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How To Get Rid of Oak Mites in 10 Simple Ways

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The magnificence of oak trees is well known. As their leaves change a variety of orange, yellow, and brown colors, they add dramatic magnificence to the gorgeous autumnal vistas.

Despite its beauty, having one near you can be aggravating since oak leaves harbor a tiny parasite known as oak leaf gall mites. Humans are more affected by oak leaf gall mites than oak trees.

The galls on oak leaves are home to these insects. They can be a real pain if they abandon the galls searching for other food. Itchy and painful bites are common.

If you’re looking for efficient ways to get rid of oak mites, also known as oak leaf itch mites, here is information on how to get rid of Oak mites.

Oak mites are microscopic parasitic insects. They are arachnids, closely related to spiders and ticks, and are not considered insects. It is very difficult to eliminate the source of an oak mite infestation.

You can’t see them through the naked eye, and even if you could, identifying and eradicating them from your oak trees would be tough since they hide in the oak galls where they prey on midge fly larvae.

You can, however, use some helpful repellents and deterrents to make your environment less attractive to the pests.

How To Get Rid of Oak Mites
Gall mites on oak leaf
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A Guide on How To Get Rid of Oak Mites

They are roughly 0.2mm long and eat the insects’ larvae found in oak trees. They’re normally seasonal and more abundant in autumn as the leaves begin to fall, releasing these troublesome pests into the environment.

The approach to eradicating oak mites that can bite you and leave your skin unpleasant and swollen, is to be vigilant. Let’s see different approaches on how to get rid of oak mites.

Method 1

One way to discourage oak mites from taking up residence in your home is by keeping your house as dust-free as possible. Mites are attracted to dust, and there is already plenty of dust in your home, thanks to carpeting and wood floors.

Mop hardwood floors daily and vacuum all carpeting once a week (twice a week if people live in the house). Use lint rollers or sticky tape to remove dust from your clothing after wearing it.

Method 2

Monitor the humidity levels in your house. Oak mites are more likely to take up residence in a damp environment, so try to keep the air as dry as possible inside your home.

While this is not always easy if you live in a humid area during certain times of the year, you can use a dehumidifier to remove excess moisture from the air during those months when humidity is particularly high.

Method 3

Keep your windows closed as much as possible. If you have an oak mite infestation in your home, you will want to keep the pests out of your house by preventing them from gaining entry.

One way to do this is by avoiding open windows. If you cannot go without fresh air, you should install special screens on your windows that allow fresh air to come in but keep bugs out.

Method 4

Use bug zappers around the exterior of your home to attract and kill mites before they can enter your house. The ultraviolet light given off by these zappers attracts the mites.

They fly toward the light, which they cannot resist, and are attracted to the poison coating on the zapper’s interior walls. Once they die, you can sweep up their bodies so that they injure no one in your home.

Method 5

Place sticky traps around your property to capture oak mites before they can make their way into your house. These traps are sticky on one side and have a layer of poison on the other side.

Once the mites step onto the trap, they get caught in the adhesive and cannot escape from it until you pick up the dead insect.

How To Get Rid of Oak Mites 2
Live Oak Erineum Mite via Wikimedia

Method 6

If you have an oak tree near your house, prune it back at least five to six feet. Mites like to settle in oak trees, where they feed on the larvae of midge flies that hide within the tree’s galls. Removing more than half of the tree makes it less attractive for mites to take up residence there.

Method 7

Use a power sprayer to treat your property with an insecticide. Fill the power sprayer with a solution of water and insecticide, and then spray it all over your lawn and garden.

It would be best if you also used this solution to treat any outdoor furniture you have and your windows, doors, window screens and air vents. Treat inside your home too if your infestation is severe.

Method 8

Pour rubbing alcohol into a spray bottle. Add some dish soap to the alcohol, and then shake the mixture together before spraying it around your home.

The spray will kill any mites that come in contact (there is often contact when they are exploring the area you sprayed). It would be best to use this spray on outdoor furniture, window sills and doorknobs.

Method 9

Purchase a product with pyrethrin to use against oak mites. Make sure you read the instructions for proper application and then spray it around your home. You can also use this product on garden plants that the insects may be feeding on.

Method 10

Destroy any areas where oak mites may be hiding. Clutter is a haven for pests because it provides them with the darkness they love and protection from people who want to rid their homes of invaders.

Clean your home thoroughly, and make sure trash does not pile up in your house. In addition, check under beds, behind furniture and inside closets for any infested items, and discard them.

Monitor for signs of the infestation once you have taken these steps to rid your home of oak mites. If the pests return, repeat the process until they are gone for good.

You can also hire an exterminator to come out to your property if this is too much work or if you do not feel confident in your ability to perform this task properly.

If you get bitten by oak mites, you may experience stinging, itching and burning sensations. To help manage the discomfort, you can apply an ice pack to the affected area or use a pain-relieving cream.

You should also see your doctor if you develop a fever or swollen lymph nodes, which can be side effects of the bites.

Final Remarks

It is important to stay vigilant and keep all windows closed as much as possible, monitor for signs of infestation, and take the necessary steps to treat any infestation in your home.

The greatest way to defend oneself is to be watchful. Towards the end of the summer, stay far away from oak trees with galls. When you go into the garden or near the trees, make sure you shower and launder the clothes in hot water when you get home.

Now that you know how to get rid of Oak mites, you can follow the steps mentioned earlier for better results. If you have pets, be sure to use pet-safe insecticides and follow all product instructions before applying them to areas inside your house.