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How to Grow Green Dragon Cucumbers – 8 Easy Steps!

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Summers are incomplete without cucumbers. Delicious yet low on calories, green dragon cucumbers are a perfect summer snack for you to maintain that summer body.

If you want to grow green dragon cucumbers but are confused, follow this guide on how to grow green dragon cucumbers in 8 easy steps.

Growing these on your own would give you a delicious result and satisfy you with the feeling that your cucumbers are grown without commercial nastiness.

So, get ready to have a perfect hobby this summer and learn how to grow green dragon cucumbers.

Growing green garden cucumbers—how to grow green garden cucumbers
How to grow green dragon cucumbers? – Image via Artur Pawlak.

How to Grow Green Garden Cucumbers? | What Are They?

I know you would be eager to jump straight to the guide, but let me just give you a brief overview of green garden cucumbers, conditions for growing them, and the things you’ll need in that regard.

However, you can still jump straight to the guide via the content table presented above.

We all are familiar with cucumbers, but green dragon cucumbers are a variety that many are not very familiar with.

The green dragon cucumber is a hybrid early variety cucumber that is more rigid in texture than its normal counterpart.

The texture makes green dragon cucumber a crunchy snack and perfectly complements your salads and dressings.

Conditions for Growing Green Dragon Cucumbers

Green dragon cucumbers belong to the vine cucumbers category, which means that this type of cucumber grows best when provided with support to climb.

Once you have done that, check the following conditions for your green dragon cucumber to grow nicely.

  • Direct sunlight.
  • Fertile soil.
  • pH 6.5 to 7.0.
  • Moist soil (not soggy).

What Is the Best Time to Grow Cucumbers?

Cumbers of all types are highly vulnerable to frost and cold. Hence it is best to plant them in early-mid spring.

A temperature of 70ºF or 21ºC is best for growing green dragon cucumbers.

If you live in a notably colder region yet wish to grow cucumbers, you can do so by providing an artificial environment for your plants.

Growing Green Dragon Cucumbers | A Step-By-Step Guide

Growing green dragon cucumbers is a tricky task.

Even the most experienced gardeners can find themselves in an unfortunate situation when growing cucumbers.

Do not worry; be careful and follow this step-by-step guide on how to grow green dragon cucumbers. We have explained the plating and growing stage separately to make things easier for you.

Things Needed to Grow Green Dragon Cucumbers

Growing cucumbers requires a few things. Before you think of growing green dragon cucumbers, make sure you have the following items at hand.

Here are the steps for planting the seeds:

Step 1:

Fertile your soil using soil fertilizer.

Once you have done that, sow your green dragon cucumber seeds 1 inch into the ground. As the cucumber plant expands, it keeps a 3–5 inches distance between the seeds you sow.

Step 2:

Cover the seeds with row covers.

It will help protect the seeds from pests and wild birds that may want to eat your seeds before they can ripe.

You do not wish all your hard work becomes some wild bird’s food.

Step 3:

Water your seeds.

Remember that the cucumber plant requires moist soil. So adequately water your plant without making the soil soggy.

You would have to maintain a delicate balance.

Typically, green dragon cucumber seeds take about 3-10 days to germinate. Colder regions require more germination time than warmer regions.

In this regard, execute steps four and onwards once you see your seeds germinating.

Steps for growing the green dragon cucumbers:

Step 4:

With new germination, increase the frequency to water to 1 inch per week.

If you live in a particularly warmer climate, check your pant to see whether it needs more water.

Remember, it is good to be attentive when growing a green dragon cucumber.

Step 5:

When your plant has reached about 4 inches in height, it is time to fertile the soil again.

You can make your own organic fertile soil by decomposing kitchen waste or can buy packaged versions from your local gardener or online.

Step 6:

Green dragon cucumbers grow best as a vine.

At this stage, install support for your cucumber vine to grow on. You can buy special support or use sticks lying in your backyard to create a mesh.

Step 7:

Continue watering the plant until you see cucumber fruits on it.

Step 8:

Give yourself a pat on the back!

Congratulations, you just learned how to grow green dragon cucumbers. Harvest the green dragon cucumbers and enjoy your very own homegrown salad.

Aftercare of Freshly Harvested Green Dragon Cucumbers

All cucumbers are rich in water and do not have a long shelf left.

After harvesting your green dragon cucumbers, you can keep them in your refrigerator for about 7-10 days.

Enjoying fresh vegetables and fruit is best, so try to consume them as quickly as possible.

Picture of green cucumbers—how to grow green garden cucumbers
How to grow green dragon cucumbers? – Image via Krzysztof Jaracz.

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Possible Problems When Growing Green Dragon Cucumbers

Growing green dragon cucumbers is not an easy task; they come with their own set of challenges.

Following are some possible problems you may face while growing green dragon cucumbers.

Problem 1: Mosaic Virus

This virus can reduce your dear plants’ growth.

  • Signs of a plant infected with this virus include wilting and white and yellow spots on leaves.
  • If your plants are infected, keep them away from healthy plants and destroy them so the virus cannot spread.

Problem 2: Mildew and Slugs

As mentioned in the guide: How to Grow Green Dragon Cucumbers, cucumbers require ample water to grow.

  • It makes them susceptible to mold and slugs.
  • Cover the plant with a net and spray seaweed solution on it to treat this problem.

Problem 3: Cucumber Beetles

Nature creates an ecosystem of its own.

  • When you grow any plant, it is bound to attract insects.
  • If your green dragon cucumber plant is home to cucumber beetles, handpick the beetles and relocate them to another place.

Problem 4: Low Fruit Output

Everyone likes a hefty amount of fruit from their plant.

  • If your green dragon cucumber plant is not producing a large amount of fruit, the possibility is that there is some problem with pollination.
  • To solve this problem, you can hand pollinate.
  • Alternatively, let your plant grow a bit if the issue is due to the plant’s age.

The Best Way to Grow Green Dragon Cucumbers

Temperature is a crucial factor when growing green dragon cucumbers.

  • If you live in a colder region, using the greenhouse method is best to grow green dragon cucumbers.
  • On the other hand, if you live in a warmer climate, you can grow green dragon cucumbers.
  • Remember to keep the water conditions in check as well.

That would be all. Now, let’s conclude the talk.


Growing green dragon cucumbers is not the easiest of the tasks.

You have to take care of the temperature and water, and on top of that, there are possible pest attacks.

But do not fear, as this step-by-step guide on how to grow green dragon cucumbers will solve all of your cucumber growing queries like a mentor you have always needed.

So, put on your gardening hat and get your gardening hands in action to grow some juicy fresh green dragon cucumbers this summer.

If you find this a helpful article, comment below and let us know!

Happy planting!