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How To Connect Pressure Washer Gun To Garden Hose

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You are wondering how to connect pressure washer gun to garden hose? You have come to the right place, so do not worry. You can use the household water line to connect the garden hose to the pressure washer gun, but you will need another hose to connect a pressure washer to a pressure spray gun.

Likewise, the second hose must be the pressure washer hose that can withstand a minimum of 2700 PSI. Alternatively, many garden hoses can handle 300-500 PSI. Depending on a pressure washer gun, this pressure can range between 1,000 and 6,000 PSI. To connect the washer gun to a garden hose, you will need the garden hose rated for high PSI.

How To Connect Pressure Washer Gun To Garden Hose
A man washes a garden path with a high pressure washer. autumn work in the garden. – via Freepik

How does it work?

The connectors make it easy to install and dismantle the pressure washer gun. A set of connectors connects the faucet and the garden hose and.

A third set of connectors connects the pressure washer gun to the high pressure hose, and the fourth one connects the pressure washer gun with the garden hose. Some sets have a clamp to attach the washer gun to the high pressure hose.

How To Connect Pressure Washer Gun To Garden Hose

1.       Measure gallons of water per minute

The kind of connection between the pressure washer and the garden hose depends on its use and the frequency of use. The first thing is to calculate the speed at which the water flows through the faucet. It can be measured in gallons per minute.

Since most pressure washers require 3 gallons of water per minute, your source of water should be capable of producing 3-5 gallons in a minute. Place a 3-gallon bucket under the faucet and know the time it takes to fill to find out the GPM of the water flow.

Repeat the process three more times to find the average time taken to fill a 3-gallon container. A 3-gallon bucket may supply the water to the pressure washer if it requires 60 seconds or less to fill to the top. You can use this water supply to the pressure washer when it fills up in under a minute. Do not skip this step, as lack of flow could cause a pressure washer to fail.

2.       Connect the splitter

A splitter can be a great tool if you regularly plan to use the pressure hose. It saves time by unplugging the garden hose after every use. Although it is possible to open the second valve of a splitter when using the pressure washer, this limits the water GPM flowing to the pressure washer gun.

While it is possible to run the garden hose and the pressure washer gun simultaneously using the split valve, this should be avoided as the GPM will go down below the 2 to 3 GPM required to operate the pressure washer.

The garden hose and water supply must be connected with a quick connector regardless of using a split valve. This allows you to disconnect the pressure washer gun quickly from the garden hose, making it easier to store indoors.

3.       Connect the water inlet to the garden hose

The next thing is to connect a garden hose with the water inlet of the pressure washer gun. Make sure the connection is safe, and there aren’t leaks. Then connect the other end of the garden hose to the water source.

Check for leaks and recheck the connection. If there are leaks at the connection points, you need to find a connector to end the leak. Also, you may want to know how much water the pressure washer gun uses.

4.       Connect the pressure washer wand to the garden hose

You should then connect the pressure washer hose to the garden hose. Then connect the other part of the pressure hose to the water outlet of the pressure washer gun. The shorter hose provides a higher PSI while maintaining the flow rate needed to feed a pressure washer correctly.

How To Connect Pressure Washer Gun To Garden Hose 2
Outdoor floor cleaning with high pressure water – via Freepik

The recommended pressure washer gun product

Giraffe Tools Pressure Washer

This pressure washer is the leading cleaning tool. It keeps the whole house span and spick clean, so you can use it to clean your car, lane, driveways, patios, garage floor mat, and garden. Nevertheless, to reap the benefits, you should buy a robust brand that is durable and simple, regardless of the cost.

There are many washer products, but the Giraffe tool pressure washer is the brand you can depend on. Its merchandise is eminently versatile, convenient, and comes when fully assembled. The manufacturer has innovated this washer, which fits everyone’s requirement, especially the starters.

Pressure washer gun Buying Guide

Quick connection

The first thing you need to keep in mind. Couplings, valves, and quick connectors are common, but you should always double-check the connection type. The two main connectors on the outside are 1/4″ and 3/8″. 

All high pressure washer guns must meet these standards. However, some models have not equipped with the appropriate water supply quick couplings. In this case, you can look for an adapter or find a suitable model.

Rod length

If you decide to buy a pressure washer gun with a rod is up to you, which depends on your cleaning habits. Correctly speaking, if you use foam tanks a lot, a long 40″ pressure washer spray gun is not for you because the foam tank will also increase its length. 

In this case, you should choose a pressure washer gun with a short spray or no spray at all. You can always add extensions, although sometimes those extensions can be brittle.

The other side of this story is people who love stability and rarely use Styrofoam pots. A longer and thicker rod will allow you to hold it with both hands and thus have better control over the whole thing. If the long rod is built-in, you’re sacrificing versatility for stability because the long rod is non-removable.


You may already know that pressure washer guns come in all shapes and sizes. Along with this change come other cleaning methods. Therefore, before you decide to replace or upgrade your pressure washer gun, you must consider temperature. Due to the water heating system, a hot water pressure washer gun is somewhat different from a conventional high pressure washer.

Pressure washer guns must be strong enough to withstand pressure and heat. If you want to apply extra degrees to get additional cleaning power, carefully check the temperature level of the pressure washer gun. 

Every gun on the market can bypass cold water, but only some guns can support a hot water pressure washer. Check the specifications of your cleaning gun model and compare them to the heat of your pressure washer gun.


A pressure washer gun must be made from durable materials. This allows you to be sure that it will last longer and meet all the high pressure needs. It is recommended to look for something made of quality plastic. Fortunately, modern pressure washer guns are durable parts, mainly brass.


After going through this article, we are thrilled to learn how to connect pressure washer guns to the garden hose. Now, we hope this article has provided critical information. So, if you need to connect the pressure washer to your garden hose, try to fix it yourself.