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Do You Know How to Kill a Pine Tree? Well, Never Do It. Save It!

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Are you here to find out ways on how to kill a pine tree? Hopefully, you don’t! Cutting off a pine tree from your property can cause some issues when natural catastrophe strikes someday.

For sure, you don’t want that to happen. Besides, pine trees are not that type of plants that can harm or bother you with anything.

First and foremost, we will not focus encouraging you to learn how to kill a pine tree. This is rather to bring awareness to help you become familiar with the problems that can eventually kill pine trees.

In other words, you need to know not only the dos of taking care of a pine tree but also the don’ts to avoid.

Pine tree is one of the most distinctive and beautiful trees in a neighborhood. It has certain benefits to the community and the environment. It’s one big factor of the circulation of fresh air.

It can also save people residing in the area from flood. Hence, an important part on any residential site as it constantly provides good effects that can people can benefit from.

How to Kill a Pine Tree

Sad to say, it’s people who are usually the common cause of tree damages. The unfamiliarity of tree benefits and lack of concern are disturbing. As the saying goes, protect nature so it protects you back. Such practices of taking care of trees do not always turn into positive results.

How to Kill a Pine Tree

1. Improper Pruning

How to Kill a Pine Tree

One of the common ways on how to kill a pine tree is to prune the top, and usually in a very severe manner. Removing the leaves and outer twigs can apparently make the tree stop restoring leaves. This is basically not right. It would become lifeless.

When pruning, it must be less than 1/4 of the twigs and leaves. Cutting off branches at the bud, branch collar and/or lateral branch is the right way to do it. You should follow the 3-cut method, which is undercutting, removing the branch and removing stub at branch collar.

2. Over or Under Watering

During the early stages, watering a pine tree can be exciting. But be careful as you may potentially put more water than the normal amount needed. It is not also recommended to allow it to dry completely or saturate the soil.

Unless you want to know how to kill a pine tree, it’s best to keep 10 gallons of water within a matter of a week or during rainy season just an inch.

3. Changing the Grade of Soil

soil changes - How to Kill a Pine Tree

Soil is extremely important for the growth and maintenance of a pine tree. This doesn’t easily grow in any type of soil. The ideal soil for this particular tree is a combination of 50% solid particles and 50% pore spaces. It’s also vital that the grading must not be altered.

This means that roots exposed indicate the removal of essential amount of soil. In addition, there must be no compaction in the soil as this can affect its natural ability to hold both water and air or oxygen.

4. Cutting Roots

From installing fences to constructing an additional part of the house, digging holes nearby a pine tree is another possibility of how to kill a pine tree over time.

Since this is quite a large tree, expect the roots to extend up to several feet. Cutting a large portion of that can affect the trunk and ultimately kill the life of the tree.

5. Fertilizer Slowly

How to kill a pine tree also has something to do with fertilizers. After planting, it takes a year to apply fertilizer. The use of slow-release fertilizer can be an option. But never apply fast-release fertilizer right after you’ve planted or even during the process of planting.

6. Mulching the Wrong Way

Mulching - How to Kill a Pine Tree

Not using some mulch is a bad idea. If you do need to apply how to kill a pine tree discreetly, that’s an excellent choice over cutting it entirely.

But if you want to save it, use a sufficient amount of mulch and place it about 3 to 4 feet in diameter and about 3 to 4 inches deep from around (not close or on) the trunk.

7. Using Mechanical Tools

Damage in the bark due to mechanical injury from using a lawn mower, a string trimmer or other related tools is not good. This can eventually kill the tree in the long run. You must be careful when mowing along your grass. Do not let such machine or tool cause scrapes in the pine tree.

how to kill a pine tree without cutting it down

How to Stop a Pine Tree from Growing Tall

  1. Cut the top part of the tree within the 2 inches back where connected branches are growing from its main trunk. Use pruning shears in severing if the leader is small in diameter, while a handsaw is a best tool for larger ones. Either way, you have to cut at a 45-degree angle.
  2. The next step is to choose a new lead from any branches that grow closest to the top. Bend it upright and then tie with a twine to the stub left from the previously cut part.
  3. Prune other areas in the same manner and section. This is to ensure everything is aligned, grow evenly and looks more attractive.
  4. Cut the side limbs as well. But it should be less than 1/3 of their total length. Also, prune in front of the side shoot at a 45-degree angle too.
  5. Continue to prune at least once a year.

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