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How To Use Watering Globes Like An Expert? Follow These 4 Steps

A watering globe is a simple glass-made globe with a long thin neck. It is used as an ingenious way to water plants if you are busy enough not to give time to your little greens. It is a container of water with a mechanism in it that releases water slowly and evenly.

You can use this to create a small, self-sustaining ecosystem in your yard. The other watering globes are automatic houseplant watering globes, watering bulbs, watering globes, watering spikes, or aqua globes. This fantastic tool helps you provide consistent water to your potted plants while you are not home.

Moreover, it comes in visually appealing colors and shapes that add beauty to your environment. You must be planning to buy one, so continue reading to know how to use watering globes.

How To Use Watering Globes
Any good ways to clean the algae out of Aqua Globes? via Reddit

How Does Watering Globes Work?

A watering globe is a water reservoir with a long thin neck. You can add water to this water globe through the opening of the neck, which is the only opening to this water reservoir.

The globe that contains water remains outside, and the long neck is inserted into the soil. The water slowly releases it into the soil to allow for the roots to absorb moisture.

The thin nozzle prevents too much water from reaching the soil, which helps the roots to soak the moisture slowly efficiently.

This process continues until all of the water has been released from the outer globe, at which point it needs to be refilled again. Watering through such globes is not just good for plants but also saves your time.

Types Of Watering Globes

There are various types of watering globes, and the most common of them is a single piece of blown glass.

They come in various colors and patterns; however, they are fragile, and handling them needs much care. The other type is plastic made which is more reliable but doesn’t come in various patterns.

The plastic watering bulbs are the cheap alternatives to glass versions. The less common types of aqua globes are the clay, terra cotta, or metal.

If you don’t want to buy an actual water bulb, there are other alternatives. You can either use your existing drinks bottles (made of plastic or glass) to create one and decorate it to enhance your garden’s beauty.

Mechanism Of Watering Globes

If you want to use watering globes, you must know their mechanism of delivering water to the depth of plants.

A watering globe mechanism is based on the laws of physics where it only releases water when the air displaces the water inside. The round bulb has a narrow stem that fits into the soil and positions the bulb in the vertical direction.

The dry soil has pores, which allow the air to pass through, thus limiting the rate at which the water leaves the bulb.

When the water at the mouth of the bulb starts drying out, the air from the pores of soil reaches there and displaces with the water. This water wets the soil, closing the pores and limiting the water flow again.

Ultimately it keeps the soil moist by gradually giving the water. It gives slow and consistent water that helps keep the soil from overwatering.

Lasting Duration Of Watering Globes

Watering globes have a reservoir that holds water. The reservoir is filled with water, and then the globe is placed on top of the plant pot. The water slowly seeps into the soil, keeping your plant hydrated for weeks.

  • Globes should ideally last for at least 7 to 14 days – it depends on the following few factors:
  • Size of the globe (it can be small or large)
  • Size of the opening (it may be narrower or wider)
  • Type of soil in which the globe is placed
  • The type of plant which the globe is watering
  • Material or type of the watering globe (clay globe doesn’t last as long as glass globe)

How To Use Watering Globes – 4 Steps

The idea behind watering globes is to imitate natural water features such as ponds and streams. You must know the proper way of using this unique small innovative device to benefit from it fully. So, here’s how you can use a watering globe.

1.     Unpack The Globe

Buying some good quality watering globes from your local market or online store. You can also consider buying Maxam Wyndham House, 2 Piece Watering Globe Set that best serves your purpose. You have to unpack it carefully as it is made of blown glass.

Maxam Wyndham House 2 Piece Watering Globe Set How To Use Watering Globes
Maxam Wyndham House 2 Piece Watering Globe Set via Amazon

2.     Fill the Watering Globe

Watering globes can be used as an alternative to a traditional watering can, and the water is released slowly over time. After unwrapping, now is the time to fill it with water. Please don’t take this simple instrument lightly, as filling it isn’t easy.

It would be best to use a measuring cup with a spout to fill it. In contrast, you can also fill it by taking its opening under the running tap water.

Pour the water carefully through the opening of the stem. Keep filling it until the water level reaches half the stem after filling the whole bulb.

3.     Install A Watering Globe

Installing a watering globe is an easy task that you can do in just a few minutes. However, keep in mind that it is a fragile thing you need to handle carefully.

It also gets clogged with the soil if not installed properly. So, keep the following things in mind before installing an automatic watering bulb.

  • Take a pencil or similar thing and insert it into the soil. It is to check which place is more suitable for the watering bulb.
  • You have to ensure that it doesn’t go into the compact soil. You can also check it with your finger.
  • Make a hole with a pencil or finger, and then add the bulb’s stem right into it.
  • Make sure not to push down the stem as it will clog its opening.

4.     Right Angle

The right angle of the watering bulb is the key factor in making the water available to your plant. It should be in a vertical position and on a slight angle. The stem should be pointing towards the roots of the plants.

Benefits Of Watering Globe

There are many benefits of using watering globes.

  • One of the most important ones is that it prevents overwatering because you do not have to worry about spilling water on your plants or forgetting to water them for days at a time.
  • The water slowly releases over time, so you don’t have to worry about giving too much at once and damaging the plant’s roots.
  • Watering globes are a great way to keep your plants hydrated and healthy.


A watering globe is a device that you can use to water your plants automatically. It is a small device that you can place in a plant pot, and it will release water into the soil when it senses that the plant needs it.

So now that you know how to use a watering globe, don’t wait to avail its benefits. Let us know in the comment section if this article was helpful!