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How Often To Water New Grass Seed? – A Quick Guide

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If you live in your own house with green grass, you know that it takes a lot of time for this lawn to be always beautiful and green. Every time you sow grass seeds, it is imperative to water them correctly because when you make one wrong move, there will be no beautiful green lawn.

Correct watering time on the site and fertilizing it reliably ensures its attractive appearance against the general landscape design and health background. Various systems are also subordinate to this, helping to saturate the lawn grass cover with the liquid necessary for the existence of plants.

How Often To Water New Grass Seed

For the best results, it is recommended to water new grass seed for ten minutes in one session, morning and evening. This way, you will keep the topsoil moist enough and more than enough for grass seeds since they do not need to be planted deeply.

Later, as the grass seeds continue to grow and harden since germination occurs within 30 days of sowing the seeds, you can tolerate this more easily and water less often. 

It is often recommended to extend morning watering and reduce evening watering instead gradually. In general, it is vital not to water too much on newly planted seeds when it comes to watering grass seeds. You will flood the future lawn, and the roots will die due to over-watering.

How Often To Water New Grass Seed
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Best Time To Water New Grass Seeds

When it comes to watering grass seeds, garden newbies often stumble over not knowing exactly the best time to water them. 

The best time to water grass seeds is in the morning, from six to ten, when air is cool enough.  Also, when the sun is not very bright and when the air has cooled down in the evening.

Easily plant and grow your dream grass, green and refreshing, which can be the perfect getaway for you and your family. 

Get the proper watering schedule, be patient, and soon you’ll be enjoying a piece of herbal bliss right in front of your windows.

If you notice moss or something similar on your lawn (especially in shaded areas), this is a sign that there is too much watering. Reduce the amount of water and the frequency of watering.

How Much Water Should You Water Your Newly Planted Grass Seeds?

The amount of water for watering the newly planted grass seeds is directly related to the mechanical composition of the soil and the degree of drying. It is recommended to pour about 10-20 litres of water on each lawn meter to revive it properly.

If the soil on the site is clayey and retains moisture well enough, the watering rate should be reduced. And if it is sandy or loose, it must be increased since such soil cannot retain moisture for a long time.

To determine the required rate of watering the grass, you need to see if puddles are forming on it. If they appear, then the amount of water must be reduced.

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It is better to water the lawn less often, but with enough water, than more often, but little by little. Small doses of water only wet the topsoil and can do much more harm than good.

There is one more tip for those parts of the lawn that are in the shade. They need to be watered a little less frequently than those in direct sunlight. But this attention applies only to those inside the buildings.

The same ones under the leaves of trees or near shrubs need to be watered more often since the roots of the trees dry the soil very much, taking away from it almost all the nutrients and moisture necessary for the grass.

Essentially, for a correct and beautiful lawn, you need to monitor the soil moisture and the condition of the grass all the time. This is because they can change to lose them much more often than usual from time to time.

Tools Used for Watering New Grass Seeds

1. Sprayers or sprinklers

Shopping malls have a wide variety of sprayers, including stationary, rotating, and oscillating (swinging). Using a sprayer is a highly convenient form of watering since you can leave it to work and go, but it is far from the most effective.

When spraying with a sprayer, a significant amount of water is wasted, especially on a windy day, and mainly the topsoil is moistened. 

As a result, the roots of the grass seeds stop growing more profoundly, which will not benefit them during the next dry period. And besides, the water from the upper layer evaporates too quickly.

Melnor 65078 AMZ XT Turbo Oscillating Sprinkler How Often To Water New Grass Seed
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2. Garden hoses

They are the most versatile tools, and if you just lay the hose down on the grass seeds with the trickle spray on the nozzle, it will water the land better than a sprayer. 

After every half hour, it needs to be moved to a new place. With this method, you do not need to water the grass seeds every day because the soil will get wet thoroughly and for a long time. 

Accordingly, the roots of the grass will tend downward, which will make your grass more drought tolerant. Remember that 2.5 centimetres of water on the earth’s surface percolates to a depth of 10 centimetres if evaporation does not interfere.

Gardguard 50ft Expandable Garden Hose Water Hose How Often To Water New Grass Seed
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3. Perforated hoses 

Perforated hoses look and function much like garden hoses, but they are covered with small holes all over the surface and are usually made of hard black material. 

Their advantage is that they water a large area and to a considerable depth without any effort on your part. Keep in mind that they need to be cleaned periodically as the holes become clogged.

4. Garden watering cans

You may already have them, but watering a large lawn with a watering can is a job that requires extraordinary dedication. However, garden watering cans are convenient for watering small and driest areas.


To acquire a beautiful bright lawn, it is not enough to prepare your site, improve the soil, and eliminate all foreign elements from the surface of the earth. This starts from the grass seeds

They require good care and maintenance. How often to water new grass seeds need to be considered. It is supposed to be done ten minutes in one session, morning and evening.