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How to Get Rid of Trumpet Vine – 5 Godsend Tips

Trumpet vine goes by the scientific name Campsis radicans. It is commonly known as trumpet creeper, trumpet vine, yellow trumpet vine, or cow itch vine.

Though trumpet vine is native to Eastern USA, it has been domesticated worldwide. It is a species of flowering plant and grows up to 10 m. trumpet vine is known for its outstanding trumpet-shaped flowers in bright yellow and orange color.

Don’t be charmed by the beauty of this vine because its leaves are toxic and may even cause digestive problems if consumed. This vine is a rapid-growing perennial vine, and if not controlled or maintained, it can grow out of hands. US Agriculture Department has listed the trumpet vine as an invasive weed.

If you grew a trumpet vine enticed by its beauty, but now it’s out of bounds, and you don’t know what to do, then we are here to help! We will share some godsend tips on how to get rid of trumpet vine.

How to Get Rid of Trumpet Vine
Trumpet Vine – via Wikimedia

Why Do You Need to Get Rid of Trumpet Vine?

Before plunging into how to get rid of trumpet vine, let us first elaborate on why exactly do you need to get rid of it. Following are some reasons why you should get rid of a trumpet vine.

  • These vines are very rapid-growing, and they can thrive under any conditions, so they take over the whole space quite easily. They’ll spread out of bounds and be impossible to manage.
  • If the trumpet vine is not tamed, it will grow uncontrollably about its fast-growing nature. Thus, taking up all the space and restricting the growth of other plants around it.
  • Trumpet vine can leech important nutrients from the soil, retarding the growth of other plants around it.
  • If these vines are growing on a tree, it may pose a serious threat to the tree’s overall health by sucking away important nutrients.
  • The foliage of the trumpet vines is slightly toxic and can cause digestive problems if ingested.

5 Godsend Tips on How to Get Rid of Trumpet Vine

If your trumpet vine is growing all over the place and you’ve just given up on it, then try the following ways to get rid of your trumpet vine. Trumpet vine is toxic, and it can cause irritation and rashes on sensitive skin. Be sure to wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly to avoid any complications.

1.     Dig Out the Roots

Trumpet vine is a hardy and persistent vine which can withstand even extreme weather conditions. This persistent nature is largely due to its very deep, strong, and widely spread network of roots.

As the saying goes, “nip the evil from its bud”; you need to do the same with trumpet vine. To eradicate it, you must dig out and cut the roots to avoid them from spreading and growing.

2.     Use Herbicides

Another effective method to kill trumpet vine is using organic or chemical herbicides. Cut the vine and spray the stump with the chemical herbicide to stunt the growth. If you see new shoots growing, then spray them with herbicides again.

You can also use boiling water as an organic herbicide. Cut your vine and treat the stump and roots with scathing hot water. Hot water will damage the roots and prohibit them from growing. If you see any growth, boil some water, and pour it over again until you have gotten rid of the vine.

Pro Tip: It is recommended to use an organic herbicide over chemical ones as they are more environment-friendly. Use chemical herbicide only as a last resort.

3.     Removing Trumpet Vine From a Tree

Removing trumpet vine from a tree can be especially difficult because the vine attaches to the tree bark with hair-like structures. These hairy roots have a stronghold on the tree to support and obtain nutrients.

Forcefully removing might harm the tree as well. So, the best strategy is to cut the vine’s stem and let it dry out. Once the vine is dried out, gently remove it from the tree.

4.     Spraying with Water And Vinegar Solution

Another way to get rid of trumpet vine is to spray it with water and vinegar. Prepare a half-and-half mixture of water and vinegar and pour it into a spray bottle. Now cut off the vine and spray the stump and leaves with the vinegar solution. It will kill the vine and restrict it from growing.

Pro Tip: Using this method on a bright sunny day is recommended. Also, be very careful while spraying because it will kill any other plants around it.

5.     Salting the Soil

You can also kill your trumpet vine by adding plenty of rock salt into boiling water and treating the soil with it. However, this method is highly discouraged as it may cause a lot of damage to the plants all around. And it can also render the soil useless and barren for a long time.

It is not very effective either because the trumpet vine has very deep-grown roots, and it is very likely that the salt solution won’t penetrate as deep.

How to Get Rid of Trumpet Vine 2
Trumpet Vine – via Pixabay

Persistence is the Key!

Trumpet vine can be such a nuisance due to its persistent nature, and to fight it, you have to be just as persistent. This vine is very hardy and tenacious, and it can keep growing new shoots over and over again. So, you may need to treat the vine more than once to get rid of it truly.

Make sure to follow all safety precautions while dealing with it!

Controlling Your Trumpet Vine

Trumpet vine doesn’t always have to be a nuisance. If controlled and maintained properly, it can serve as a beautiful garden vine, enchanting with its striking flowers. You can control the over-spreading of your trumpet vine in the following ways:

  1. Regularly prune your vine. This vine grows fast, and to maintain it, you need to prune it so as not to let it over-grow regularly. Make sure you’re wearing gloves while handling this vine.
  2. Another method to contain and restrict the growth of trumpet vine is to plant it in a container and place that container in soil. It will help contain the spread of roots, and hence, the vine won’t invade the space of other plants or over-grow. This method may not be effective because it’ll establish a whole root network and spread even if a single root escapes the pot.
  3. One more alternative is to dig a trench around your trumpet vine every year. Dig about a 0.3 meters deep trench to avoid the roots from spreading out of bounds.

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You can learn how to get rid of the trumpet vine and manage and control it. We have provided you with 5 excellent tips on how to get rid of trumpet vine.

And if, in case, you have still got a soft spot for your vine and don’t want to kill it, then we have also shared some ways about how to manage and control this ever-growing vine.

We hope you find these tips helpful. Do share with us your stories of over-grown trumpet vines and how you got rid of them.