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7 Simple Steps on How to Plant A Rosebush

If you are into gardening and have had no great luck in the recent past, you will empathize. There is every plant that we tried planting in our small patch either with a reduced yield that was not so worthy of the trouble we put in, or the plants just forgot to show up!

Do You Have A Similar Story to Say?

If there is but one plant that has salvaged our reputation, it has to be roses. Every season we have hundreds of roses blooming in all different colors, attracting the pollinators and the wild beings.

We have since never had a single day of not decorating our living room with the buds and drinking herbal tea brewed from the rose petals. Yet the question remains as to how to plant a rosebush every time you think of planting a new one.

rosebush - How to Plant A Rosebush
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What this Tutorial is About?

Roses never seem to stop alluring us. They look like a lot of hard work, but believe us; they are the easiest to plant. All you need is about six and eight hours of sunlight, along with a location that will stay well-drained throughout the day and voila!

The newest of rose bushes that you planted will not forget to show up as promised.

Let us walk you through this tutorial of how to plant a rosebush.

The Things That You Will Need for Planting A Fragrant Rosebush Are:

  • A rose bush plant of your choice

You have a decision to make if you will plant bare roots or a container rose plant. Now, both of them will get planted to the ground, but the bare roots have a higher chance of growing quicker than the container one.

The reason is apparent. The container plant will have a flower on one of its ends, and the plant will have to fend for the flowers apart from making roots stronger in the soil.

  • A digging tool like a trowel or a small sand shovel
  • Fertilizer to give some boost to the new plant.
  • Mulch to gather around the bush to help retain moisture and to discourage weeds
  • Pruning shears, garden gloves, and a spade
  • Watering can

Here is our step by step guide to potting a rush bush in your garden that will add beauty and fragrance alike to your home and life.

How to Plant A Rosebush – Step by Step Instruction

Step 1: Choosing the planting site

Choose a location that is ideally near a wall, a fence, or a shed. It will hold well for both sunny and cold climates. The site of the rose bush should be a beneficiary of sunlight for a minimum of six hours daily and that too only in the morning.

The rose bush must get shade from the afternoon sun. If the place is exceptionally windy, the wall or the fence will help protect the bush.

digging hole - How to Plant A Rosebush

Do not plant the rosebush near trees or existing bushes. It will create a lot of competition for light, air, and water, and the likely victim will be your rosebush. 

Step 2: Check for the soil drainage

This is a crucial step when you are still determining where your rose shrub should be. Dig a hole in the soil about four to five inches in circumference and pour water.

Watch if the water drains in a couple of hours. If the water stagnates, that is not the best place. There is an inherent danger that the root system of your rosebush will rot and wither.

Step 3: Check for other soil requirements

  • The soil must not be too thick. At the same time, it should not be too sandy either.
  • Consider introducing organic compost such as shredded bark of trees and dehydrated cow manure to bring consistency in the soil.
  • The soil must be able to retain moisture for a long time
  • The soil pH balance must ideally be between 6.5 and 7

Step 4:

Gather all the required things at one spot so that you do not have to go and fetch one thing after the other.

Step 5: Placing the bare roots

Mix the soil with compost. Keep mixing the soil with the compost and filling them in the bottom of the hole. After this, place the bare roots of the bush and keep shoveling more of the soil and compost moisture till the roots can stand steady in the ground.

Keep filling the soil mixture till the hole is almost full. Now pour a lot of water in the hole and wait for it to retain in the soil. After the water drains, fill up the remaining hole with the mixture as well.

Protip: use a shovel so that you keep air pockets in the mixture out.

Step 6: Create a mound of soil

Once you have filled in the hole, keep accumulating the mixture to create a mound about six inches from the ground. It will help allow the roots to take to the ground firmly. Once the shoots start, you have the option of reducing the mound or removing it off completely.

Step 7: Trim the stalks

Make angled cuts in the rose stalks at 8 inches. This is a gardeners’ trick and works very well in favor of the plants.

Remember to wear garden gloves when you are handling the bare stocks. You don’t want to get hurt by the thorns even before the beautiful roses bloom and soothe your eyes.

pruning rose - How to Plant A Rosebush
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Remember this: the above procedure is for planting one rosebush only. If you are thinking of having two, or more of them, then you must plant them at 2 to 3 feet apart. The roots need all that place to grow.


​Finally, planting a rosebush is no rocket science at all. You will soon see that it is very little hard work to have an eye candy of a garden and fragrances blowing through your house daily.

If this has helped you in growing some colorful beauties, we would love to hear from you. Also, don’t forget to like and share it with your gardening pals!