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How Much Does A Chainsaw Weigh – A Quick Guide

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A chainsaw is a powerful device, which you need to be careful when handling. Incorrect handling during use could result in deadly injury. The chainsaw you choose should be ideal for your stamina and the work you need to do. In this article, we are going to talk about the weight of a chainsaw.

Depending on how much work you want to do, you need to know the chainsaw buying guide. You don’t want a tool that is very heavy or that strains your hands. For this reason, users of chainsaws should be aware of their weight.

How Much Does A Chainsaw Weigh
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How Much Does a Chainsaw Weigh?

The standard weight of the chainsaw is about 10 to 15 pounds. Some of the electric chainsaws, which are smaller, can weigh up to 6 pounds, while some that are more efficient, larger, and gas-operated can also weigh up to 20 pounds.

Typically, the weight of the chainsaw can vary very much. Many factors affect the weight of a chainsaw, like a chain, guide bar, energy source, type of chainsaw, etc.

Chainsaws Type and How They Affect Chainsaw Weight

1. Electric powered chainsaws

When compared to the other two types of chainsaws, the electric-powered models are the lightest in weight. To use them, you have required a power cord. If the cord is short, you may be required to purchase the extension cord to carry the powerhead to the worksite.

These electric powered chainsaws help mitigate many hassles, like mixing fuels, as is the case with gasoline chainsaws.

Furthermore, their environmentally friendly nature is a great advantage, as these chainsaws do not emit smoke when working. After all, you don’t have to wait for the batteries to recharge, as with battery-powered chainsaws.

The freedom to work for long as you wish makes them incomparable. In addition, the lighter weight of this chainsaw causes less fatigue.

Nevertheless, it may be necessary to lubricate the chain and bar to prevent friction when cutting wood. Also, lubricating oil can increase the general weight of the chainsaw.

It is crucial to lubricate your tool as it keeps the bar and chain safe the chainsaw. Among many advantages are eco-friendly and lighter weight, but the only disadvantage is the availability of the power source, which can be constrained.

2. Battery-powered chainsaws

You may have noticed that we’re moving from the lighter chainsaws to heavier ones. The second one in the series is the battery-powered chainsaws.

In terms of weight, they are somewhere between electric and gasoline chainsaws. However, they are battery-operated, and adding a battery can increase the overall weight of the tool.

Some manufacturers do not consider the battery’s weight with the machine’s weight. Therefore, when buying this chainsaw, pay attention to these details.

Like other chainsaws, you will get the advantages and disadvantages. Similar to electric chainsaws, they are environmentally friendly without the fuel mixtures or risk of emissions.

However, these battery-powered chainsaws can limit the battery life or wait for them to be charged. Also, they may not be as efficient as gasoline chainsaws. However, they’re lightweight and do not require the connection of extension cords or electric cords.

3. Gasoline chainsaws

We are talking about the chainsaws, which carry a lot of weight while providing the most efficient performance. These are the heaviest of all, but you may prefer them due to their high cutting capacity. Chainsaws with two-stroke engines require a high-maintenance fuel mixture.

An incorrect mix ratio can cause the gasoline chainsaws to get damaged or stop working. You might undoubtedly know the seriousness of the question of how the chainsaw’s weight with its performance. This will give you enough information to know the right tool to buy.

How Much Does A Chainsaw Weigh 2
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Factors that Affect The Weight of a Chainsaw

1. Power source

The power source becomes the most crucial factor, which contributes to the weight of the chainsaw. You can buy a chainsaw, which is powered by electricity, battery or gas. With the electric chainsaw, the added weight of a power cord can add additional weight to the entire machine.

The average gas chainsaw’s fuel capacity is 7 to 44 ounces. Because one gallon of fuel can hold 6 lbs of fuel, you will calculate the weight of a chainsaw with one tank of fuel. So, the extra weight can be between 0.32 and 2 pounds of the total weight.

Another thing is the weight that is added by including the battery. Usually, a battery can weigh between 1.4 and 1.5 pounds. Typically, this weight may vary according to the chainsaw model.

The number of batteries is also taken into account. Some chainsaws run on two batteries; therefore, this can be considered when getting the weight.

2. Chain and bar lubricating oil

Whether you’re working with a battery-powered or electric chainsaw, the weight of the chain and bar lubricating oil is invaluable for any chainsaw. The lubricating oil capacity can be 5 to 24 ounces.

Likewise, the oil’s weight can vary depending on its density. However, you can expect an increase of between 0.25 and 1.25 pounds because of the oil on the chain and bar.

3. Chain length and guide bar

One of the measurements for gauging the size of the chainsaw is the chain size and guide bar. A bigger chain and bar provide greater cutting depth. Similarly, they can significantly increase the weight of a chainsaw. Typically, you will find a 12- to 36-inch chain and guide bar.

As a general rule of thumb, the chainsaw will weigh more if the chain and rod are longer. Also, if the chain and bar are smaller, the chainsaw will weigh less, but the cutting power will also be relatively low.

You can anticipate a 1-6 pound increase in the weight chainsaw because of the inclusion of the guide bar combination.


Finding the right chainsaw is a very complex task, and its weight is an essential factor. It is paramount to know how heavy a chainsaw is.

The right tool should not be too heavy, as the bulky chainsaw can make you tired, affecting your productivity. Therefore, t first thing to do when buying a chainsaw is to check how it weighs.