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How to Bypass Safety Switch on Kubota Tractor – 8 Amazing Tips

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In the past, farmers and gardeners relied on traditional manual tools for their work which required a lot of hard work and manual labor. Not only was this method more time-consuming and tiring, but it was also quite inefficient.

With the advancement in science, new mechanized tools and equipment have been introduced which has made work easier and increased the efficiency by manifolds. Kubota tractor is one of those inventions.

A Kubota tractor is a famous tractor used for agricultural and gardening purposes. It has made agricultural work more efficient and convenient.

Knowing how to operate and maintain a Kubota tractor is important. So, we are going to teach you all the tips on how to bypass safety switch on Kubota tractor and everything that goes into its maintenance.

Kubota Small Tractor - via Wikimedia
Kubota Small Tractor – via Wikimedia

What is a Safety Switch?

Before we get into the details of how to bypass the safety switch, let us first understand what is a bypass safety switch and what is its purpose.

A tractor is a piece of heavy machinery and operating it is not entirely simple. There might be many safety risks involved in using a Kubota tractor.

To make the tractors safer, the manufacturers install safety switches in the tractor at various locations. The purpose of these switches is to prevent any kind of injury or accident while operating the tractor.

Why Do You Need to Bypass a Safety Switch?

As helpful and important these safety switches may be, they can always be a little snag in your work. Now and then, a tractor owner may face problems in starting their tractor.

These problems should be addressed by starting with troubleshooting the safety switches. Even though the safety switches are an integral part of a Kubota tractor, they instantly become an issue when they prevent the tractor from operating.

For example, a seat safety switch does not allow the tractor to start or operate unless you are sitting in the seat. Therefore, you can bypass the safety switch to get rid of this inconvenience.

These safety switches sometimes could be a nuisance in the way of your work and decrease your efficiency. For that reason, you can learn how to bypass the safety switch on the Kubota tractor.

Location of Safety Switches in a Kubota Tractator

It is not always simple to pinpoint which safety switch might be the issue. So, to deal with that, you need to go through all of the switches and eliminate each culprit one by one.

Each tractor model has different locations for safety switches and for that, you can consult the tractor’s operating and design manual. But here is a general guide on where to find the major safety switches of your Kubota tractor.

A Kubota tractor has four safety switches on various parts including the seat, PTO, rocker pedal, and transmission switches. If even a single switch is not in neutral, the tractor will not start. To avoid this inconvenience, follow our simple guide on how to bypass safety switch on Kubota tractor.

How to Bypass Safety Switch on Kubota Tractor

In this section, we will discuss how to bypass safety switch on Kubota tractor one by one.

Items You Will Need

You will need the following simple tools while bypassing the safety switches of your Kubota tractor.

1.     Bypassing the Seat Safety Switch

A seat safety switch ensures the safety of the operator by stopping the tractor whenever the operator is not in contact with the seat. This switch is present under the seat of the tractor.

This switch shuts off the tractor if for any reason the operator loses contact with the seat while the blades are running, and the transmission is in gear while the parking brake is off.

Sometimes when you are operating your tractor on a bumpy path, you may bounce off the seat which will trigger the safety switch and turn the tractor off. It can be very annoying while working but you can easily bypass it.

To bypass the seat safety switch, follow these steps.

  • Lift the seat of your tractor and locate the seat safety switch. It looks like a white-colored shaft.
  • When the seat is in contact with the switch, it stays downwards and the tractor keeps operating.
  • To bypass the switch, you need to hold it in the downward position.
  • Simple use a zip tie and secure the switch properly downward.
  • Now place your seat back on and you are good to go!
  • This video tutorial will help you bypass the seat safety switch.

2.     Power Take-Off (PTO) Safety Switch

A power take-off switch is usually present near the engine. The purpose of this switch is to cut off the power of the blades of the tractor. The power take-off switch allows the operator to shut down the blades instantaneously in case of emergencies.

If you need to bypass this switch, follow this simple guide.

  • Turn off the power of your tractor and ensure the engine is off.
  • You’ll need safety gloves and pliers for this.
  • Now locate the PTO switch which is present behind the engine.
  • When you find the socket of the power switch, find the purple wire which is connecting the switch to the tractor blades.
  • Take the pliers and cut this wire to kill the connection between the switch and blades.
  • Cover each end of the wires you cut with some electrical tape and secure them on a side so they do not fling around and cause trouble.
  • Now rearrange everything, close your hood and you are done.

8 Crucial Tips to Remember While Bypassing the Safety Switches on Your Kubota Tractor

  1. Remember to turn off the engine and shut off the power before you start bypassing any safety switches.
  2. Ensure that the engine has cooled down to avoid any burns or injuries.
  3. If you need to cut off the wires, do not do so with your bare hands, always wear safety gloves.
  4. Do not tug or pull any wires.
  5. If the wires need to be cut, then use a cutter or plier to do so.
  6. After bypassing the switches, turn on the tractor and take a test drive to ensure all the switches are bypassed and the tractor is operating properly.
  7. If you are not good at electrical or mechanical work then seek professional help to avoid any injuries or causing any trouble in the working of the tractor.
  8. If you have any novice who might use the tractor in your absence, avoid bypassing the switches.


A Kubota tractor can prove to be a very helpful and efficient machine in taking care of your garden. However, operating it might not always be so simple. If you are facing issues in starting your tractor or it frequently shuts down then you might need to check your safety switches.

With our simple guide, you do not need to face the issue of your tractor shutting down while operating anymore. Now that you have learned how to bypass the safety switch of Kubota tractor, operating it will be smooth.

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