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How to Build a Greenhouse Vent? 10 Incredible Instructions

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A greenhouse is a closed system with walls and a roof, usually made up of a transparent material like glass or plastic. The purpose of a greenhouse is to provide a regulated environment for the plants that need it.

A proper ventilation system is essential to plants’ growth, and building a vent should not be a hassle. We will teach you how to build a greenhouse vent with the most helpful instructions.

Greenhouses vary widely in sizes, ranging from miniature to industrial-grade. A conservatory provides a controlled environment where you can maintain the temperature and humidity regardless of the external weather conditions.

The greenhouse works on entrapping heat within the system and keeping it warmer than the surroundings. In addition, greenhouses are used to grow fruits, vegetables, and plants that are not local to a certain climate.

You can build your miniature greenhouse in your garden to grow all those rare plants and fresh fruits. Follow this simple step-by-step guide on how to make a greenhouse vent.

Significance of a Greenhouse Vent

Proper ventilation is extremely necessary to maintain optimal conditions in a greenhouse to sustain the growth of the plants and improve the overall efficiency. Ventilation provides fresh air, which circulates throughout the system providing carbon dioxide to plants.

Like humans need oxygen to breathe, plants need carbon dioxide to produce their food through photosynthesis. Ventilation also regulates the air humidity, temperature, pressure and prevents the growth of mold and, fungus, and several other diseases.

Vents are small window-like openings that regulate the air circulation in the greenhouse. You can buy vents from online stores or nearby hardware stores and nurseries. But if you love a good DIY project and like to stay on a budget, then we have got just the thing for you.

In the following text, we will elaborate on how to build a greenhouse vent and all the supplies you need to make it.

How to Build a Greenhouse Vent

As you now know how ventilation is crucial for the efficiency of a greenhouse and regulating its internal environment. If your greenhouse didn’t have a vent or you couldn’t build one, then follow these simple steps on how to make a greenhouse vent.

If you are looking for a quick fix and want to buy a vent ready to be installed, you can purchase greenhouse vents online.

DIY Your Greenhouse Vent

Rather than buying an expensive vent, you can build just an effective greenhouse vent by yourself within the minimum budget.

Supplied You Need

Step 1: Cut the Wooden Frame

The first step is to cut the wooden frame for your vent. To do so, you need to cut four pieces of lumber. Use a table saw, and if it’s not available, use a common saw. Use 2/4 lumber and cut two bits of 6.25 inches length and two pieces of 14.25 inches length, respectively.

A quarter-inch of additional space is added vertically and horizontally so that a six-inch air duct can easily pass through. After cutting the pieces, frame them together in a square with inner dimensions of about 6.25 inches. Now clamp the wooden frame together and use a screwdriver to screw it in place.

Step 2: Mount the Frame

Attach this frame to the frames of your greenhouse where you want to install the vent. Use screws to secure the structure in place with the help of screws.

Step 3: Cut a Hole in the Plastic of Greenhouse

For the next step, you need to cut a hole through the plastic of your greenhouse to fit the air duct. Again, you can use a sharp knife or cutter blade to cut a hole through the plastic.

Don’t worry if the gap is not perfectly circular. You need a hole big enough to fit the pipe through, and you will cover the hole with the vent anyway.

Step 4: Apply the Tape

After cutting the hole, you need to apply tape around its edges. Take vinal tape and cover the plastic around the hole. It will secure the plastic around the hole and prevent the plastic from further tearing apart. 

Step 5: Attach Vent Duct to the Vent Cover

Now attach the 6-inch air duct to the air vent. Cut the air vent to about 8 feet long. Using a little extra might help while setting up the intake vent.

Step 6: Set up the Vent Cover

Push the air duct gently through the plastic hole from the outside of the greenhouse and set up the vent cover.

Push the vent frame and align it with the edge to be seamlessly leveled.

Step 7: Secure the Vent on the Frame

Now screw the vent cover on the wooden frame to secure it.

Step 8: Mount the Vent Fan

The final step in building your DIY greenhouse vent is to mount the vent fan into the duct. Next, attach the fan to the other end of the duct and secure it with clamps. Now mount the vent fan at your desired location inside the greenhouse.

It is ideal for mounting the fan at the top of the greenhouse. You can use zip ties or clamps to hang the fan from the top support.

Finally, the ventilation system is ready! Now you have to automate it by using the thermostat plugs.

Step 9: Set the Desired Temperature on Thermostat

Set the optimal temperature on your wireless thermostat plug controller. The controller will display the current temperature on the screen. The fan will automatically turn on if the temperature rises more than the target temperature. You can control it through the remote control.

Step 10: Set Up the Power Supply

You can use an extension cord to supply power to the fan and thermostat in your greenhouse vent. Connect the fan to the thermostat plug and connect it to the power supply.

Greenhouse Vent Fan How to Build a Greenhouse Vent
Greenhouse Vent Fan – via Wikimedia

Install the Intake Vent for the Automatic Ventilation System

To ensure better airflow and efficient ventilation, you also need to install an intake vent on the opposite side.

Step 1: Install a Wooden Frame

Make another wooden frame using the same dimensions and instructions on the opposite side of the greenhouse.

Step 2: Attach the Air Duct to the Vent Cover

Take a small piece of air duct and attach it to the vent cover. You will bend this air duct piece downward to avoid the flow of cold air inside the greenhouse. It will also prevent rain from getting in.

Step 3: Attach the Intake Vent

Pass the air duct through the plastic hole and screw the vent cover on the wooden frame. Secure the plastic around the air duct hole with tape to prevent it from tearing. After the intake vent is attached, bend the air duct downward gently.

With this final step, your installation is done, and you have learned how to build a greenhouse vent. For your assistance, a video tutorial is linked.


By following the detailed step-by-step instructions that we enlisted, you have now learned how to build a greenhouse vent and make it automatic. As a result, no matter the temperature outside, your plants will be happy in the greenhouse.

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