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Hoya Leytensis – Top 5 Facts

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Thanks to their colorful blooms, the Hoya plants, whose origins in Asia and Australia, are beautiful indoor plants.

Today, you can find over 300 Hoya tropical plants growing in different regions like the Philippines, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Polynesia, and more. Here, we will take you through one such species, the Hoya Leytensis. This plant is a native of the Philippines.

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Hoya Leytensis
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Hoya Leytensis – Top 5 Facts

Some basic information you should know about these plants are as follows:

  • Hoya Leytensis, like most of the Hoya plants, grow very slowly. However, it is easy to care for them. You might have to wait for a long time before you spot their beautiful blooms.
  • They need sunlight, but please ensure they aren’t exposed to direct sunlight, as the plants can easily wither away. Hoya Leytensis plants need bright, but indirect sunlight to thrive well.
  • When you buy Hoya Leytensis plants from nurseries or online plant shops, it is common for you to spot a few scars or nicks on their leaves. If you spot scars, please don’t panic. Your Hoya plant is absolutely safe.
  • When buying Hoya Leytensis to decorate the interiors of your home or office, you should know that these plants don’t require too much water. They can survive without water for many days, as they are tolerant to drought-like conditions.
  • The common name of Hoya Leytensis is the wax plant. It grows to a maximum height of about 8 to 10 inches.
    • Though it produces slow blooms, it is worth the wait, because the globe-shaped blooms are in a shade of light peach or bright red, which is definitely a visual delight.
    • When grown fully, each bloom’s diameter measures up to 5mm. The leaves are shaped like diamonds, and they come in a shade of bright green.
    • However, the texture of the leaves is very dull, and you can spot the veining on the leaves only upon a careful look.

Though there are quite a few species of Hoya plants, the Hoya Leytensis is definitely one of the rarest of them all, making them proud possessions that add style to your interior décor.