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How To Get Rid Of Bahia Grass In 6 Easy Ways!

Bahia Grass

The biggest attraction of shifting houses for me was the big lawn. I imagined planting the lushest and softest grass and spending a lot of time outdoors. To my amazement, this is not what happened!

I bought the best grass seeds to plant and followed all instructions regarding watering, fertilizing, etc., completely.

However, soon another grass took over, which looked coarse and grew faster than the one I planted. I kept trying to remove it but did not have much success.

A friend who was visiting saw my lawn and told me that it was Bahia grass. When I read more about it, I realized that this grass was quite aggressive, and I would have to learn how to get rid of Bahia grass fast, or it would take over my lawn.

How to Identify Bahia Grass?

Before you even think of removing Bahia grass, you need to recognize it. Different types of grass vary in shape and size of their blades.

They can have pointed, rounded, or boat-shaped blades. The way they grow as new shoots also varies from grass to grass.

Bahia grass (Paspalum notatum) can be identified easily because of its coarse texture and light green color. The grass has an open canopy and has a distinctive ‘Y’-shaped seed head.

How To Get Rid Of Bahia Grass

How to Get Rid of Bahia Grass?

Bahia grass is well known for its resilience and ability to thrive where other grasses may not. It has outstanding heat and drought tolerance, and ideally, you should get rid of it before it becomes deeply entrenched.

Watch this video for more information

Removing Bahia Grass from The Lawn

Step 1

Only use high-quality herbicides and stick to the instructions given for its use. You already have lawn grass, and the wrong herbicide can harm this grass as well. If your lawn has one of these grasses, then try the following:

  • Bermuda grass: apply Metsulfuron-methyl
  • Centipede grass: Use Metsulfuron-methyl, Atrazine, or Sethoxydim.
  • St. Augustine grass: Atrazine
  • Zoysia grass: Metsulfuron-methyl or Imazaquin.

Step 2

When you kill Bahia grass, your lawn will be left with some bare patches. To prevent Bahia grass from growing again, quickly fill these areas with the desired lawn grass by using plugs or sprigs instead of seeds.

Step 3

Even if you notice that Bahia grass is killed after the first application of herbicide, you must apply the same herbicide again after one or two months. This is done to ensure that the whole plant, including its seeds and rhizomes, is completely eradicated.

Step 4

After these steps, trim your lawn regularly with a mower to keep it healthy and stop any Bahia grass regrowth. Ideally, you should keep

  • Zoysia & Bermuda grass: 1 to 2 inches high
  • Centipede grass: 1.5 to 2 inches high
  • St. Augustine grass: 2.5 to 4 inches high

Step 5

Only water the lawn when you notice that it is water deficient. You can check the soil; it should be dry and hard, or the grass blades turn bluish-grey. Frequent watering can make: Bahia grass come back.

Step 6

Fertilize the lawn with a good quality fertilizer such as 12-4-8 or 16-4-8 every 6 or 9 months to prevent Bahia grass from returning. The fertilizer will keep your lawn grass healthy.

Removing Bahia Grass from The Garden or Landscape

Getting rid of Bahia grass from a lawn is different from removing it from landscapes.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

Water the landscaped beds lightly to make the soil wet. Now, tug the Bahia grass manually from the root.

Step 2

Spread some wet newspaper on the ground. Put about 3 inches of mulch, including grass clippings, compost, pine needles, etc., on these newspapers. This will prevent sunlight from reaching the rhizomes or seeds of the Bahia grass, thus preventing any growth.

Step 3

Apply a post-emergent herbicide such as glyphosate directly on the soil before you start planting for the season. Do this at least 3 days before you plant your vegetables or flowers.

Step 4

After you are done with the planting, you notice the Bahia grass reappearing, use sethoxydim to eradicate the troublesome Bahia grass. This is a selective herbicide which only gets rid of the grass weeds without harming the plants.

Some Things Which Work Well When Getting Rid of Bahia Grass

Bahia grass does not grow well in the shade. You can plant shade trees, shrubs, etc. Even a healthy stand of Bermuda or Centipede grass can weaken Bahia grass.

Keep the Bahia grass short. Use a sharp mower to keep it between 1 and 2 inches. It will not be able to store water efficiently.

Thicker-leaved varieties of Bahia grass are best tackled with broadleaf Weed-n-Feed. Use herbicides in the right quantity and follow all personal safety measures.

You can kill Bahia grass with kindness! Use excess fertilizer, especially the nitrogen-heavy ones. You must check the soil condition to find the right fertilizer and the right quantity. Bermuda or centipede grass grows better with fertilizers. 


Bahia grass is super tough and can grow in the wild without much support, and your garden can completely take over any area. It does not take much time to grow and can spread fast.

Controlling and getting rid of Bahia grass can become a constant battle. However, with the right information and the right products, you will easily get rid of Bahia grass.

  • Only buy the best and most suitable herbicide
  • Follow all instructions fully
  • Don’t allow Bahia grass to re-emerge once you remove it
  • Keep your lawn grass healthy, and don’t leave any bare patches

Follow the steps given in the article to ensure that Bahia grass is eradicated. We are sure that you will find the information useful. Feel free to advise it to anyone who is facing similar problems.

Contact us if you need more information or have suggestions. Don’t let Bahia grass spoil your lawn or garden. Please take the right steps to keep it away.