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How to Get Rid of Coyote Den – 5 Excellent Tips

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If you live in the countryside or farther away from the population, then there is a chance you may get frequent visits from coyotes.

Coyotes resemble wild dogs, and they often inhabit the grasslands, hills, forests, and outer skirts of the countryside. Coyotes are not just a nuisance, but they also threaten humans, livestock, and farms.

They are notorious predators, and they are also known to feed on the vegetables and fruits of the farm. If you have a coyote problem, then learn how to get rid of coyote den to exterminate them.

Coyotes can dig up their dens and dwell in underground tunnels. They sometimes take over the abandoned holes and dwell in them.

Coyotes can pose a serious threat to your farm and your livestock. Shooing them away might not be enough, so we are here to teach you how to get rid of coyote den.

How to Get Rid of Coyote Den
Coyote Den – via Pxhere

Why Do You Need to Get Rid of Coyotes?

Coyotes are infamous pests that can cause several issues, hence making it important to get rid of them. Here are some of the reasons coyotes may affect you and why you need to get rid of them.

  • If you have a nearby coyote den, expect frequent unfriendly visits, especially at night. But these predators do not shy away even during the daytime.
  • They can wreck your farm and harm the plantation, creating many messes and causing damage.
  • If you have any pets, they might attack them and even kill them during the attack.
  • They are carnivores most of the part; however, they will consume your fresh fruits and vegetables with food scarcity.
  •  If there is a den nearby, then chances are there will be coyote pups too, and just like children of any other species, they are known to make a lot of mess.
  • On their visits, they might leave you smelly little presents in the form of turds. The foul-smelling poop and peeing all over the place can be a real nuisance.

Dens of Coyotes

Coyotes often do not dig their dens. They prefer to dwell in small caves, hollowed-out tree logs, or other abandoned dens. They also take over the holes dug by foxes and badgers and extend and enlarge them to fit their needs.

Their dens have several exit holes spread wide apart. When the little pups are born, the coyotes keep expanding the den to fit them and make enough room. Once they make their den, it is much likely that they will be using it for many years to come.

Not only do they dwell in holes and caves, but they are also known to inhabit any hollowed-out or undisturbed places.

Coyotes have lived under porches or any hollowed-out and abandoned building structures. If their hideout is disturbed or gets infested by fleas, they move their pups to a safer location.

How to Get Rid of Coyote Den?

If you are troubled by coyotes, or they have inhabited a part of your property, then it is wise to evacuate them. For this purpose, we have enlisted some ways how to get rid of coyote dens and keep them away.

1.      Create Disturbance Around their Den and Seal it

Before you start tackling the issue of getting rid of coyotes, you need to eliminate their sanctuary and force them to move out. To do that, create noises and band sticks around the den, and once the coyotes have moved out, seal all the entry points to their den.

Be very careful before you do any such thing. Maintain a proper distance and take all safety precautions. If their den is in the ground, cover it with soil and mud.

If they inhabit a hollowed-out log, you can move it away or destroy it. You can also use barbed wires, wooden planks, fences, and metal nets to prohibit their access to their den.

It will force the coyotes to move out and eventually relocate.

2.      Animal Traps

Another method to drive away coyotes is to set up animal traps. Set up a bait and place the animal traps around the den and the places most frequently visited by coyotes. Be sure to use safe traps to avoid injuring the animals. Later you can free them far away from your residence.

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3.      Get Rid of Their Food Source

A safer method to get rid of coyotes is to get rid of their food sources and anything they are attracted to. Coyotes usually prey on smaller animals such as ducks, chickens, rodents, squirrels, fish, etc.

if you are keeping any such animals on your farm, then build strong fences around them or keep them in a place where coyotes cannot reach.

Coyotes relish the rodents, so if you have rodents on your property or yard, then get rid of them. Once the coyotes find their food inaccessible, they will relocate and leave you alone.

Do not keep any garbage or trash cans around the property. They rummage through the garbage to find food, so keep your trash cans away.

How to Get Rid of Coyote Den 2
Coyote Pup at Den in Metzger Farm Open Space, Colorado – via Flickr

4.      Put Fences Around the Property

Your best bet is to put fences around your property to keep the coyotes out of your property and keep your farm and animals safe.

Use some sturdy fences and make sure there are no spaces or gaps these pesky critters can creep through. Also, keep the height of your fences tall enough so they can not jump over them.

Adding barbed wire on top of the fence will discourage the coyotes from jumping over. Ensure that ground under the fence is compact and hard so that the coyotes do not dig their way in.

5.      Using Deterrents

The deterrent is any substance that works by repelling unwanted animals away. For coyotes, you can use ammonia or bacon grease. The pungent smell and fumes will keep the coyotes at bay.

You can either spray them directly in places most frequently visited by coyotes. Another method is to soak some sponges with these deterrents and hang them around the property.

You can also use wolf pee or human pee to keep coyotes away. These animals are very territorial, and they mark their territory by peeing around and leaving their scent. So, if you spread some wolf or human pee around your property, it will alert the coyotes to stay away.

Another creative method to make your presence acknowledged is by cleaning the dust collector of your vacuum cleaner around the property.

The human stench on the dust and dirt, human hair, and dead skin will alert the coyotes that humans are present around. Hence, driving them away and keeping them at bay.


Coyotes can be a big nuisance if they dwell anywhere near your property. They will constantly invade your residence, wreck your farm, and attack farm animals.

Not knowing how to deal with them properly can be dangerous. So, we have enlisted some excellent tips on how to get rid of coyote den to assist you.

We hope these methods are helpful to you. Leave your queries in the comments below and share which method worked best for you!