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How To Kill Clover? Easy Peasy, Promise!

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In a magical world, clover would be sign of luck. But in reality, it’s a good indication of a lawn or soil problem. Before we discuss some ways on how to kill clover, let’s first address specifics.

Whenever you see clover start to appear in your yard, it suggests your lawn is in poor health. The levels of nitrogen in the soil may be very low. Clearly, there’s a problem regarding the overall condition of the grass. Meanwhile, clover thrives in soil with low nitrogen levels.

Fortunately, finding clovers in your lawn can be a blessing in disguise. It can help you find and address the need to heighten the maintenance of your lawn or possibly replace it for good.

​Soil low in nitrogen is just the beginning of a series of issues a lawn owner has to deal with. If left unresolved, your lawn may suffer major damage.

Also, it becomes more prone to pests, disease infestations as well as weeds. Incidentally, if it’s mostly weeds you need to take care of, you can head over to this article on weed killers.

when is the best time to spray clover in your lawn

Hence, it’s quite important to know how to kill clover. While a few may go to the easy method which is the use of such chemicals, naturally removing clover is highly recommended.

There are better alternatives that do not require the use of hazardous ingredients that may ultimately affect the environment, your health or pet’s condition.

How To Kill Clover?

1. Use Organic Fertilizer

Fertilizing a lawn is the basic treatment against clover and other weeds. Hinder clover from thriving means you’ll have to feed your lawn regularly. As already mentioned, try to stay away from chemically-formulated products.

Instead, use fertilizers that are made of natural ingredients, otherwise labeled as “organic”. In this way, you’ll be able to kill clover naturally.

How To Kill Clover

However, ensure that you do not over-fertilize your lawn. Overfeeding can be harmful as well, so It would be best to do so annually or biannually.

Even with the presence of some clover in the grass, applying fertilizer after 6 to 8 weeks is a must. Fertilizers will help increase nitrogen levels and enhance the health of your lawn while also gradually eliminating clover. Isn’t that an excellent and easy method on how to kill clover?

2. Mow Grass a Bit Higher

How To Kill Clover

There is a little trick in mowing that can help you get rid of clover. When mowing, simply adjust the height of your mower’s blades. Since clover thrives and grows in between the grass, they have tendency of covering the lawn.

Hence, the next time you mow your lawn, ensure it is trimmed a little higher to crowd out  the clover, especially from getting the sunlight it needs.

3. Pull Out

how to remove clover from lawn by hand

Another easy way on how to kill clover is to simply  pull them out of the soil. Removing them should be easy if they are few in number or situated in a small area.

Hence, if you see young sprouts, pull them out. Keep in mind, though, to avoid hand-pulling mature clover. This may loosen the soil if the weed has hardened with age.

4. Apply a Natural Weed Killer

It’s also a good idea to remove clover the natural way by using organic weed solutions. There are several brands at reasonable prices that you may choose from to deal with this problem.

Remember that methods applied on how to kill clover vary. For example, there are times wherein you may just need a few pulls, while other days may be a little complicated. If you’re dealing with a large area of clover in your lawn, the application of such organic weed killer becomes an ideal option.

5. Water Regularly and Properly

How To Kill Clover

Prevention is still  key on how to kill clover as well as other weeds. That’s why watering your lawn regularly is important. It does not only help the grass grow and stay healthy but also mantains the good condition of your soil.

The secret is to water deeply but only once or twice a week. You don’t have to water your grass every single day. However, be careful that you might also water insufficiently. Grass can become stressed due to drought and heat, which is also one more thing you avoid by watering properly.


How to kill clover or prevent it from growing has a lot to do with your own care. The more you take good care of your lawn, the easier it will be to manage such problem like weeds. Therefore, it is very helpful to know the basics of properly caring for the lawn.

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