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How To Get Rid Of Great Black Wasp in 9 Simple & Easy Ways

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Belonging to the Sphex pensylvanicus species, the great black wasp is a useful insect that kills grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, katydids, and cicadas, among other pests.

Their lengthy black bodies ranging from 1-2 inches and black-blue iridescent wings are considered highly attractive by insect aficionados.

Learning how to get rid of great black wasp is important because wasp stings can be extremely painful and swollen; you should get rid of any that go inside the house or hover near you or your children while you’re outside.

Nature contains everything for us, from the largest four-legged creatures to the tiniest ants, from the wonderful water-dwelling beasts to the aerial birds. The world of six- and eight-legged insects is unique.

They can crawl, fly, and hop. They can be found abundantly in the aquatic environment, the air, and land. They can be found in every corner of the planet.

The big black wasp is a remarkable insect with two wings that allows it to fly. It is a member of the digger wasp family. These are the most common wasps found in North America.

How To Get Rid Of Great Black Wasp
Female Great Black Wasp – via Flickr

A Guide How To Get Rid of Great Black Wasp 

The great black wasp may not threaten humans and the environment. However, if they become uncontrollable, it may be time to search how to get rid of the great black wasp.

It might not be as simple as you believe. They can recognize when danger is approaching and know ways to defend their territory. However, there are a few strategies you can use.

Use a Trap 

One way to get rid of the great black wasp is by using a trap. Several types of traps are available on the market that will attract them to an area where they can be eliminated.

Some people use sticky traps, comprised of a sheet covered in adhesive material where the wasps stick to once they land on it. You can also use a container filled with a liquid that will suffocate the wasps once they land on it.

You can make your trap by using a large tin and duct tape. Add bait such as fruit or meat into the bottom of the can, then cover it with plastic wrap and seal it tightly with duct tape.

Put a hole or two on the side of the can where you can place some twigs. The wasps will be attracted to this area but won’t have an escape route once they enter it.

Annihilate Their Food Source

The great black wasp’s existence is to eliminate other insects. If you destroy their food source, they will disappear. Ensure you get rid of all weeds and grass in your yard, so it doesn’t provide a hiding place for pests.

Sweep and clean up all areas where there might be decaying matter such as mulch, dead leaves, fallen fruit, branches that have blown into your yard after a storm, or grooming your pet. Be careful when you dispose of anything in the trash since it may attract pests to your property. 

Nest Removal 

There are several reasons why removing the nest is one of the most serious courses of action when you want to get rid of great black wasps. The hole of the nest is the size of a dime and goes more than 12 inches deep.

They are built out in nature, typically on or near homes, but they can also be found inside trees, walls of buildings, sheds, patios, barns, garages, and under decks.

If you have a nest near your garage or house, there is a possibility that the wasps can get inside these areas. They will also attack if their home is disturbed by humans.

Once the wasps are removed from the nest, they should be destroyed so that other insects won’t have access to it. If you leave it intact, more wasps will build a new nest and multiply their numbers.

To get rid of the great black wasp, you should call a pest control specialist who can remove the entire colony for you.

How To Get Rid Of Great Black Wasp 2
Great Black Wasp on Carrot – via Flickr

Eliminate Their Hiding Places

The great black wasp will hide in inaccessible places that are not easily found. Seal any cracks or openings around your home to make it harder for them to get in.

Any holes in the screens on your windows may also give wasps access to enter your house. Repair anything damaged or broken if you want to keep these pests out of your yard or property; otherwise, they will return.

Use Essential Oils

The great black wasp is very sensitive to strong smells, so you can use essential oils to get rid of them. It has a strong scent that masks the smell of their pheromones, so they cannot communicate or find each other. You can try peppermint oil, lavender oil, eucalyptus oil, or lemon oil.

Contain Your Food

The great black wasp is attracted to food that we eat on picnics or barbeques, so it’s important to make sure you don’t leave any food outside or uncovered.

Properly cover or store food in airtight containers, and get it into the refrigerator as soon as possible. If you leave anything out for too long, there is a chance the wasps may get to it.

Get Rid of All Water Sources

The great black wasp hunts for water so it can lay eggs. If you remove any water sources, it will make it harder for the wasps to reproduce since they won’t be able to reproduce as much.

The water supply could come from open containers, flower pots, pools and ponds, or if you have a leaky faucet. Make sure you cover any of your fish ponds or pools before the sun goes down. Drain out the water if possible, but make sure there are no insects inside.

Use Natural Repellents

You can also use repellents to keep the great black wasp away from your property. One of the best ways is with herbal sprays made with peppermint, basil, thyme, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, and lavender. The wasps do not like the taste of these ingredients and will avoid areas where they have been used.

Chemical Removal

If you don’t want to use traps or remove the nest physically, you can always opt for chemical removal. You can also use non-insecticide sprays if they don’t include any dangerous chemicals.

There are many harmless mint sprays on the market, and they are all equally effective. A simple cleaning spray might sometimes solve the problem or keep them from flying. Nonetheless, avoid using a fly swatter; they are ineffective.

A professional pest control specialist will be able to identify where the great black wasps are located and shoot them with a pesticide designed specifically for killing insects.

However, you should understand that some of these pesticides can be harmful to humans as well. Therefore, you should only go this route if necessary and not the first choice.

Final Remarks

Wasps are amazing creatures who assist humans in maintaining the natural world. They pollinate flowers and trees while controlling other pest insect populations.

However, when they become too much to handle, there are ways to learn how to get rid of the great black wasp. You can use traps, essential oils, natural repellents, or chemical sprays.

Whichever method you choose to get rid of these pests, remember to use caution and never handle a wasp nest with your bare hands.