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How Much Sun Do Roses Need?

There is something inherently romantic about roses! A single stem rose, or a bouquet of many roses can express a variety of feelings, thanks to the type of colors and styles available.

Though it is not difficult to grow rose bushes, you need to give them a bit of extra care and love to get the best quality roses.

Do you struggle with the rose bushes? Do you find that often you are not getting the right flowers? There can be many reasons for this.

Soil, climate, supplements all play an essential role, but one factor which you should take into account is sunlight. However, do you really know how much sun do roses need?

The Relation Between Sunlight and Roses

Rose flowers are symbols of love, beauty, grace, friendship, peace, and much more. It is more than 35 million years old humans started to cultivate it around 5000 years ago!!

With such a rich history, there is no wonder that roses hold the prime position among all the flowers. If you want to grow healthy and beautiful roses, you need to give them access to sunlight. Here are a few things you can keep in mind.

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  • Most rose bushes need about 5 to 7 hours of sunlight every day.
  • Morning sunlight is the best because it can dry the dew on the leaves and prevents fungal diseases.
  • Some varieties can thrive even in the shade, but only if it is not deep shade.
  • Climate and soil play an essential part, and you should take these into account when deciding about sunlight.

How Much Sun Do Roses Need?

Most people will tell you about the number of hours necessary for your roses to be in sunlight. It is good advice, but it is not always right and definitely, not for all types of roses!!

Are you also wondering about the ideal amount of sunlight for your roses? The answer is not very simple, and you will have to look at a number of factors.

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1. Rose Variety

There are a wide variety of roses available today. You will find it surprising that there are a few varieties that want partial shade! Old English Rose and Alba Rose belong to this group.

If you keep them in direct sunlight for too long, they may wither away. Some dark roses may fade too soon in sunlight.

Most of the roses are better in sunlight, but you should take a close look at the variety you have. Hybrid roses need more care and protection in comparison to hardy and all-season variety like the Knock-out!

2. Climate

In countries where there is abundant sunlight throughout the year, you may have to provide some shade once in a while. Hot sunny afternoons can do more damage than any good to your rose plant!!

Intense heat can burn or scorch the leaves and petals and also affect the soil. If you can move them, put them under a big tree or move to a shaded area for a few hours when the sun is very hot.

On the other hand, if the weather is mostly cold, then you will have to protect them from the harsh cold again. Allow them to be in the sunlight as long as possible.

Place them in the areas where there is maximum sunlight. At night if the temperatures dip to unbearable degrees, then bring the plants in for protection. 

3. Soil

It does not matter what type of soil is there because there are rose varieties for practically every type of soil condition!! You can grow roses in drought-prone areas and extremely wet conditions alike!!

However, the thing to keep in mind is that you choose the appropriate rose plant variety. If the conditions are wet, then you don’t need to water frequently and in fact, keep them in the sun for as long as possible.

If the soil is dry and then frequent watering is important to keep the rose plants healthy. Wild Roses and antique heirloom roses grow easily in dry conditions.

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Sunny and Shady

It is a sort of alchemy!! Finding the perfect balance between sunlight and moisture is difficult but not impossible! There are thousands of rose varieties!

When you choose a type, you need to keep the color, flower size, bush size, fragrance, etc. in mind. Once you have a rose variety locked in then, you take a close look at the other factors like the climate and soil.

If you can find the perfect match, then you will have no problems growing the most beautiful roses! You can grow roses in pots or the ground or even hang them in baskets.

They will fit in all types of landscapes. There is a rose for every reason and every season!! Just keep these things in mind before you choose a rose variety for your garden.

  • Where are you going to plant it is important
  • If you are allergic to strong smells, choose roses having a light fragrance.
  • All roses have a different blooming cycle. Keep that in mind when planning your garden
  • If you have small children and you don’t want the thorns then look for thorn-less varieties
  • The one problem that rose bushes generally face is a fungal infection, which is mainly a result of excess wetness.
  • Just make sure that you are always aware of the weather, sunlight, and soil.


Are you ready to plant some rose bushes? We are sure that the information here will help you to grow the best roses. If you make a choice carefully, there is no reason why you won’t be successful!

Roses serve several purposes. They are, of course, the most romantic flower! However, they are also popular as part of decorations, and in the fragrance industry, they are irresistible!

The petals are vital ingredients in several mouth-watering dishes and at the same time, a part of medicines as well. The most critical role they play is in helping us express our feelings!!


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