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How to Grow and Care for Bamboo Plant – Complete Guide!

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If you have just began your gardening journey and want to know how to grow and care for bamboo plants, you came at the right spot!

Bamboos are a fascination of many. They are ancient plants that have survived the test of time and are among the most widely spread plants one can find worldwide.

They are popular in many cultures and have a reputation for offering good fortune and prosperity to the owners.

So, is it any surprise that one will find that there is a massive demand for bamboo plants? But before searching for different bamboo plants for your backyard, it would be best if you understand how to grow and care for bamboo plants.

A bamboo stick—how to grow and care for bamboo plant
How to grow and care for bamboo plants? – Image via Jerome.

How to Grow and Care for Bamboo Plant? | Especially for Novices

Taking care of a bamboo plant is not an easy feat, no matter how much it seems.

However, the good news is that even folks unfamiliar with the process can quickly get on board. Here is how you can adequately grow your bamboo plant and take care of it.

Growing Bamboo in the Backyard

Growing bamboo can be challenging, sometimes even for people with prior gardening experience.

The bamboos thrive in warm tropical conditions and need enough water and sun daily. Bamboo is an aggressive and invasive plant that would require the proper conditions to grow.

Choosing the Best Bamboo for the Backyard

When it comes to growing bamboo in the backyard, the first thing one needs to consider is the type of bamboo one should get. More importantly, the answer to this question: ‘which kind of bamboo would suit my backyard?’

One can choose from two options: the clumper and the runner.

The clumper bamboo is helpful if one wants to control the growth of the bamboo plant. Running is the more invasive option, and the bamboo would not hesitate to dominate other plants.

You must plant the bamboo in a controlled area using a container.

Alternatively, you can also build a barrier around them by digging a trench out with a depth of 30 inches. It might sound too simplistic, but it does the job ask of it spectacularly well.

Where to Plant the Bamboo?

Now onto where to plant it?

  • Well, the answer to that is somewhere away from the house, and the pool, as the bamboo can quickly force you to clean your living area.
  • It is also a hungry plant that needs nutrients.
  • So, a rich compost like clay soil would be a great place to plant bamboo.
  • Dig a hole around 1 inch deeper than the bamboo pot and place the bamboo; remember to spread the roots.
  • Fill it with water and soil, and then simply close the hole.

That’s it. You have planted your bamboo.

Caring for Your Bamboo Plant

Once you have put this much effort into planting bamboo in your backyard, you must put all your efforts into taking care of it as well.

Bamboo is a low-maintenance plant, but it requires proper care.

1. Watering the Bamboo

One of the first things everyone should know about bamboo is that it requires ample water.

You should give your bamboo plant plenty of water every couple of days. And if, in between, you find it dry, water the plant; it is as simple as that.

Another thing about watering the bamboo plant is to note the condition of the foliage. If you find it starting to look brown, you are not providing enough water to the bamboo.

The proper balance is critical if you want a healthy bamboo plant in your backyard. Finding the proper balance is one of the reasons why bamboo care can be a challenge.

It should also be noted that bamboo is sensitive to chemicals, so it would be best to avoid tap water.

Still, it can be used if one has planted bamboo on the outside or can leave the bamboo outside overnight for the chlorine to fade.

However, you also should not put on too much water as it could cause the root to decay.

2. Fertilizer

Bamboo plants do not require fertilizer, but if you see discoloration from their natural green, use a nitrogen-rich fertilizer.

You can also use compost or non-weed-killing lawn fertilizer with bamboo in the spring and summer months.

3. Trimming a Bamboo

Bamboo is an aggressive plant that requires trimming.

You cannot let the plant run wild and dominate other plants and items in your backyard.

In most cases, a bamboo plant would require trimming twice a year: once in the summer and another in the fall.

We recommend using sharp shears to cut unwanted shoots to prune indoor bamboo plants.

Green bamboo plants—how to grow and care for bamboo plant
How to grow and care for bamboo plants? Trimming is essential to caring for your bamboo plants—Image via Daria.

That’s all!


Bamboo would make for a great addition to your home. However, it can also become a nuisance if one is unaware of how to take care of it properly.

The above-listed tips will surely help you out in your endeavor. Follow the guide properly and have a lush bamboo plant in your backyard.