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5 Best Lawn Tractor for Hills

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Have you been looking for an easy and optimal way to maintain a healthy, and good looking lawn in hilly terrain? Are you confused about choosing between the different types of lawn machines, such as the electric, gas, and battery-operated ones? You have come to the right place.

Here, we have given you a glance at how to get the best lawn tractor for hills and some of the best products in this category.

Poulan Pro Zero Turn Riding Mower - Best Lawn Tractor for Hills
Poulan Pro Zero Turn Riding Mower via

What to look for in the best lawn tractor?

Before you decide upon the lawn tractor, you must know about your lawn. The following factors are the important ones that you should consider before buying a lawn tractor.

  • Size – The size of the lawn matters a lot, especially in hilly areas. If the lawn is big, a battery-driven or a cordless lawn tractor might not work, and a self-propelled version may be the right choice.
  • Environmental conditions – You would need to check on the inclination level, vegetation, and the efforts you may have to spend. A steep inclination with dense vegetation and thick grass may require a lawn tractor with powerful engine capacity.

Key Feature

We have seen how each lawn has it’s own individual requirements. Now, we will go ahead and discuss the key features that you need to check before buying the top quality lawn tractor.

Type – Since steep slopes and dense vegetation are predominantly found in the hills, an electric or a cordless lawn mower may not be useful. The battery or the electrical connection through cable may not be enough to give the necessary power.

The traditional cylindrical model is for cutting fine grasses without any dense vegetation. Hence, these are also not appropriate. So, a hovering lawnmower might be a better choice as they come with powerful engines.

Further, they have high pulling capacity to mow slopes, dense vegetation, and thick grasses. Gas-powered lawn mowers may also be a great option.

Cutting range – At hilly areas, you cannot define a specific height for the grasses. The slope gradient also keeps changing, and the cold climatic conditions vary the level of growth in the grass as well.

So, you may find a lawn tractor to be the right choice as they have an optimal range of cutting height and can be operated easily with quick mechanisms.

​Engine power and size is a decisive factor when buying the best lawn tractor for hills. Many suggest that electronic fuel injection is nominal as it increases fuel efficiency.

Other critical modern aspects to look before you buy a lawn tractor are:

  • Proper deck management system with a right cutting width.
  • Smooth start and stop options.
  • Simple levers for cutting, clipping, and trimming operations.
  • An hour meter to remind you about service intervals.
  • A gas gauge to check the fuel levels.
  • Highly effective gear transmission system to maneuver them in hilly areas.

As we have seen a few of the essential features that we might require, it’s time to move on to read about the products that serve that tick the boxes.

Before we start, let me share my personal experience with Husqvarna lawn tractor here:

We had a dense lawn with other simple vegetation here and there. The Husqvarna was a highly reliable lawn tractor that flawlessly operated over our lawn. The first thing that impressed us was the Ready to Start option that removes the requirement of choke adjustment.

It was powerful in clipping the grasses away though it was very smooth to operate. The four sharp blades were highly efficient in cutting, and it did not take much time to clean up a large-sized lawn.

We could cut across dense vegetation in between with no difficulties and full confidence because of the dual bearing on the wheels. It was comfortable to sit and operate throughout the lawn.

Here is a video that I referred for learning the basics of how to start and use it in the correct way.

We have also discussed a few questions that might run over your mind right now below.

What are the grass discharging options available with lawn tractors?

Discharging, mulching, and bagging are the three different types. In the side discharge, the cut grass clippings will fall on either side of the machine.

When you do a mulching operation, grasses will get finer and become a part of the coil when they decay. In the bagging discharge, the grass clippings will get collected in bags.

If you have dense grasses, you may always go for bagging or in some cases, lawn tractors with 3 in 1 option.

What are the two types of propulsion?

Push and self-propelled are the two types of propulsion. You will have to push and apply the required pressure in case of the push propulsion. In self-propelled lawn tractors, the engine drives the cutting blades and directs the front and rear wheels appropriately.

What are the variations in wheel drives in lawn tractors?

The self-propelled system has two variations, the front or rear. A rear-wheel-drive will suit hilly areas because it provides the right traction and grip standards required to cut consistently. A front-wheel-drive generally goes well with soft grasses in medium-sized yards.

