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How To Make A Riding Mower Faster – 8 Most Efficient Tips

The industry has developed ways to make the mundane job of taking care of our lawns faster and easier. One way is through riding mowers, which allow you to cut through unruly grass without physical or mental difficulty.

The right mower, especially one that cuts quickly, makes this task much more manageable. If you want the answer to “how to make a riding mower faster,” then look no further! Our experts have compiled the answers for you right here in this article!

How To Make A Riding Mower Faster
Riding Mower via Wikimedia

Why Do You Need A Fast Riding Mower?

Before going into the deep discussion of increasing your mower’s speed, you should know the reason behind it. You can’t get the job done if your lawnmower is too slow.

You’ll have a hard time cutting and trimming grass. On the other hand, a fast mower helps you in the following ways:

  • When you mow your lawn with a fast machine, you’ll have to do less work on your part.
  • In this way, you’ll have more time for yourself and your loved ones.
  • For people who are tired of mowing their lawn frequently, these fast machines will help get their yards cleaned up quickly.
  • A fast-riding mower is real fun, and it takes no time to mow the lawn while still providing high-quality results.

If you are looking for a way to cut down on your lawn mowing time, then a fast lawn mower is the best option.

With electric motors and blades without the need for grass bags or belts, some models can even do it all themselves – thanks largely due to its technology, which includes advanced cutting systems and powerful Aluminium Oxide propellers.

4 Main Components Influencing The Speed Of A Riding Mower

So, let’s find out what affects the speed of a riding mower and how to make it faster. The main thing in suggesting the speed of a lawnmower is its components. Read on to know their detail and functioning.

1.     Engine Oil

Keep your lawn mower’s engine running smoothly and efficiently with regular oil changes. It will help maintain the smooth and efficient functioning of the mower’s blades.

If there is not enough lubrication present on its blades, they’ll get gummed up with dirt or grass, resulting in overheating during use.

2.     Engine Pulley

The engine pulley on a mower is connected to the two-stroke motor and can be changed with ease. This method is only applicable to belt-driven lawn mowers with twin-engine pulleys, one positioned near the engine, the other located behind the mower.

An increase in the size of these pulleys will result in an enhanced speed of your lawnmower.

3.     Air Filter

The filter on your lawnmower (located at the left side of the engine) keeps dirt and debris out of the engine. Keeping it clean and regularly replacing it will ensure that you have a strong engine. A dirty or clogged airbox will slow down the mower’s speed.

4.     Governor

When you use a lawnmower, it’s important to know about the governor specifically designed to control fuel flow, which powers the engine.

It makes sure you’re not over-speeding, and it will cut off speed using a fuel regulator if necessary. This fuel regulator is in the form of a small spring, which increases the lawnmower’s speed if its length is reduced.

If someone thinks they might want their equipment running faster, this simple trick could help them out. In another case, you can completely remove this spring to make the mower run faster than before.

Riding mower in the north soccer field in Brastad How To Make A Riding Mower Faster
“Riding mower in the north soccer field in Brastad” via Wikimedia

8 Tips About How To Make A Riding Mower Faster

The different ways to get a faster riding mower are available for your picking. So, take some time and explore the options before you tire yourself up in the effort of achieving a healthy green lawn. Just ride on the mower and get your job done within no time! Read on to know the trick.

1.     Regular Maintenance

Keeping your lawn mower smooth running is important to ensure you get the most use out of it. The more often we take care of our machines, whether they be cars or motorcycles, this will save our time when something goes wrong. It is because there aren’t any major repairs needed then!

2.     Right Fuel

Keeping your lawnmower going fast is all about the right fuel. Using 92-octane or higher gas means that you can work at maximum speed and power from start to finish with every cut.

3.     Tires Inspection

Any defect in the tires of a riding mower will reduce the speed of your machine. So, before you start up with it, check if any of the tires look worn or pressure-marked. Ensure that all four have an adequate amount left on their tread for proper traction during use.

4.     Muffler Checking

Make sure your muffler is in good condition before you start up the lawnmower. If it has any holes or damage, there will be back pressure on the exhaust system resulting in slow operation.

5.     Adequate Oil Level

Your lawnmower needs to be well lubricated for it not only to run smoothly but also stay clean and last longer. If you don’t regularly change out the oil, then eventually dirt will get stuck between its moving parts, which cause damage over time- leading your machine towards failure.

It would be best to always have fresh motor crankcase fluid before starting up as this will ensure optimal performance from the start until finish.

6.     Leakages Or Damages

It would be best to check for any crack or leakage on your riding mower before starting the operation. Leaks are never fun, and they’re even more frustrating when dealing with them yourself. They can refer either to an engine or any other part of your lawnmower.

 If anything looks damaged, be sure to fix it right away to avoid any potential harm or inconvenience.

7.     Engine Airflow

The key point here is the greater visibility and ease of access to your engine. With more airflow, you’ll be able to go faster without getting any unwanted weight on yourself or slowing down when cutting grass.

8.     Mowing Pattern

The mowing patterns of your riding mower also affect its speed and working. The fewer turns you have, the faster your grass grows back. Moreover, cut in long straight lines, which is the best cutting style.

Safety Tips To Ride A Fast Riding Mower

Last but not least, you must not ignore your safety while riding a fast mower as it can be a really dangerous activity. Be careful and use your judgment as you go so that this doesn’t end up being an accident. Make sure you are following these tips:

  • Checking that the equipment is in good condition before starting up.
  • Take your PPE (personal protective equipment) before going on a ride.


So, turns out making a riding mower work faster is not a difficult task, and the best part is you can do it all on your own. Check your mower, tinker with the engine, keep on changing the oil, and you are good to go with your riding mower!

We hope that you enjoyed the article and found it useful. Comment below if you found these ideas useful for making your lawnmower faster. Don’t hesitate for any queries- our experts are ready to help you!