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How To Grow A Jade Plant From A Broken Stem (Quick Tips)

A jade plant is a succulent, evergreen shrub with glossy, rounded, fleshy, and dark green leaves. Often, it is adorned with red edges. They can grow up to one and a half meters in height.

Although their growth is relatively slow, their way of expanding to the sides, combined with their thick stem, is often confused with bonsai. The leaves are fleshy and rounded, and the stem is reddish and produces purple flowers.

Many people enjoy growing jade plants in their gardens, homes, and offices. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use because they are easy to care for and maintain.

Tip coloration is more intense in full sun. From autumn to spring, clusters of small, star-shaped white or pale pink flowers bloom profusely.

Growing jade plant is easy provided all requirements are met. Continue reading this article to know how to grow the jade plant from a broken stem.

How To Grow A Jade Plant From A Broken Stem
“Gollum Jade grown from a leaf” via Reddit

How To Grow A Jade Plant From A Broken Stem

If you want to grow a jade plant from a broken stem, the first step is to take a healthy part of a broken stem through cutting and separating.

However, make sure the cutting tool is free and clean of particles that can damage the cutting part. If possible, at least 1 to 3 inches should be retained from the healthy stem part. This will give it enough room for the root to grow.

Usually, several leaves are attached to the stem. It is recommended to remove some of the leaves. If you remove more leaves, you will have more leaf joints.

By doing this, it will increase the chances of the roots growing more in the future. The leaf joints are found where the leaves grow. In this case, the success rate of propagation is high.

After cutting a broken stem from a health stem part, allow the lower part of a stem to a callus. It will take two or three days. Typically, during this process, place the cutting on a clean paper cloth.

Avoid watering this cutting at this point. Leave only the bottom end of a cutting to the callus. After a few days, you can transfer it to the succulent soil mix.

How To Make Jade Plants Grow Fast

Step 1

Store jade plants in a temperate environment. The recommended daytime temperatures are 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit, with nighttime temperatures of 10 degrees. 

If you live in an area with winter frosts, you should move the jade plant indoors when the temperature drops to 40 degrees. Also, move it back outside when the temperature warms up in the spring.

Step 2

The outdoor jade plants do well in the open sun. Place the indoor jade plant in the draft-free room, as cold will slow down their growth. 

Then place the plant where it get bright filtered sunlight, if possible from the south-facing window, for about four hours in a day. If you cannot provide that amount of light, take a fluorescent light and turn on the light on the jade plant.

Step 3

You need to fertilize the jade plant during the planting season for perfect nutrition. It is recommended to use 10-20-10 fertilizers every two weeks from April to October. Mix the correct amount of dry fertilizer with water and water the jade plant with this mixture for optimal growth.

Step 4

Water the jade plant once a week during the growing season. Do it until the soil is drenched and water flows through the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. During dormant periods, allow the soil to dry completely before watering.

Step 5

Understand that jades are experiencing winter calm. Your plant will not grow from November to March, which is normal. Expect jade to start growing again in the spring.

Step 6

Transplant container with jade every two to three years. Choose a container that is one size larger than the one your plant currently contains. Fill this halfway with cactus soil. Then remove your jade from the container by grabbing the chest and pulling it up. 

Examine the roots of your jade plant and trim off any damaged ones with scissors. Place the jade in a new container. Fill the top of the container with plenty of soil. Water the plant to repopulate the earth as soon as you transplant.

How To Grow A Jade Plant From A Broken Stem 2
“The largest indoor jade plant in the world” via Wikimedia

When Should Jade Plants Be Transplanted?

You may consider replanting jade plants if they have stopped growing or seem to be too crowded. Overcrowding a container is not wrong for a plant but limits its growth. Jade plants grow to the size of their root system, often reaching three feet.

The small jade plants should be replanted every two or three years, while larger plants can wait four or five years. Increase the size of the container with each transfer. One size larger is usually appropriate.

How To Transplant A Jade Plant

Make sure the soil is dry when you’ve decided that the jade is ready for a new container. Start with fresh soil and a new, clean, larger container. 

Begin the process by gently running a spatula or other flat tool along the inside edges of the container. This will help loosen the root system that can stick to the sides of the pot.

Depending on the size of the plant and container, you can turn it upside down to let it slide out or gently pull on the stem in the soil area. 

If the plant has multiple branches, gently circle them with your thumb and forefinger and turn the pot upside down. If roots appear stuck underneath, remove them with a clean tool.

For plants with multiple branches, this may be a good time to split them into two plants. This is the additional feature to check out. If you choose to split the jade plant, make one clean and cut with the sharp tool rapidly in the center of the root ball.

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Jade plants are a variety of succulents. These plants are easy to grow and maintain; thus, they are common for many plant lovers. They don’t need much water and can live for years. In addition, they can also be quickly grown from small cuttings. 

If you are looking to grow your jade plant, take steps to learn how to grow it. Also, with this article, you now know how to grow a jade plant from a broken stem.