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How Much Does a Royal Palm Tree Cost?

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Planting or growing a Royal palm tree adds a unique flair to your garden, or having a palm tree indoors gives a glamourous beauty to your house.

Before planting a palm tree, you have to consider many things; the most important is knowing how much it costs to put a palm in your yard. A palm tree’s cost may vary depending upon the specie and the height of the palm that you wish to plant on your lawn.

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How Much Does a Royal Palm Tree Cost? — Image via Elissa Motter.

This article will primarily discuss how much does a Royal palm tree cost.

Moreover, we’ll see different species of palm trees and their prices. If you find these topics interesting, let’s get straight in.

How Much Does a Royal Palm Tree Cost?

So, how much does a Royal palm tree cost?

Before you decide to add a Royal palm to your garden, you need to consider how much you can spend on buying them.

Also, it is not a must to buy a Royal palm. It is much better to research different palm tree types and buy the best one according to your budget.

Royal Palms

As the name “Royal palm” suggests, it is one of the fanciest palm trees. These are included among the taller palm species, and the maximum height is between 15 to 25 meters (49.2 to 82 feet).

But occasionally, a fully grown Royal palm tree can also reach up to 100 feet.

You cannot put these trees in a little backyard. They need ample space to grow. Therefore, you should plant them only if you have a vast garden.

You may be wondering if you can grow Royal palms from seeds? The answer is yes!

But this process is quite complicated because these plants are often prone to diseases or mineral deficiency.

There are two types of Royal palms:

  1. Cuban Royal palms.
  2. Florida Royal palms.

It isn’t easy to differentiate between them because both are large trees with long green leaves — 8 to 9 inches long.

The significant difference between the two Royal palm trees is that the Florida royal palm doesn’t have a distinctive swollen trunk as in the Cuban variety.

And, as the both names reflect, both trees are native to different areas.

Cost of Royal Palms

The Royal palm tree’s price depends upon its height, age, and attractiveness.

Royal palms can cost hundreds of dollars or more depending upon the above characteristics. If you want a cheaper Royal palm, try to start with a single seedling. It costs less, but growing a whole Royal palm requires much effort — depending on your location.

To make the process more effortless, try replicating the native environments where the Royal palms grow naturally.

The height decides the price of a mature Royal palm tree when purchased. You can buy Royal palm seeds and grow your plant from scratch if you know how to care for it. Selling a mature palm tree will also help you earn a handsome profit.

The cost of a Royal palm tree depends upon its height and is often between $200 to $300 for small ones and thousands of dollars for the large ones. In addition, you’ll need to pay the cost of transporting them into your house and fitting them in your garden.

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Popular Palm Species

Before spending a bulk of money on a Royal palm tree, you should also look at other gorgeous types of palm trees and evaluate which is best for your lawn. Palm trees come in different sizes and shapes for gardening shade and home decoration.

About 2600 species descend from the family Arecaceae — commonly known as the Palm family — but it is estimated that only 130 palm species grow beyond the tropics.

Now that you know how much does a Royal palm tree cost, let us take a look at the most common palm trees grown by the gardeners are:

Kentia Palm Tree

If you like palm trees and are not lucky enough to live in a tropical zone, Kentia palm is an excellent choice for you. These can also thrive in cold temperatures where most palm species cannot survive. Kentia palm trees are native to Lord Howie Island, Australia.

Kentia palm has a slender trunk and long palm-shaped leaves. It can grow up to 5-15 meters (up to 50 feet) in its native habitat, while it rarely reaches up to 4 meters (13 feet) in height in gardens.

Due to its slow-growing nature, the Kentia palm may take up to years to achieve its average length. You also don’t need to re-pot it because of its slow-growing nature, but you need to water it at least once a day. Kentia palm can be grown comfortably under direct as well as indirect sunlight.

Cost of Kentia Palms

Kentia palm trees are locally available, and you can usually get the height between 5–10 feet. The average cost of Kentia palm is about $200–400. Trees in this range are generally grown in 8–10 inch pots.

