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How to Sharpen Bush Hog Blades? | 3 Helpful Instructions!

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A bush hog, also called a bush hog, is a type of rotary mower.

Rather than being a fully mechanized lawnmower with fixed blades, a bush hog is a lawn mower attachment attached to the back of a tractor.

The blades of a bush hog are not rigid like those of a lawnmower. If your bush hog blades are dull, read our article on how to sharpen bush hog blades safely!

The blades of the bush hog are attached using hinges, giving them a certain degree of mobility. When hit by a stump or rock, the blades can move inwards and outwards.

The method of sharpening the rotary blades is quite different from other blades. Rotary blades are kept dull because they are supposed to cut through larger plantations. These blades are thick and sturdy, and the centrifugal force allows them to bounce back after hitting the vegetation.

Learn how to sharpen bush hog blades like a pro with our simple guide!

How to sharpen bush hog blades
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Why Do You Need to Sharpen Bush Hog Blades?

Like any other blades, the bush hog blades tend to get dull after use for a while.

  • Dull blades reduce work efficiency and make it difficult to achieve reliable results.
  • They can cause hindrances in work and provide inconsistent results that will need overworking.
  • A blunt blade can make working very inconvenient, resulting in uneven tearing.
  • A well-sharpened blade will increase the efficiency of work and provide effective results.
  • A sharpened blade will help you attain a clearer cutting that will trim the grass, plantation, saplings, bushes, and weeds.
  • A properly sharpened blade is more efficient, works faster, and uses less power to mow.

Learn how to sharpen bush hog blades safely with our step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Sharpen Bush Hog Blades!

You can sharpen your bush hog blades using two different methods.

Both methods work efficiently and give equally satisfactory results. So, choose either one as you prefer.

You can choose either a bench grinder or an angle grinder!

While using an angled grinder, the blade is clamped and secured in place while you move the grinder over it. The grinder is fixed using a bench grinder, and the blade is moved over it to sharpen.

Learn both methods on how to sharpen bush hog blades using the following instructions.

1. Disassemble the Blade

It doesn’t matter which method you opt for; removing the blade is the primary step for both methods.

It is crucial to prevent any injuries.

Removing the blade will also give you better control over the blade’s movement and grinder, reducing the risk of accidentally falling the blade on you. It is pretty simple and easy to remove the blade.

To remove the blade, follow these steps:

  • Access the underside of the blade by tilting the cutting deck.
  • Support the bush hog to remove the blades safely.
  • Don’t forget to wear safety goggles and gloves to protect yourself from injuries.
  • To disassemble the blade, you will need an impact wrench. Loosen the bolts and washer on either side, holding the blade to dislodge the blade.

Now, let’s look at both methods.

2. Using an Angled Grinder

Here are the steps.

  • Take a grinding stone disc attachment and connect it to your angled grinder.
  • Place your bush hog blade on a table or a workbench and secure it in its place with a vise.
  • Thoroughly clean the blade beforehand to clean off any debris or remnants of plants.
  • Please turn on your angle grinder and move it over the blade along the edge in smooth straight unidirectional motions. Keep repeating these motions until the blade appears smooth and shiny.
  • Be careful not to round off the edges since this is where the cutting happens.
  • Once you have sharpened one side of the blade, remove the vise and flip over the blade to the other side.
  • Now repeat the same motion on the other side to sharpen the blade.

For the other method…

3. Using a Bench Grinder

Here are the steps:

  • Clean up the blade thoroughly to remove debris.
  • Turn on your bench grinder.
  • Hold your blade at an angle of 45 degrees over the bench grinder and start moving its edge over the grinding wheel. Make sure to move in a single direction and the same direction as the cutting edge.
  • Refrain from grinding too much and rounding off the edges.
  • To ensure the blade is uniformly sharpened, apply even pressure, and move the blade in the same direction.

Once the blade has been sharpened and cleaned, it is ready to be lodged on the bush hog again.

  • Place the blade on the bush hog and secure it in its place by tightening its nut and washer with a wrench. It is crucial to tighten them properly.
  • Check if it is secured in its place because a loose blade can cause severe accidents and injuries.
  • Once the blade is set, lower it, and run to check if it’s secured in place and moving freely.

That’s it! You now know how to sharpen bush hog blades.

However, here’s a highly informative video regarding the topic:

Sharpening Brush Hog Blades: Should You Sharpen them? I Say Yes and Show You How I Do It (#94) – YouTube

When Should You Sharpen Your Bush Hog Blade?

When you notice your blade is not cutting correctly or getting clogged with debris from plants, you know it’s time to sharpen them. A dull blade will not cut through the plantation; rather, it will pull through the tough and sturdy stalks, which will get entwined around the outpost shaft of the gearbox, ruining its seal.

That said, let’s now move toward the conclusion!


A bush hog can be a beneficial attachment to cutting any vegetation, especially if you have a big yard.

Like any other tool, the bush hog needs proper care and maintenance to work efficiently. The blades of a bush hog can get blunt with time, and instead of seeking professional help or discarding the blades, you can sharpen them by yourself.

We have created a helpful guide on how to sharpen bush hog blades using two different methods.

Please share with us which method you prefer in the comments below!