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How to Change the Water in AeroGarden – 7 Easy Steps!

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AeroGarden is an enclosed, safe, dust-free garden that uses water as the growing medium rather than soil.

AeroGarden is an excellent choice to grow herbs and start seeds.

This system is very low maintenance; all you need to do is clean the tank and replace it with fresh water every few weeks.

Today, in this article, we will see how to change the water in AeroGarden to help you maintain it!

Water can develop pathogens and have bacteria that may cause many waterborne diseases and other infections in plants growing in the AeroGarden. To maintain the plants’ health and the AeroGarden’s cleanliness, you must replenish fresh water every few weeks.

Keep reading our guide to learn how to change the water in AeroGarden like a pro!

Plants growing in AeroGarden — how to change the water in AeroGarden
How to change the water in AeroGarden? – Image via Reddit.

Frequency of Changing Water!

The water in the AeroGarden needs to be changed after 2 or 4 weeks.

It can easily last up to 6 weeks; however, we suggest changing the water every four weeks. Since there is no soil medium, the plants need to get their nutrients from the water.

AeroGardens usually use nutrient-based solutions to provide all the essential nutrients necessary for the healthy growth of plants.

It is advised to time your water changing to coincide with the application of liquid plant food.

How to Change the Water in AeroGarden?

Knowing why and how often you need to change the water in your AeroGardens is crucial. It is a vital step towards the well-being of your plants and their healthy growth.

Keep following our instructions to learn how to change the water in AeroGarden and maintain the health and cleanliness of your plants!

Step 1: Unplug the AeroGarden

The first step in changing the water in AeroGarden is to unplug it from the power source. Once the AeroGarden is unplugged, wrap its power cord, and place it near the sink or the container where you will change its water.

Step 2: Disassemble Your AeroGarden

After disconnecting the power and placing it on the sink, you must dismantle your AeroGarden carefully.

  • Gently lift and remove the light hood of the AeroGarden and set it aside.
  • After putting aside the light hood, unlatch the bowl from the basin.
  • Put all parts aside carefully.

Ensure that all removable parts are thoroughly separated from the AeroGarden before starting the water-changing process.

Step 3: Remove the Plants

Now, take the plants out!

  • After you have detached all the main components of the AeroGarden, please fill up your sink to its half and place the plants’ tray on it.
  • Carefully place the support brackets as the plant’s roots will hang, and you don’t want to damage them.
  • Keep the roots gently submerged in the sink.

If the roots are long, they are probably mushed together and intertwined. Do not try to detangle them, as they are very delicate and break easily.

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Step 4: Empty the Water Basin

Now empty your water basin and pour all the water out of it. Let the water sit in the sink and fill it to fully submerge the roots until you are done changing the water.

Step 5: Clean and Disinfect the Water Tank

The next step in how to change the water in AeroGarden is to clean and disinfect the water tank.

  • Once the water has been emptied, rinse the water tank with clean water in a sink or a bathtub.
  • Scrub the tank’s insides thoroughly; if needed, you can even use an airstone to clean.
  • Use a diluted bleach solution or any other disinfectant to spray the tank and disinfect it.
  • Let the solution sit for a while, and then rinse it thoroughly.

That will ensure no bacteria or fungi build up in your system.

Step 6: Fill up the Tank and Add Nutrients Solution

After the tank has been cleaned and disinfected, fill it with fresh water.

  • Make use of water at room temperature.
  • Too hot or too cold, and the plants will go into shock.
  • Fill up the tank as required and then add the liquid nutrients solution as instructed according to the needs of your plants.

Now, as the final step…

Step 7: Reattach the AeroGarden

Now that the tank is clean and filled with fresh water, it is time to reassemble all the components of the AeroGarden.

  • Carefully latch all the attachments together.
  • Place the roots and plants inside the tank, cover them with the light hood, and secure everything in place.
  • Now place the AeroGarden back in its original position, plug in its power cord, and you are done!

That was all about how to change the water in AeroGarden.

How to Change the Water in AeroGarden – YouTube

Using the Right Type of Water

Using fresh tap water is quite all right; however, the two types of water best fit to be used in an AeroGarden are distilled water and filtered water.

Distilled water is an excellent choice to be used in an AeroGarden since the water has no minerals, and you will not have to worry about mineral build-up and subsequent clogging and scaling.

Don’t worry about the water not having any nutrients because the nutrients will be added as liquid plant food.

Another option is to use clean filtered water.

It will ensure that the plants in your AeroGarden are not being fed harmful chemical substances through tap water such as chlorine.

Using filtered water is a good choice rather than using tap water straightly.


AeroGarden is a God-send invention for indoor gardening and starting seeds and seedlings.

They are an excellent way to nurture small plants and seeds indoors and help sustain their healthy growth. Moreover, AeroGardens eliminate the hassle of using soil, moving plants according to daylight, and constantly worrying about them.

It allows you to adjust all these factors easily and even observe the growth and root establishment of the plants.

AeroGardens use water as their medium instead of soil. And unlike soil, this water needs to be changed and replenished every few weeks.

If you are new to AeroGardens and don’t know how to change the water in AeroGardens, then our expert guide is here to help you!

That said, let’s finish the talk.