You can check the best Kentia palms from the link.

Comparing the Royal Palm to King Palm & Others – YouTube

Parlor Palm Tree

Parlor palm refers to the palms that grow in the parlor. If you want a palm tree to grow indoors, the Parlor palm is the best choice.

These plants show an average growth rate under indoor light and do not require much pruning. Parlor palms usually get about 12 feet in height and are commonly called Bamboo palms as they have large bamboo-like stems.

Parlor palms tend to grow in areas with high humidity, and in some cases, they may attract pests like spider mites.

Ensure to neaten its branches, and you can occasionally mist them to avoid drying problems.

Cost of Parlor Palms

You can get Parlor palms from any nursery around your house and online markets. Their cost usually ranges between 25$ to 50$. If you are looking for indoor palms, you can buy them simply from the link.

View on Etsy.

Foxtail Palm Tree

If you are searching for a gentle and graceful option, the Foxtail palm is the finest.

These palms do great in temperatures above 30°C, so try to make a better climate for your plant growth.

The Foxtail palm is a very slow-growing plant, and this character makes it more worthy than others.

It is also because the Foxtail palm is tough to grow into a tree. These slow-growing palms might take decades to increase to full size, but the result is worth more than the wait.

It has beautiful lustrous leaves, lending it a distinctive and distinguished aura.

Cost of Foxtail Palms

As they are long-living plants, if you buy one in a pot of around twelve gallons, you have to set back about $200. A large specimen than this can cost between $300 to $500.

Therefore, it is way more budget-friendly to buy Foxtail palm seeds. And you can watch this fantastic tutorial on germinating foxtail palms from seeds.

How to Germinate Foxtail Palms from Seeds? – YouTube

Bottle Palm Tree

Bottle palms are usually known for their unique appearance. They are trendy house plants because they look cute and require very little maintenance to grow. This is a perfect choice for those people who love tall trees and are not willing to take the responsibility of maintaining them.

Unlike other palms, the trunk of the bottle palm swells from the end and makes a bottle an appearance. It usually gets a height of about twelve feet. It is generally smaller, more compact, and easy to handle than other forms of garden palm trees.

Cost of Bottle Palms

Bottle palms are pretty expensive. Even a tiny Bottle of Palm will cost you about $60 or $70, and when they get their full size, they can nearly cost about a thousand dollars­­. It is better to buy a young plant and let it grow in your yard.

Time Required for a Palm Tree to Grow

With all that said, I hope you got a satisfying answer to: “How much does a Royal palm tree cost?” By now, I wonder, your next question might be: “How quickly palm trees can grow.” Well, I am here to answer all of your questions. 😁

The life span and the growth rate of Palm trees depend on the species you bring to your house. The majority of palm trees have a growth rate of about 1 to 2 feet per year if properly cared for. Some species are naturally shorter than others.

Palms are not fast growers, significantly when grown away from their native environment. Most species of palm trees take about four to six years to attain their maximum height, but some species can grow up to one foot in size in two to three years.

Coconut palm trees. How much does a royal palm tree cost
Coconut palm trees. — Image by Quang Nguyen Vinh.

If you want a palm tree in your garden, it is recommended that you buy one tree that’s almost two to three years old, as starting from seed is challenging for a new gardener.


On that note, let’s conclude the talk.

Palm trees are the best addition to your yard, but their cost depends on the type of specie you choose. The height of palm trees is their biggest attraction.

We saw how much does a royal palm tree cost. And that different palm trees have different sizes and different price ranges. Though these trees are very costly, they are still every gardener’s dream.

If you don’t want to spend money or wish to earn a handsome profit from your garden, you can grow some Royal palm trees by yourself.

But developing a palm tree from scratch is very difficult; therefore, it is recommended to buy a 2 to 3 years old palm tree and allow it to grow into your lawn.

I hope this article has fulfilled your queries about how much does a Royal palm tree cost, the different types of palm trees, and how much is the time required for their growth. If you still have any questions, you can ask them in the comment section.

Regards: Moiz Atiq.