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How To Trim A Pothos Plant in 6 Simple and Easy Steps?

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Is your pothos plant getting out of hand? Perhaps it isn’t as bushy as it once was? Continue reading to learn how to trim a pothos plant and give this wonderful, strong, easy-to-grow houseplant new life.

Pothos plants thrive on being pruned. If you’ve never done it before, take a deep breath, find your tools and prepare to have a prettier pothos plant in just a few minutes.

Pothos houseplants are popular because they are easily grown and maintained. While these plants often live up to their reputation, there are a few things to consider if you want to get the most from them.

Pothos, scientifically known as Epipremnum aureum, is one of the most popular houseplants. Because of their distinctiveness, beauty, and low-maintenance requirements, they may be seen in homes and workplaces all over the country.

Pothos produces huge, heart-shaped leaves that grow in a vine-like pattern all along the vine’s length. They thrive as outdoor plants in containers, rock gardens, hanging baskets, and landscape mounds in zones 10 through 12.

They can also be grown as indoor plants in colder climates because they grow quickly and can withstand rigorous pruning. It’s simple to get them to the size and form you want for your specific situation by learning how to trim a Pothos plant.

How To Trim A Pothos Plant
Did I trim my pothos incorrectly? via Reddit

Tools You’ll Need

You will need four things for this project:

  • Scissors or other sharp shears
  • Gloves (optional but recommended)
  • A clean bucket or trashcan
  • Dishwashing soap

A Guide on How To Trim A Pothos Plant

Trimming Pothos is a rather straightforward operation, but there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure that it’s done correctly.

With a little education, you may improve your skills and confidence, making it easier to trim Pothos and other houseplants. When it comes to trimming your Pothos, you must first decide how much you will be cutting.

Because this plant is so adaptable and hardy, you can snip the tops, cut the vining trails in half, or cut it practically down to the soil line.

Step 1: Watering the Plant

  • Before pruning your pothos plant, make sure it has been watered thoroughly.
  • Pothos plants are typically very heavy feeders, so make sure to let water sit at the bottom of the pot for a few minutes.
  • If you are in doubt, water it!

Step 2: Prepare the Shears/Scissors

  • It is best to prune your plant with sharp shears or scissors.
  • Any rusted shears should be replaced if possible because rust can cause future problems for your pothos plant.
  • Make sure to clean off any dirt that might have gotten onto the blades.

Step 3: Cut Back Unwanted or Overgrown Growth

  • If you want to cut back your pothos plant, gently start at the end of a stem and cut back any long, unwieldy growth that might be hiding in the leaves or otherwise displeasing.
  • Be sure to cut back to a node (the place where a leaf is connected to the stem).
  • A node is typically located at every leaf and a stem intersection.
  • These nodes can be found all along the stem, even on short stubby growth.
  • To be clear, the node should remain on the plant. A leaf node is a tiny protrusion on the stem where new growth develops for those unfamiliar with the term.
  • Remove the unhealthy stem and leaves and at least an inch of good stem. This will lower the chances of the cut end acquiring the same problem.
  • A pothos plant will grow new stems off these nodes, making it an excellent plant for this type of pruning.
  • The nodes will continue to grow and produce new stems as long as they are not cut off the stem entirely.
  • You’ll probably have to take care of some overgrown areas of healthy vines as well, in addition to the sickly parts of your Pothos. This is done similarly, but first, sketch out how you would like your plant to appear when you’re finished.
  • After you’ve figured out how you would like the plant to look, begin cutting the stems and molding it into the overall form you want, then fine-tune it afterward.
  • Some complete, healthy stems may be removed back to the soil. To do this correctly, track each vine back to the soil and clip it anywhere between two and four inches below the soil surface. If at all possible, trim directly after a leaf node.
Did I trim the dead leaf of my golden Pothos correctly How To Trim A Pothos Plant
Did I trim the dead leaf of my golden Pothos correctly? via Reddit

Step 4: Clean Up Unwanted Growth

  • Now that you’ve cut back and thinned out your pothos plant, takes a few moments and clean up any straggly growth.
  • Snip off any leaves that are brown or yellowing.
  • Also, trim the top of the plant.
  • Be sure to leave around four inches of stem on the top of your pothos plant so it can continue to grow and produce new leaves.
  • It’s a good idea to carefully inspect your Pothos for evidence of pests once it is done and it’s neatly clipped and appealing. Pruning provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate the foliage for pests or other issues.

Step 5: Take Your Newly Pruned Pothos Plant Outside

  • Once you have finished trimming your pothos plant, take it outside and give it a good cleaning.
  • Remove any gunk that might be hiding in the crevasses of the leaves.
  • Use dishwashing soap to do this.
  • Be sure to rinse off all of the soap, not accidentally absorb it into its leaves or stems.
  • If you’re in a real hurry, give your pothos plant a quick rinse and be sure to let it dry completely before placing it back into its pot.

Step 6: Water Your Pothos Plant Thoroughly

  • After the final pruning session is complete, water your pothos plant with whatever amount of water you typically use for your pothos plants.
  • Be sure to have a saucer under your pot to catch excess water.

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Final Remarks

Trimming your Pothos can be done in various methods, each of which is lovely in its way. Just make sure not to go overboard in any area and plan ahead of time.

You can begin the trimming by looking for leaves that are damaged, discolored, dead, or withering. Cut them from the stem below a healthy leaf node with sterile pruners. After that, trim any overgrown areas and shape the plant to your satisfaction.

Pothos plants have a lot to offer, and if you know how to care for them properly, they can remain with you for a long time. Trimming a Pothos houseplant is necessary not only for its appearance but also for its health and survival.

Now that you know how to trim a Pothos plant, you can easily trim your Pothos plant with confidence. While pruning your Pothos may appear frightening, it is a rather simple and often necessary chore that must be completed from time to time.

Trimming back the plant’s long trailing vines helps keep it looking fresh and lively while also allowing you to generate more plants for enjoyment.

Do you notice a change in your pothos plant’s behavior after pruning? If so, chime in and tell us about it! We would love to hear from you!