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Hoya Brevialata – Caring & Propagating Tips

The Hoya Brevialata is a wax-leafed plant that belongs to the Hoya family of climbers, native to Asian forests.

These plants are known for their beautiful flowers and succulent leaves, which often attract insects as well as humans. Caring for a Hoya Brevialata is easy, which makes it a favorite of novice gardeners as well.

The following sections will explain how and what you should be doing to bless your house with the bountiful flowers of this beautiful plant.

Hoya Brevialata
Hoya Brevialata via Reddit

Caring for the Hoya Brevialata (The Essentials)

Like we said, caring for the Hoya Brevialata is easy because it hardly needs much. Yes, there are different factors that you have to control, but most of these are super manageable. For example, water and pruning the Hoya Brevialata is easier than some other Hoyas.

Nevertheless, when taking care of your Hoya Brevialata, these questions should be at the forefront of your mind. If you can focus on these basic things, we can guarantee your plant’s growth. You should be asking yourself the following questions.

  • How much light should a Hoya Brevialata get?
  • What should the temperature be for a Hoya Brevialata?
  • What is the ideal pH of the soil for a Hoya Brevialata?
  • How should I pot a Hoya Brevialata?
  • How often do I have to prune a Hoya Brevialata?
  • How often should I water a Hoya Brevialata?
  • How do I fertilize the soil for a Hoya Brevialata?

Now you know the questions you should be asking, so what about the answers. You’ll find the answer to each question below.

How much light should a Hoya Brevialata get?

A Hoya Brevialata should get between 8 and 9 hours of indirect light during warm seasons. It needs more warmth and light in summer because this is the season for its blossom and growth. Place it somewhere exposed to the morning sun’s rays, i.e., facing the East.

Save it from the harsh beatings of the mid-day sun because these rays are harmful to plants like the Hoya Brevialata. For the rest of the day, place it somewhere bright but not directly exposed to the sun.

Hoya Brevialata 2
Hoya Brevialata via Reddit

What should the temperature be for a Hoya Brevialata?

Hoya Brevialata is usually found in moderately warm elevations throughout Asian forests. As such, the ideal temperature for a Hoya Brevialata is 60 to 80 Fahrenheit. Keep them inside the house near an artificial heat source to regulate the temperature.

What is the ideal pH of the soil for a Hoya Brevialata?

The ideal pH of the soil for the Hoya Brevialata’s growth is 7. However, accounting for minor fluctuations, the pH can become slightly acidic to 6. Don’t let the pH get any lower than that 6 if you want your plant to grow. If you want to reduce the acidity of your soil, add some lime.

How should I pot a Hoya Brevialata?

Like the other Hoyas, the Hoya Brevialata is a plant meant to climb and cling to supports. It has small thin roots that are meant to catch both air and water. However, if these roots remain submerged in too much water, they will stunt the growth of the plant as a whole.

The roots are also too weak to push against dense soil. You have to keep the soil airy and less dense. You should use soil that allows for good drainage.

Over time soil becomes more compact and stops the roots of the Hoya Brevialata from operating as it should. You should repot your Hoya Brevialata once every two years.

How often do I have to prune a Hoya Brevialata?

Most owners keep the Hoya Brevialata for their beautiful flowers and wild appearance. However, too much growth and unchecked vines can make it look unpleasant. Therefore, you should prune it every once in a while.

When pruning the Hoya Brevialata, be careful about the flower areas (peduncles). Also, try to inspect your plant while pruning it. Look for signs of infection and cut the infected sections out. Remove any dead leaves or wilting stems.

How often should I water a Hoya Brevialata?

You should water the Hoya Brevialata only when the topsoil dries up. In summers, this will happen around two to four times per week. In winters, this will happen more slowly, so do not water it often during the winters.

Along with watering it, you should also mist its leaves. By misting its leaves, you rehydrate the plant as a whole and make it greener. The frequency of misting should be the same as the watering frequency.

How do I fertilize the soil for a Hoya Brevialata?

You fertilize your Hoya Brevialata by using a bloom booster. These are fertilizers specifically designed to boost the growth of flowers. You should use a water-soluble bloom booster and dilute it to half strength before applying it.

An alternative to fertilizers is repotting. If you repot your Hoya Brevialata every year, you won’t have to rely on fertilizers because the newer soil should be rich with nutrients.

How do you propagate a Hoya Brevialata?

A majority of people use the stem method to propagate the Hoya Brevialata. You start by cutting a healthy stem with at least three to four green leaves. You then place the stem in a container filled with water. Place the container somewhere safe and exposed to light.

Once the stem develops roots that are longer than 6 cm, remove the stem and place it in fresh soil. Water it, feed it, and give it lots of love till it develops into a strong plant. Repeat all of the care routines above, and you’ll have a perfect Hoya Brevialata filled with flowers.


There is nothing sweeter than seeing your little Hoya Brevialata growing and blooming with beautiful white flowers. However, to witness this sight, you will need to be consistent, diligent, and tactical.

You will need to put your heart and back into caring for your Hoya Brevialata by fulfilling all of the requirements for its ideal growth.