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How To Grow Money Plants In Water – A 6 Steps Guide

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The money plant is a low-maintenance houseplant that is popular among first-time gardeners. The plant is also well-known for bringing good fortune to your home.

Aside from that, the plant is known for its ability to filter the air. Money plants are easy to cultivate both inside and outdoors, and they thrive in a variety of temperatures.

This plant can survive solely on the water as a growing medium, with no need for soil. This article will show you step-by-step how to grow money plants in water.

Cuttings of the money plant are quite straightforward to reproduce. You can either purchase a healthy plant from a nursery or take cuttings from an established plant at home.

Get a healthy stem and cut a 4-6 inch portion below the root node to propagate money plant. Remember to retain a few leaves attached at the top.

Your cuttings are now ready to plant, and you can reproduce them in whatever medium you like. It’s just as easy to cultivate money plants in water as on the soil. It’s even simpler!

How To Grow Money Plants In Water
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Which Medium is Better for Growing a Money Plant?

The fact is that both of the media are OK and will help your plant grow. You have complete control over the substances you have on hand; You can use soil if it’s easily accessible; if you don’t, water will suffice.

Money plants that have been grown in the water medium, on the other hand, differ significantly from those that have been grown in the soil medium.

The plants in the water media have softer, more succulent leaves than those in the soil medium. The greater water absorption rate in money plants that are growing in water medium accounts for the difference in succulence.

Avoid the Medium Changes

Although there is no damage in opting to grow the money plant in any accessible medium, you should never alter the medium; for example, do not move a money plant growing in soil medium to water medium or vice versa.

The plant wilts as a result of this abrupt change. Money plant is shocked, and it might not recover promptly.

When you transfer a money plant that had previously grown in a water medium to the soil medium, the plant suffers from severe water scarcity because the soil medium does not provide the same circumstances.

Alternatively, a money plant that was previously grown in soil is moved to a water medium; it starts absorbing a lot of water after it obtains instant access to a vast amount of water, which eventually leads to rotting or suffocation.

If you utilize salty water, the variations in the concentrations of the solution may cause your plant to dry up.

Things You’ll Need

You’ll need the following items to grow a money plant in water:

  • A wide-mouthed glass bottle, vase, or jar is preferred.
  • Fresh and clean tap water
  • Good quality fertilizer
  • Knife/shear
  • Gloves
  • Protective eye gear

How To Grow Money Plants In Water – Step-by-Step Instructions

Water will make the growing of money plants pretty simple. Money plants are a type of vegetative plant that can be propagated through stem cuttings. What you need to do is to access an existing money plant and follow this step-by-step guide.

Step 1

  • Firstly, select a healthy money plant stem from a mature money plant.
  • Ensure the stem you have selected is thick and measures about 12 inches or 30cm in length.
  • The stem should be hard enough. It should neither be too soft, like towards the tip of a branch, nor too hard, like near the base of the plant.

Step 2

  • Using a knife, make a sharp cut at about 45 degrees below a node.
  • A node is an underdeveloped bud on a money plant where leaves may someday sprout.
  • To enhance your chances of success, make sure the stem you have chosen bears at least three nodes.

Step 3

  • Remove any remaining leaves from the stem’s bottom and put them in a water-filled container.
  • There are no restrictions on the type of container you use as long as it contains clean water.
  • At least one node should be covered by pure water and free of chemical contaminants like chlorine.

Step 4

  • Ensure that at least one node is submerged at all times.
  • If your plant floats away from the container, secure the stem cuttings using a string to the container so that the targeted nodes are constantly underwater.
  • If the stem cutting has a lot of branches, fold them and submerge them to get more nodes covered by water.

Step 5

  • Place the money plant in a location where it will get enough sunlight.
  • While a location near a window might be ideal for money plants, avoid exposure to too much sun.
  • You can hang the long branches of the money plant from the ceiling with a cord to keep them from reaching the ground.

Step 6

  • It’s now time for your new money plant’s roots to grow at the nodes.
  • Replace the water frequently whenever it becomes cloudy or preferably once a week.
  • If you continuously keep the water level above the nodes, the origins of your money plant should appear in a week or two.

It’s worth noting that the success of the money plant in water media is also determined by the method used for its propagation.

Be certain that every gardening activity you do on your money plant is correct from the start. The quality will suffer due to poor propagation.

Money plants having few nodes are more likely to bear weak root systems, whereas those with numerous nodes that have emerged in water are more likely to have strong ones.

Choose a nice stem with enough nodes to have a great new money plant that will develop quickly. Take a branch from a matured plant to have the desired leaf form and strong development traits.

Money Plant in Water Care Guide

  • Without fail, change the water regularly.
  • Make use of freshwater.
  • Fertilizers are not required in the water media.
  • Excessive sun exposure should be avoided.
  • Maintain consistent temperatures.
  • Pest and disease control
  • When propagating a new plant, follow the instructions carefully.

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Final Remarks

Although the medium you pick for a money plant is totally up to you, growing your plant in a water medium has several advantages. You should become familiar with the finest procedures for caring for money plants.

When your plant is growing in water, you don’t have to bother regularly watering it. Always keep an eye on the roots of money plants to make sure they aren’t decaying.

If you find a rotting root cause, you should treat it with antibiotics or remove the bad component.

Fresh propagates, which are susceptible to root rot or suffocation, should also be closely monitored. To eliminate pollutants, you should change your water regularly.

You should also treat your plant for pests and illnesses as soon as you notice them. To get rid of these pests, apply neem oil to the afflicted areas.

To prevent infection, segregate significantly affected plants from healthy ones. Money plants provide lovely flowers with enticing scents that draw in insects. In your home or business, a blossoming money plant would be a welcome sight.