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How to Propagate Silver Pothos – 2 Amazing Methods!

Pothos has been hailed as one of the most popular and effortlessly growing indoor plants that are the perfect choice whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener.

Silver Pothos, also called Satin Pothos, is named because of the silverish specks on the bright green leaves.

But you already know that, right? The fact that you are here means that you want more of this plant in your home.

I have great news! You can easily learn how to propagate Silver Pothos by following the guide in today’s article.

Pothos are climbing plants with leaves that have a shimmery appearance.

Rather than buying multiple plants, you can easily propagate your Pothos. That way, you can have beautiful Pothos and adorn your home or gift them to your friends.

Our elaborate guide covers how to propagate Silver Pothos and all the caring tips for growing the Pothos successfully.

Let’s begin!

How to propagate Silver Pothos? – Image via Reddit.

Why Do You Need to Propagate Silver Pothos?

Propagating your silver Pothos is a personal choice, and there are usually two main reasons gardeners like to propagate silver Pothos.

  • The first reason is to increase the number of your plants. Instead of buying many expensive plants, you can take the cuttings to grow and multiply the parent plants. These cuttings also make an excellent gift for family and friends.
  • The other reason to propagate a plant is to maintain its length and keep it healthy. Pothos plants can get very long and leggy. If your plant has grown very big and you want to cut it off, take a few cuttings off to grow more plants.

Now, let’s see how to propagate Silver Pothos.

How to Propagate Silver Pothos?

Our gardening experts have covered two helpful methods on how to propagate Silver Pothos.

Keep reading to learn every essential step that has to go into successfully propagating your Pothos.

You can propagate Pothos in water and soil.

Method 1: Propagating Silver Pothos in Water

Follow these steps to learn how to propagate Silver Pothos in water:

  • Take a clean pair of scissors or shears and sterilize them before using.
  • Choose a healthy and mature vine to take the cutting.
  • Make sure to cut right above a node and leave three to four healthy leaves on the vine cutting. (Take more than one cutting to increase the chances of successful propagation.) You should include the node in the cutting because it is the site from which new roots and stems will grow.
  • Cut right below the node, implying that the node is included in the cutting.
  • Take a clean jar and fill it with water. Make the water sit at room temperature.
  • Now take your cutting(s) and submerge them in water. The node must be entirely submerged in water, whereas no leaves should touch the surface.
  • Place the jar on a window sill that receives bright, indirect sunlight. Avoid too much direct sun as it may kill the cutting. Refill the water whenever needed and replace it after every few days, as the water tends to get dirty and slimy.
  • Let the cutting sit for a few weeks; you will notice tiny transparent roots growing after the first week. Let the roots grow at least three inches long.
  • Once the roots are long enough, it is safe to plant the cuttings in their permanent pot.
  • Once the Pothos is planted in their pot, continue taking care of them as usual, and you will have a new beautiful Pothos plant climbing in no time.

Now that you know how to propagate Silver Pothos in water. Let’s see how to propagate them in soil.

Method 2: Propagating Silver Pothos in Soil

The other method of propagation is propagating directly into the soil.

This method is often preferred because it does not require replanting the cuttings. You can direct plant the cuttings in their potting mix, and you are done.

Keep following these steps to learn how to propagate Silver Pothos in soil:

  • The first few steps of taking the cuttings are similar to propagating in water.
  • Cut the vine right below the node with a clean pair of scissors. Ensure the cutting is a few inches tall and has three to four healthy leaves. Remove any leaves present at the bottom of the cutting. (Take multiple cuttings to increase the chances of successful propagation.)
  • Take a small pot and add your desired potting mix to it. A potting mix with good drainage is preferred. Bury the lower node into the moistened soil. Make sure all leaves are above the surface of the soil.
  • Now keep taking care of the cuttings as usual. Place this pot in a nice sunny spot receiving filtered or indirect sunlight. Water regularly by spraying around the soil. Do not overwater or drench the cuttings, or they will rot. Cover the cuttings with a plastic bag or a glass dome to retain the temperature and humidity. It will help increase the growth rate of the cuttings. Remove the dome every other day to let the fresh air in.
  • After about one month of planting the cuttings, gently pull the cuttings to test if the roots have been established. If you feel resistance, it implies that the root network has been established successfully, and you can treat the cuttings as a regular plant and take care as usual.
  • Another method of propagating through soil is by laying the vine’s cutting horizontally on the soil rather than burying it vertically. This method also prevents the leaves from getting buried and only buries the nodes. It will increase the success rate as the roots will grow from all the nodes present on the cutting.
  • The rest of the method is the same, keep taking care of the cuttings as usual and watch your lovely Pothos grow into beautiful tall plants ready to embellish your interior.

That’s all!

How to Grow Satin Pothos Faster? | Scindapsus Pictus Propagation from Cuttings – YouTube

Now, let’s head toward the conclusion.


Silver Pothos is one of the many Pothos plants and is quite popular among beginner gardeners owing to its easygoing nature and beautiful leaves.

If you have a silver Pothos and want to propagate it, then don’t be intimidated by the process since it is even easier than taking the plant’s care. Our guide has taught you two great methods on how to propagate silver Pothos.

I hope you find this post helpful.

Happy gardening.