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How To Kill Vines? The Answer You Need To Know Now!

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Vines can be a nuisance to gardeners and farmers. They do not just create an unattractive look. The rapid growth and spread of this can endanger the best plants in the field. Whether you like it or not, it’s best to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

The good news is that you don’t need to hire a professional to help you deal with this issue. There are easy ways on how to kill vines and save some money.

How To Kill Vines 2

Keep in mind that it’s best to use natural methods in removing vines. As much as possible, stay away from shortcuts that can be fatal to health or to the environment.

Therefore, skip using chemical solutions regarding how to kill vines. Plus, natural or manual removal can also preserve the good life of your other plants.

How To Kill Vines?

1. Know the Species of Vines

How To Kill Vines

Like all plants, vines vary depending on their species. Some may be easy to kill, while others can take a long time before they’re removed.

Determining the kind of vines you’re dealing with is also vital to the sense that it helps you figure out the right tools to use. You may need just your own bare hands or a small pair of cutters. The bottom line is that you are well prepared before you start the removal process.

2. Get a Helper

Someone who is willing to help you with this garden problem for free would be great. Remember that you are trying to kill vines without spending too much money. But there might be a few who would want a little allowance or maybe just snacks.

Regardless, two heads are better than one in terms of dealing with how to kill vines. The more people working, the easier and quicker to finish the job.

3. Prepare the Tools

Basically, there are a few essentials in removing vines. Most of the needed tools include a pair of gloves, at least two cutters or shears of different sizes, and a large bucket, or a wheelbarrow, a sack or anything to transport the vines off the scene.

You may also need to wear a long sleeved top and jeans to avoid scratches or cuts in your skin or poison from certain vines.

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4. Start at the Base of the Vines

How to kill vines isn’t just about cutting and pulling. It works successfully if you do it properly. And the best way to do that is to start cutting at the base or root of the vines.

If you pull a random part of the vine from anywhere, the tendency is that it can be uprooted in a way the soil is shaken, which may affect the surrounding plants. Thus, it’s important to figure out where the base is first before you cut anything.

If you can pull the entire root up, the easier to manage this problem. Besides, if roots aren’t removed, vines can grow fast in a couple of weeks. You do not want another gardening job within that short period of time, do you?

5. Cut and Pull

The secret on how to kill vines depends on two main tasks. Those are to cut and pull. Sounds really easy right? It does but it may take time depending on how many and long the vines are.

Basically, you only need to start cutting and pull the rest. If the vine is a little too thick, extra effort with or without the use of a tool may be necessary.

​What if the vines are attached to the trunk of a tree or some fences?

Removing vines off a concrete wall is not that difficult and requires less precaution. But if they have been clinging to a wooden wall, fence, trees or other smaller plants, that’s a different story. You need to be more careful in pruning.

6. Water the Ground

This step is optional or mandatory. Some vines may not be that very simple to cut and pull. In that case, you need to pour or spray some water on the ground and allow it to soak for 8 hours or overnight. This makes it easier to pull even with just your hands.

Boiled water may be also used if you do not want to wait for long hours. It can kill parts of the vines for quicker removal.

How to kill vines should not be that complicated. Just know the right steps, use proper tools and have the patience to remove, then this problem is solved.

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