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How To Hang Pothos In Aquarium – A 6 Steps Guide

If you plan to keep various plants in your aquarium, you should consider hanging pothos to it. Why? There are several reasons why this plant is perfect for an aquarium environment.

This article will give you information about the benefits of keeping pothos in an aquarium and show you how to hang pothos in aquarium.

The pothos plant has thick, waxy, heart-shaped leaves, green, and waxy. It has yellow splashes on its leaves as well. The aerial roots of the pothos plant let it adapt and develop in its environment.

Many aquarium owners cultivate many aquarium plants because they absorb harmful nitrogen compounds from the water created by fish excrement. On the other hand, many aquarium fish enjoy eating aquatic plants as part of their diet. As a result, the plants eventually perish.

On the other hand, the Pothos plant is a hardy and fast-growing plant that may perform the same functions as other aquarium plants. Pothos has become a popular choice among fish tank owners worldwide as a result of this.

How To Hang Pothos In Aquarium
Pothos In Aquarium via Reddit

How To Hang Pothos In Aquarium: A Guide

If you’re looking to hang your pothos, this is an easy process that can be done in no time at all. All you need to do is take your pothos and tie it to rocks.

1. Decide the Position of Pothos in Aquarium

The first thing you need to know is where your plant must be located. You must place your plant far enough away from the aquarium’s filter.

The roots of the pothos plant develop quickly and spread out across a large area. The plant’s roots can become entangled in the filter’s motor if it grows too close to it. Place the plant far away from the filter to avoid this from happening.

You can also use a hanging basket to hold the plant. The plants will grow to the point when they protrude from the basket.

You must also ensure that your pothos plant is evenly spaced in the basket so that the plant roots do not become clogged. You should also keep the plant away from the tank filter and other water-related devices.

2. Cut the Plant Vine

Before you can cut the plant for your aquarium, you’ll need to find its node. You should cut the pothos plant node inches below the node once you’ve found it.

You should also cut the plant at a 45-degree angle. You can now place the plant in your aquarium after correctly cutting it.

3. Prepare the Cutting for Aquarium

Rinse the cutting well from top to bottom to eliminate excess soil, particles, or pesticides. After that, you can either use a rock or an aquarium-safe suction cup meant to hold cables or airline tubing to keep the plant’s stem in place.

Your nodes should be below the waterline, but your leaves should be above it. In your fish tank, the node will eventually produce a root.

4. Make A Knot At The Bottom

You can also take a vine from the plant, and the first thing you’ll want to do is make a knot at the bottom of your vine. You want this knot to be slightly smaller than the size of your aquarium opening so that it will easily fit in.

5. Tie Your Knot To A Rock

Take a rock and tie your knot to it with dental floss (or another kind of string). Make sure the knot is very secure! Using rocks is an excellent way for pothos to grow because they will get more nutrients from it than if you were to use driftwood.

6. Place Your Pothos In The Aquarium

Once you’ve finished tying your knot, place the rock in your aquarium! It’s a good idea to ensure that the rocks are secured, so use a weight on top of them if needed. That’s all there is to it – now sit back and watch as your pothos takes root!

Why You Should Hang Pothos in Aquarium

#1: It’s A Safe Plant For Your Fish

One of the best things about pothos is that it’s a non-toxic plant for your fish. While you’re out buying plants, make sure you choose something that does not have any dangerous toxins in it. This makes it a safer choice for your aquarium.

#2: They Attract Fish

Hanging pothos in your aquarium is an excellent way of attracting different types of fish into your aquarium environment. If you plan to get them as pets, hanging pothos is great because it will attract the type of fish that naturally go after plants and vines.

#3: It’s Great For Your Aquarium Fish To Climb On

Your aquarium fish will love climbing up on pothos, as they do in their natural habitat. This makes your tank look more like a real environment, and it also provides your fish with something interesting to do.

Additionally, this can help reduce stress in your fish by giving them an activity to focus on.

#4: Pothos Are Easy To Grow

Pothos are very easy to grow, so much so that they can take over your aquarium in no time at all! They are also pretty tough plants, which makes them great for beginners who may not have much experience with plants. If you’ve never grown plants before, pothos is the way to go.

#5: It’s A Low Maintenance Plant

Pothos is a very low-maintenance plant. They require a lot less attention than other plants and fish, which is a nice option if you don’t have the time or energy to take care of your plants daily.

You can leave it hanging in your tank for weeks at a time without having to worry about giving it much love and attention.

How To Hang Pothos In Aquarium
Pothos + aquarium = unlimited fertilizer via Reddit

#6: The Root System Is Attractive

One of the best things about pothos is that their roots hang down into the water, making them good for building caves and hiding spots for your fish. This also helps them feel more comfortable as they can hide if they see something that scares them.

#7: They Look Great In Your Aquarium

Another great thing about hanging pothos in your aquarium is the way they look. Their heart-shaped leaves make them very attractive, and their colors, combined with the natural shadows of your tank, give it an eerie feel which is interesting to look at.

Additionally, they’re great because of how easy they are to care for, and you’ll enjoy looking at them every day.

Final Remarks

To help purify your aquarium, consider adding a pothos plant. When introducing the plant to your tank, keep a few things in mind. Your fish tank will benefit from pothos plants as an aquarium plant.

Now that you know how to hang pothos in the aquarium go out and find your new plant! This is a great way to repopulate the plant life in the waters of your fish tank.

When it comes down to it, pothos can make your aquarium stand out. If you want to do something different and unique, look no further than pothos as a choice.

Certain aspects must be considered while adding a pothos plant to your aquarium. To avoid the plant’s roots clogging the filter, make sure it’s far away from it. You must also ensure that your fish do not assault, devour, or harm your pothos.