into the slices because sliced lemon has more risk of becoming rotten with the effect of moisture than a whole lemon.

3. Away from Sunlight

If you do not have a refrigerator in your house and you do not want to keep the lemon-fresh for some weeks then you need to keep the lemons away from the sunlight because the lemon becomes dry if it is present in the sunlight.

4. Covering the Slice

Generally, if we wish to use one slice of lemon and to store the other slice then, before keeping it to the refrigerator you need to cover the other slice and keep them inside.

The reason behind covering the slice is, in refrigerator there born some bacteria due to the artificial cooling process. So, you must cover the lemon slice before keeping this in the fridge to avoid the bacteria.

How Many Ways I Can Use Lemon?

We all know that lemon is a really important fruit for our daily life because of its nutritious value. Here are some ways we can use lemon given below:

a. Making Lemonade

Squeezing the juice of lemons in the water and mixing them with soda for making lemonade is the most common way of using lemons.

b. Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice is considered one of the healthiest drinks even more than lemonade that helps in digestion and has enough nutritious value.

c. Lemon Slice

Lemon slice is another useful part of lemon that uses to squeeze the juice and enhance the taste of food or uses as a nutritious element of a skin glowing pack.

How Long Do Lemons Last?

Lemon is such a fruit that lasts for some more days than the other fruits. Moreover, unlike the other fruits; lemon lasts even after cutting them in the slices. Some periods are given for you so that you can keep your lemon-fresh:

  • Fresh lemon can be fresh for four weeks. If you keep lemons in the refrigerator then it can be fresh to two months.
  • If you cut lemons then it can last for a maximum of three days even after keeping them inside the refrigerator.
  • If you make lemonade from the fresh lemon by squeezing it then it can be saved till about one week inside the refrigerator. Even if, you buy processed lemonade then too you can save it till two or three weeks in a refrigerator.
  • If you squeeze juice from the lemon and want to preserve it then you can keep it inside the fridge for three days. The processed lemon juice to become intact inside the fridge for about five months.

How Can I Understand If My Lemons Are Spoilt

It is always better for you to eat fruit on the day you are buying from the market because fresh fruits or fresh vegetables always contain the maximum quantity of nutritious ingredients.

The nutritious elements start to reduce with the time and also with the chemical reaction and the bacteria attack from the refrigerator. But it is not always possible to have fruit on the day of buying.

So, we often keep lemons inside the fridge to keep it fresh. But we often can not understand that our fruits are spoilt and take this that causes food poisoning. So, there are certain signs though which we can understand that lemon is spoilt:

Lemon Spoilt - How Long Do Lemons Last
  • Usually, the color of fresh lemon is yellow. The texture of its peel is tight and smooth. So, becoming discolored, soft skin indicates that the lemon is spoilt.
  • Lemon juice extracted from the fresh lemon does not stay for a longer period. So, after keeping lemon juice for almost a month you can not use lemon juice as it will be affected by Bacteria and it will be toxic.
  • If you keep the sliced lemon without covering then very soon it will be attacked by the bacteria inside the fridge and there will be a bad smell that is the indication of the toxic feature of the lemon slice.
  • Lemonade is the only product of lemon that lasts for a longer period due to the presence of the preservative and the carbon dioxide. An unopened bottle of lemonade lasts longer than the opened bottle. An unopened lemonade bottle can be preserved for about one year. Opened lemonade is usually attacked by the fungus present in the air.

How Can I Use The Lemon About To Be Spoilt

You would never like to throw the lemons you have bought from the market. So, if you find that the lemons you have bought for making lemon chicken or the lemonade are about to spoil then what will be your action?

The answer will be you are using the almost spoilt lemons in the other household works. You can use lemons in those below-mentioned grounds like:

a. As the Skin Toner

If you are a woman then you can never throw the lemon without using it in the face pack or mixing it with the shampoo because Vitamin C present in lemon helps to glow the skin and remove dandruff.

b. As the Clothe Washer

You can use the lemon as the clothe washer by squeezing the lemon in the clothe washing mixture. You can use the old unused lemon juice too as a clothe washer by mixing with the vinegar.

Lemon Clothe Washer - How Long Do Lemons Last
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So, you can use lemon even if the nutritious content becomes lesser and it is almost spoilt.