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How To Start A Stihl Blower – A Step By Step Guide

So you have a Stihl blower, and you don’t know how to start it? Not to worry, we’re going to show you how. Everyone wants to save time and energy. People find a technique to make their work easier and faster. In this article, we will explain how to start a Stihl Blower

Let’s begin with what a garden blower is. It is a common garden tool where the air is drawn from one side and thrown into the environment at low pressure or high flow. They are mostly used for ventilation, cooling, exhausting, transporting, and other purposes.

While buying, you should evaluate every fan’s airflow range, pressure, and engine forces before purchasing it. You must be aware of their types to cater to your needs easily.

The majority of individuals have a blower, but they have no idea how to use it. So don’t be concerned. We’re here to provide you with helpful hints and assistance.

Safety Precautions Before Using A Stihl Blower

Before you start operating your Stihl blower, you should take the following precautions:

  • For a thorough tutorial, firstly, go through the instruction booklet.
  • When using the Stihl blower, wear personal protective equipment (PPE), including sunglasses, facemask, boots, gloves, etc.
  • Check the entire machine for damaged or broken parts before using it.
  • To keep dirt and other foreign objects out of the fuel system, clean the area around the blower’s fuel tank cap with a clean towel. Then fill the tank with gas and ensure that the lid is securely fastened.
  • Always ignite your gasoline power tool at least 10 feet from the refill station.

The General Steps on How to Start a Stihl Blower

  • The first thing you need to do is find the choke. On most Stihl blowers, it’s located on the upper part of the engine. Once you’ve found it, pull it out.
  • Now, find the throttle. It’s usually located on the handle of the blower. Push it up.
  • Next, find the start button. It’s usually located in the middle of the choke. Push it in and hold it down while you pull the starter cord. After one pull, let go of the start button. If the engine doesn’t turn on, you’ll need to keep pulling the starter cord until it does.
  • Once your engine is running, push the choke back into place to run properly. Now all you have to do is push the throttle to the number 5 setting, and you’re good to go.

How to Start a Hand Stihl Blower

  • Before beginning any blower, make sure it is securely placed on a dust-free, flat surface.
  • Then, firmly grab the starter rope handle with your left hand while holding the fan with your right.
  • Pull the starter rope around 30-35cm every time the engine starts.
  • Pull the starter rope back while the choke lever is in the middle position if the engine won’t start. It’s how you get a hot engine started. If the engine is already warm, do not close the choke.
  • Turn the start/stop switch to the OFF or STOP position to start or stop the engine.

How to Start a Backpack Stihl Blower

  • To begin, place the backpack blower on level ground. Clear the dust using a dry scrub brush as the machine’s air intake vents might be clogged.
  • Slide the throttle handle’s stop button to the ON position.
  • Set the setting lever to the center or starting position, situated right below the stop button. At this level, the throttle either opens or closes. The idle throttle is in the down position, while the full-throttle is in the up position.
  • If the engine is chilly when starting, turn the choke knob to the right to close the choke.
  • Turn it to the full choke or left if the driver is warm.
  • Place one foot against the machine’s side and one hand on the engine’s top.
  • Pull the starter rope tighter and tighter until the driver starts the engine.
  • Draw the pull rope carefully at first, then rapidly and firmly.
  • If multiple pulls are required, slowly release the cable to ensure proper winding.
  • Once a cold engine has started, quickly shift the choke lever to the open position to the left.
  • There is no need to do anything when the engine is heated.
  • Set the idle position on the setting lever. Allow the engine for a few minutes to warm up in this position.
  • To assist the engine warm-up, lightly depress the throttle.
  • Place the blower on your back and use your right hand to grasp the handle. When operating, raise the setting lever to maximum throttle.
How To Start A Stihl Blower 2

Problems People Usually Face with Stihl Blowers

Andreas Stihl AG & Co., a lawn and garden equipment company, makes Stihl leaf blowers. Stihl’s leaf blowers are designed to be simple to use, although they sometimes have trouble starting. The majority of startup issues, on the other hand, are readily remedied with a little troubleshooting.

1. Doesn’t Start Properly

  • If your blower doesn’t start, ensure it is in the right position by confirming the throttle and choke lever locations.
  • Check to see if any obstructions might be choking the engine. Finally, ensure that you are operating on a clean fuel-oil mix. If not, stop using your machine immediately if you do not know how to make a proper fuel-oil mix.
  • If your blower still does not start, you may need to repair the exhaust or ignition system and check for broken or loose parts.

2. Won’t Stay Running

  • As discussed earlier, if your blower fails to stay running, make sure you use a proper fuel-oil mix. Also, check that the spark plug is properly gapped.
  • The gap should be at 1/8 inches or 3 millimeters.
  • If it isn’t, replace the spark plug with a new one, and the issue should go away.
  • If your blower isn’t running properly, you may have to clean the air filter. This can be done by spraying it with a hose or blowing it out with compressed air.
  • After cleaning, re-install the air filter and test the machine again.

3. Won’t Start At All

  • If your blower fails to turn on, check the fuel-oil mix and correct it.
  • Next, ensure that you have a good spark when starting up by checking the gap on the spark plug. If it reads 0/3mm or 100inches, replace the old one with a new one and try again.
  • The spark plug may be filthy or damaged. Remove the spark plug and use a clean rag to wipe it dry.
  • To clear the combustion chamber, run the engine several times with the starter and replace the spark plug.
  • Turn the choke to the icon that looks like a straight line and restart the engine with the start switch in the “Run” position.
  • If the machine still doesn’t start, you may have to take it in for repair. Check for broken or loose parts and have them fixed by a professional.

Final Remarks

All this article does is help you how to start a Stihl Blower. Stihl leaf blowers are easy to operate once you know how to start them. However, they can sometimes be difficult to get running.

Following these simple instructions, getting your leaf blower back into working order should be a breeze. I hope you have found this article helpful.