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How to Care for a Frosty Fern? | 5 Caring Tips!

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Frosty fern is a gorgeous plant to adorn the indoors.

This plant gets its name because of its frosty tips. Rich green color and white edges mimic the best winter vibe indoors, making it perfect for decorating your house in winter.

With Christmas around the corner, we are here with the best tips on how to care for a Frosty fern and keep your home looking picture-ready!

Frosty ferns are one of the most popular plants around the holiday season, and they sell like hotcakes. Nothing says holidays like a beautiful fern in the house, and with the Frosty fern, you can grow as many plants as you like owing to its evergreen and easy-going nature.

With little care, this plant can stay healthy all year round.

If you buy Frosty ferns to decorate the house but don’t know how to care for them, keep reading our guide to learn how to care for a Frosty fern.

Let’s begin!

How to Care for a Frosty Fern
How to care for a Frosty fern? | Image via Flickr

How to Care for a Frosty Fern?

Despite its name, the Frosty fern is not a fern.

It is commonly referred to as a fern because it has needle-like leaves resembling a fern when it is actually a moss.

Keep following the guide to learn how to care for a Frosty fern.

1. Watering

Frosty fern requires regular watering to stay healthy.

  • They thrive in moist soil but make sure it is not drenched.
  • Water the Frosty fern at least two times a week during the growing and summer seasons.
  • You can regulate the watering frequency depending on your region’s temperature. When the weather changes and fall starts, reduce the watering.
  • During the colder fall and winter seasons, avoid watering too much, only when the top one or two inches of soil feels dry.
  • Keep watering the soil until the excess water comes from the drainage holes at the bottom.

It is suggested to use rainwater or distilled water to water the Frosty fern.

2. Temperature and Light

This plant is well adapted to low exposure to light.

  • It requires full or partial shade to thrive.
  • Avoid placing the Frosty fern in any place that receives direct sunlight. Too much sun can damage the plant.
  • Only let in the filtered, indirect sunlight.
  • The best time to expose the Frosty fern to sunlight is either very early in the morning or while the sun is setting.
  • Do not expose the plant to direct sunlight, even during the winter. Overexposure will cause wilting and eventual death.
  • Avoid placing the Frosty fern on the window sills.
  • Place your Frosty fern where the temperature does not drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The optimal temperature range for the Frosty fern to thrive is between 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, let’s talk about the soil.

3. Soil

Soil is the most vital medium for plant life.

  • The ideal soil type for Frosty fern has a slightly higher concentration of sand.
  • More sand provides more drainage—Frosty ferns thrive the best in soil with well-drainage.
  • The preferable state of soil is moist. Keep the soil lightly moist by spraying water but avoid drenching and sogging the soil.
  • Ensure the porosity and drainage are good enough to let the plant thrive despite good water retention.
  • Use a tray at the bottom of the pot so the water can drain in the tray, and the roots will not have to sit in soggy soil.
  • Maintain a pH of 5.5 to 6 for an optimal and healthy growth rate.

Check the rate of drainage before placing the pot in its place. The soil has good drainage if the water drips fast from the bottom, whereas a slow percolation rate means poor drainage.

Here’s how to make the best potting mix for indoor plants.

4. Humidity

Plants growing indoors require high humidity—especially during winter when the air gets very dry.

  • As the Frosty fern is moss, it, therefore, needs a higher level of humidity to thrive.
  • If the climate in your region is dry, use an air humidifier to maintain the moisture levels to ensure the healthy growth of your Frosty fern.

If you don’t want to buy an air humidifier, don’t worry! We have another easy fix for you.

  • Take a handful of pebbles and place them in the tray.
  • Fill the tray with water and submerge the pebbles in the water. Make sure the pebbles are only partially submerged.
  • Place the pot over the pebbles ensuring the pot does not sit directly in water.

With this simple hack, you won’t have to invest in an expensive humidifier; this simple system will maintain the humidity for you.

5. Fertilization

If you think your potting mix is not high in nutrients, you can add supplements to increase its fertility.

  • Adding organic fertilizer for house plants is the best option.
  • Choose a fertilizer with a greater percentage of nitrogen.
  • Fertilize the Frosty fern once a week during the growing season, reducing fertilization to once every two weeks during the winter.
  • Use a liquid fertilizer or dilute the fertilizer by adding water.
  • Apply the fertilizer near the soil.

Keep observing the plant, and if you notice any signs of yellowing or wilting, immediately stop fertilization.

Problems Related to Frosty Fern

The Frosty fern itself is not susceptible to many diseases or pests.

The only problems you might face in your Frosty fern are the lack of proper care and the extreme temperatures of your region.

Excessive fertilization, low humidity, water logging, etc., are some of the major causes that can cause problems such as wilting, yellowing, rotting, and decaying in Frosty ferns.

Be sure to keep these factors in check to ensure your Frosty fern stays healthy.

That’s all!

Now you know how to care for a Frosty fern.

How to Care for a Frosty Fern | ENGLISH GARDENS – YouTube


Frosty fern is a great decoration to adorn the indoors during the holiday season.

The rich green color and the frosted tips are the perfect way to get the winter vibes within your cozy house; if you have a Frosty fern, then learn how to care for a Frosty fern through our guide to keep it fresh and healthy.

Share your Frosty fern decorations in the comments below!