Best Lawn Tractor for Hills

1. Husqvarna Hydrostatic Riding Mower Review

Husqvarna Hydrostatic Riding Mower - Best Lawn Tractor for Hills


This product has a 26 Horsepower Kohler engine that can afford comfortable speed limits up to 6.5MPH in hills. It is uniquely designed with an air induction technology in the top as well as the bottom, ensuring superior cutting of the grasses. Flat stock and reinforced steel used in the cutting deck ensures durability.


  • Automatic park brake system for the levers to control outward and inward steering requirements.
  • Three in one grass discharge, namely clipping, mulching, and bagging.
  • Transmission system does not require frequent maintenance activities.
  • Zero-turn hydrostatic mower rotates in the opposite direction on zero radius turns.


  • Repairing is slightly difficult

This uniquely crafted product with extended engine power might be a reliable choice for all you cutting or clipping needs.

2. Troy Bilt Lawn Mower

Troy Bilt Lawn Mower - Best Lawn Tractor for Hills


This product has a 382 cc engine power with auto choke properties. It offers forward speeds of 4.25MPH and a six-speed transmission. It is designed with manual power take-off for quick blade connect and consistent support in hilly areas. Mid-back seat fitment provides a comfortable user experience.


  • 30inch cutting deck with adjustable settings.
  • 13×5 front wheel and 16×6.5 rear wheel for controlled traction.
  • Fuel tank capacity of 1.3 gallons.
  • Easy to park


  • Best suits a medium yard with relatively an even terrain

This easy to use, and cost-effective product may be useful in clipping medium sized yards as it comes with standard engine power.

3. Craftsmen Gas Powered Lawn Mower Review

Craftsmen Gas Powered Lawn Mower Review - Best Lawn Tractor for Hills


Craftsmen is a versatile product that comes with all the necessary prerequisites. It has a 46-inch cutting deck with cutting and clipping in one sweep. It also comes with a deck wash for automatic cleaning, quick start option, and powerful engine technology for large hilly and rugged areas.


  • 19 HP powerful engine for vast yards.
  • 20 inch rear wheel and 15-inch front wheel for a good view, easy usage, and better traction.
  • Comfortable and supportive mid – back seat.
  • It can also mow in reverse direction.


  • It has bulkier parts and takes time to get used to riding.

It works perfect on large hilly yards. The engine power and CVT for the pedal system keep the vehicle fully on track and gives better control for us as well.

4. Poulan Pro Zero Turn Riding Mower Review

Poulan Pro Zero Turn Riding Mower - Best Lawn Tractor for Hills


Poulan Pro Zero comes with 22 HP power and a v – twin pro engine. The 46-inch deck is in a stamped and reinforced form that stands reliable for about ten years. Advanced hydro gear technology provided with EZT transmission. The electric clutch system gives reasonable control over the levers.


  • Cutting height ranges up to six positions
  • Caster wheels and densely welded frame for durability
  • Transparent panel system for better controls
  • Convenient seating and high back level for comfort
  • 3.5-gallon capacity fuel tank


  • Slightly heavier and gets difficult to use initially.

If you are looking for a product that allows you to get optimum control, lesser mowing time, and lasting clipped grass fields, then this may be the right choice.

5. Ariens Zoom Zero Turn Lawn Mower Review

Ariens Zoom Zero Turn Lawn Mower - Best Lawn Tractor for Hills


Ariens Zoom has a 19 HP V Twin powered engine for flat terrain in hills. It has a 12 gauge deck made of steel. The deck lift is operated manually by foot. It has an 18 inch high back seat for support. 34-inch cutting width eases the job and takes less time for the planned cutting activity.


  • Side discharge accompanied by a fully welded frame made of steel.
  • Can speed up to 6MPH forward and 3MPH on the reverse direction
  • Fuel tank capacity of 2 gallons
  • Easy to maintain and convenient to park


  • Suits well for medium-sized grass lawn

It is a simple product with all the essential features which may be a good choice for decent sized lawns.


As discussed earlier, you should consider specific prerequisites for your lawn in hilly areas before purchasing a lawn tractor. If a clipping goes wrong or even the mowed remains stacked as clumps over the grass accumulates, photosynthesis will get affected, and the entire lawn quality might go for a toss.

You must also pay attention to the key features that would make your mowing comfortable. It is essential that you look into occupational safety as well while using these machines.

At the end, it is undoubtedly your responsibility to consider all the aspects discussed above before choosing the best lawn tractor for hills.