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How to Hide Sewer Cover in Yard – 6 Incredibly Creative Ideas

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Drainage holes are necessary for your house and the yard to ensure the water properly drains into the sewer and does not spill everywhere. Sewer covers are important to help keep the sewer holes roofed to avoid anyone from falling into them.

However, a sewer cover can bring down the beauty of your garden by standing out right in the middle of an unwanted place. But there is always a solution! Learn how to hide sewer cover in yard with our creative ideas.

There may be sewer covers in your driveway, yards, or gardens that look ugly. Even though they serve an important function, it does not mean you have to deal with their hideousness. We have enlisted several innovative ideas on how to hide sewer cover in yard.

How to Hide Sewer Cover in Yard
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Important Things to Consider Before Altering the Sewer Cover

Before starting any project or modifications on your sewer covers, there are two important things that you must keep in mind.

  1. The first thing you need to do is make sure you have all the permissions to modify your sewer covers. Check with the municipal laws of your area or if you are renting, then check the contract. These modifications can be a lot of work and even expensive, so it is better to know it beforehand than to find out later. It will save you any financial or legal repercussions.
  2. Secondly, the water utility companies need access to the drains for maintenance. If they need access to the hole but find it blocked, they will probably dig a new one. Then they will slap you with a huge bill. Make sure whatever you plan to do with your covers is not permanent and can be moved easily.

How to Hide Sewer Cover in Yard?

Your house has many utility holes and drains to facilitate the proper drainage of water. Even though they are an ugly necessity, it does not mean that you cannot make them look pretty.

To transform your sewer covers, you need to get a little creative. If you are running out of ideas, then we are here to help you with how to hide sewer cover in the yard.

1.      Using Plants to Hide the Cover

The first option is the easiest and most readily available one. You can get creative with the plants and use them to disguise the ugly sewer covers. Here are some ways how you can use plants to hide sewer covers.

Planters and Pots

You can place some pots on your sewer covers to hide them. Choose various small pots or one large pot. A plant with dense foliage works excellent to cover the maintenance holes. You can also opt for a poofy little shrub to hide the sewer cover.

It is an excellent way to move the pots easily whenever the maintenance holes need to be accessed by the water utility companies.

Making a Grass Lid

If your sewer cover is situated between the lawn and has grass all around, you can opt for a grass lid. A more efficient way is to buy some fake grass and cover its lid. It is quite good, but the difference between the fake grass and the real one is sometimes noticeable. Some people go all out and grow real grass on their utility hole covers.

If you want to grow real grass, replace the sewer cover with a tray-type lid. You can grow a mini grass patch on the lid by adding some soil and grass.

Covering with Moss

Another excellent idea to hide the sewer covers is adding moss and carpeting the whole area. You can very easily grow moss on the covers and the surroundings. Moss makes a very good floor carpet and covers everything evenly. It is also not difficult to remove the lid; just make sure to have some marking to remember the lid’s location.

2.      Add Mosaic Designs and Garden Art

To disguise the hideous sewer covers, you can add some mosaic art. There are many options, colors, and designs to choose from. You can either replace the cover with a mosaic-designed cover or buy a lid covering the top of your sewer cover. There are mosaic sticker tiles available that are hassle-free, and you can stick them on your covers.

Avoid doing a DIY mosaic project on your covers. It looks bad because of the uneven surface of the maintenance hole covers. Moreover, the sewer covers are the property of your local municipalities.

3.      Using Garden Gnomes

Another very excellent and cheerful way of hiding your sewer covers is by placing some gnomes over them. You can decorate your garden, yard, or driveway using gnomes that look very cute. There are thousands of options to choose from. Place a big gnome over the cover or buy a set and go with a theme; it’s all up to you.

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4.      Cover with a Bird Bath

You can also cover your sewer covers in the yard by placing birdbaths. It will be an innovative idea to spruce up your garden. It will cover the ugly utility hole, but it will also attract many pretty birds to your garden.

If the birdbath does not fully cover the sewer cover, then don’t worry! Just add a few small pots and plants around the birdbath. You can also climb a vining creeper and cover the birdbath and its base to hide the manhole and make it look majestic.

When choosing a birdbath, make sure it is heavy and sturdy enough to withstand the weather but not too heavy to damage the sewer cover. It should also be able to be relocated whenever needed.

5.      Cover Up Using a Small Pond

You can cover up your sewer covers by placing mobile ponds over them. Mobile ponds are small, ready-made ponds that You can easily relocate, and they come in all shapes and sizes. They look beautiful, but they also get the job done of hiding your pesky sewer covers.

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6.      Using Fake Rocks

Rocks are an excellent addition for landscaping; however, you can also use them to hide your sewer covers. Since the real rocks are quite heavy, they can damage the cover and are difficult to move. To prevent the hassle, you can buy some fake rocks.

Fake rocks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and they are made to look realistic. They are also made with lightweight materials like fiberglass, making them easy to move around. You can add small and large rocks and boulders or make a mound and even add some plants to make them lush.

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Sewer covers are necessary to keep the water draining properly and avoid anyone from falling into the drainage holes. The design of the sewer hole covers is more practical than pretty, which makes them look sore in the middle of your gorgeous yard.

Don’t feel down by your ugly sewer covers because we are here to help you hide them. In this article, we have covered several awesome ideas on how to hide sewer cover in the yard. The possibilities are limitless. Be as creative as you want! Please share with us in the comments which idea you like the best.