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How to Harvest Dill from AeroGarden – 2 Incredible Methods

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Dill, also known as Anethum graveolens, is an annual, perennial herb belonging to the family of celery. Dill is quite popularly grown worldwide, and its seeds and leaves are used for seasoning food as an herb or a spice.

Dill is a low-maintenance herb and can be grown quite easily indoors and outdoors. Dill can be grown in an AeroGarden inside your house and can be harvested only in a few weeks to enjoy its fresh taste. Learn how to harvest dill from AeroGarden with our simple guide.

AeroGarden is a simple device that provides favorable conditions for plants to grow indoors. It is a hydroponic system that does not require any soil. It requires minimum effort and provides fast growth to grow fresh herbs.

Keep reading the article to learn how to harvest dill from AeroGarden and how to preserve it.

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When to trim Dill?  – via Reddit

What is an AeroGarden, and How Does it Work?

Before diving into how to harvest dill from AeroGarden, let us first discuss how an AeroGarden works. An AeroGarden is a compact system used for indoor gardening to grow fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables.

In this article, we will particularly focus on the AeroGarden Harvest Slim model that is especially used for growing herbs like dill. If you are looking for an AeroGarden, you can buy it here.

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If you do not have a garden, it does not mean you can’t enjoy fresh herbs. AeroGarden is an excellent device for this purpose. It is compact and can fit easily, even on your window sill.

AeroGarden is a hydroponic system, meaning it does not require soil but only needs water and a nutrient solution. It comes with an LED light to assist the growth of plants. Plants have been observed to grow about 5 times faster in an AeroGarden.

How to Harvest Dill from AeroGarden?

We teach you everything from growing dill in an AeroGarden to harvesting and preserving it.

When to Harvest Dill?

You can start pruning or harvesting the dill from your AeroGarden as it reaches about 8 inches. It will take about 3 to 4 weeks to grow this long for the dill.

If you see your dill leaves reaching the light of your AeroGarden, then you should prune them back. Dill has a good growth rate, and under the right conditions, it can grow fast hence giving it the name dill weed. To keep the growth in control, prune the dill leaves every two weeks.

Now we will discuss two efficient methods on how to harvest dill from AeroGarden.

Method 1: Harvesting Dill by Trimming the Top

The first method to harvest dill is trimming the leaves at the top. Use a sharp pair of scissors or bypass shears to snip off the leaves. Make sure the blades of your scissors are sharp and sterilized before you harvest the dill.

The most important thing here is to remember not to cut back more than one-third of the plant. Cutting the plant too much can affect its growth.

You can start by cutting the leaves that are reaching the light. When harvesting or pruning, hold the stem of each plant individually and cut it at the point just above the leaf set. If you intend to harvest the full plant, you can also cut it from the last leaf set.

If you need only a small number of fresh herbs for your cooking, you can pull a few top leaves with your fingers and use them directly.

Method 2: Harvesting Dill by Cutting the Stems

The second method of harvesting dill is cutting it back entirely from the stems. In this method, you will cut the stem at the point from where it emerges from the pod.

These stems will not grow any more leaves if no fronds are left. So, if you do not want your plant to die and keep it growing, then using the first method for harvesting is suggested.

Pruning is crucial to your plants; however, pruning more than a third of the plant can badly affect growth.

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How do I prune my dill so that its not always on the light and will regrow? – via Reddit

How to Harvest Dill from AeroGarden without Killing the Plant

It is safe to start harvesting your dill from AeroGarden when it has developed five to six leaves. You can start proper pruning and trimming after two months and harvest it after four months.

Dill grows pretty fast, so you can increase the frequency of trimming. It will also help with the growth of the plant.

As we mentioned earlier, if you do not want to kill your plant and ensure it grows back, then do not cut off more than one-third of the plant’s length.

Preserving Dill After Harvesting

Once you have harvested your dill from AeroGarden, it is time to preserve it. There is nothing like the taste and the aroma of the fresh herbs, but you can only use a handful of the fresh herb.

It is impossible to use it all at once, so it is necessary to preserve it. To prevent it from going bad and to use it for a longer period, we have some excellent preservation methods. It will increase the longevity of your dill and retain the essence for a longer period.

1.      Freezing the Dill

If you prefer the taste of fresh herbs, then freezing is an excellent way to enjoy it over the months. This method works best for stews and soups. Please take a few fresh leaves and wash them. Fill up an ice cube tray and put the leaves in them. Freeze it overnight and store it in the freezer to be used later.

This method can preserve dill for several months and provide fresh dill leaves whenever you need them.

2.      Preserving Fresh Leaves

If you are a culinary enthusiast, you surely know that nothing matches the taste of fresh dill. If you want to preserve the fresh leaves, then wash them and place them between the layers of moist paper towels. Please put them in a Ziplock or a plastic bag and refrigerate them.

This method can preserve the freshness of your dill and keep it good for about two weeks. This method is not ideal for a longer period, but this is your best bet in terms of freshness.

3.      Drying the Leaves

The most ideal and traditional method of preserving dill is by drying it. By drying, you can store your dill for a very long period. One method to dry dill is hanging a bunch from a hook in a well-aerated area for a few days. Once dried, remove the leaves and store them in an airtight jar.

For faster drying, you can use an oven or dehydrator. Spread your dill on a baking tray and place it in an oven for 2-4 hours. This method works just as well. Remember to turn your leaves in between and do not increase the temperature to avoid burning the leaves.

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Growing your herbs can be a very rewarding experience. Nothing compares to using your fresh harvest of herbs to get the maximum aroma and taste. In this article, we have taught you some helpful methods on how to harvest dill from AeroGarden and how to preserve and store it.

Share which method of harvesting works best for you in the comments below!