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Hoya Rebecca (9 Surprising Characteristics & 5 Caring Tips)

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Are you tired of looking for scented flowers with big blooming leaves and stems? Well, it is time to end your search right here. Hoya Rebecca is the perfect plant; you have been looking for. Hoya is planted in hanging baskets most of the time, which helps to improve its outlook.

Hoya Rebecca is found chiefly in South Asia, but the charm and grace of the flower are widespread. The plant itself is top-notch. If you are still worried if Hoya Rebecca is the plant you are looking for, well, this is the right spot you have come to.

This article is curated with all those characteristics as well as the caring tips of Hoya Rebecca. Not only do we have all the information about the plant but also help you in making a decision if you stay till the end of this article.

Hoya Rebecca
Hoya Rebecca via Reddit


Every plant has its characteristics. Hoya Rebecca is no different. The glowing imagery of this plant makes it beautiful no matter you place it in your garden or hang it on the balcony.

1. Origin of the Plant

Hoya Rebecca is the result of cross between Hoya Lacunosa and Hoya Obscura. The feature that Hoya Rebecca possess is the combination of these two. The small foliage size comes from Hoya Lacunosa, while the reddish hue in the leaves is inherited from Hoya Obscura.

2. Common Name

Any plant seen from your window has a scientific name. You might not know about it, but it does have a name. Along with that comes the common name of the plant.

Hoya Rebecca is the scientific name of this plant, whereas there are many common names. There are a lot of these names, including Waxflower, Waxplant and even Waxvine. The common name for Hoya Rebecca comes from the waxy material it produces timely.

3. Temperature

Do you underestimate the need for the optimum temperature to grow any plant? Well, that’s a mistake. As Hoya Rebecca is grown natively in South Asian conditions, the temperature for its proper growth is higher.

There is no issue with heavy sunlight for Hoya Rebecca. This is because the tropical region is its area of growth. To be precise, the temperature should be between 60 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Size of the Leaves

Hoya Rebecca is a leafy plant if we consider the size of its leaves. Rebecca comes with a leaves size of 2.5 to 6 cm long and 1 to 2 cms in width.

The prominent character of the leaves is the veins present right from top to bottom. Considering other plants statistically, the leaves of Hoya Rebecca are pretty small.

5. Colour of the Flower

Hoya Rebecca 2
Hoya Rebecca via Reddit

Do you like having great colours in the flowers of the plant you wish to own? Well, if so, then Hoya Rebecca will fulfil your appetite for colour interest.

The inflorescence of this plant is made up of a variety of flowers that hang more upright. This makes the overall look of the plant pretty delightful.

Talking about the colour of the flower, it is primarily pink, with the centre being yellow. The shape in the middle of the flower is star-faced which makes it look so charming.

6. Colour of the Leaves

The colour of the flower in Hoya Rebecca is lovely. The pink shade looks great in it. What’s more pleasing is that the leaves also have a rich purple shade, which makes it pretty alluring to the people coming to your home.

7. The Smell of the Flower

The smell of the flower of Hoya Rebecca lightens up the environment where it grows. Is it right? If the flower growing in your garden has no smell, things don’t look pretty well.

When you see Hoya Rebecca, it comes with a sharp smell that sets up your mood. At times of heavy nectar production, it tends to trickle off the flower, which is pretty impressive. The smell of the flower is best at night when it is solid.

8. Time of Bloom

As the actual essence of the plant and its flower is known during the blooming time, it is essential to know the time it blooms best. Isn’t it?

For Hoya Rebecca, the blooming time is pretty much simultaneous. Growing generally in the tropical region, it blooms best in the warmer season, early fall or in late summer.

9. Price of the Product

Wanting to buy something while not having enough money in your pocket can be problematic. But Hoya Rebecca, as pleasant it is, won’t empty your pocket.

You can easily find Hoya Rebecca online. When we focus on the price, it starts from $10 and won’t cost you more than $30. This plant can surely add value to your home with a small investment.

Caring Tips for Hoya Rebecca

How would you feel if your family members didn’t care for you? If you exist and they don’t care much, that will hurt your feelings and also your growth. Owning a Hoya Rebecca is also quite similar.

It doesn’t work well if you own a Hoya Rebecca and take no care of it. What makes the plant’s life livelier is taking good care of it. However, the best part about taking care of Hoya Rebecca is that there are no special requirements.

1. Humidity

One of the biggest challenges in taking care of Hoya Rebecca is humidity. It is grown chiefly in the tropical region, where the humidity remains between 55% to 75% all around the year.

Growing the same plant in the northern hemisphere is a challenge. This is because of the difficulty in maintaining the same humidity for the plant.

2. Watering

You must water your plant with care. But if you are a white-collar individual with less time to take good care of your plant, having a Hoya Rebecca helps you out. The plant is not thirsty and only takes limited water.

However, this plant needs watering every week as it grows in hot places. But never overwater the plant. The roots of Hoya Rebecca are not a big fan of water accumulation.

As a result, you need to be focused on avoiding flooding the pot with water. In the case of excessive watering, the roots of the plant may rot. This may lead to the untimely death of Hoya Rebecca.

3. Pot and Soil

Hoya Rebecca doesn’t ask for more, but some details about the pot and soil are important for good care. The soil must be lightweight, with good airing and fast-draining features. The pH value of 6 -7 works best for soil in terms of nutrient absorption also.

In like manner, always use a pot that looks extensive as the plant’s leaves can proliferate. Well, aerated soil and pots are best. If the pot doesn’t have good drainage or soil is compacted, the issues of thinner leaves or wrinkles arise. This affects the overall growth of the plant.

Added to that, the pot and the soil quality also affects the growth of new leaves in Hoya Rebecca. If the newborn leaves fall rapidly, it means that the water is getting stored in the roots. So, you need to focus on watering and proper pot drainage.

4. Fertilizer

The use of the right quantity of fertilizer is important for this pink-flowered plant, Hoya Rebecca. This plant demands the use of solid organic fertilizer to grow well.

However, people also use liquid fertilizer. There is no issue in using the plant’s liquid fertilizer, but feeding it to the plant every 30 days is essential.

5. Protection from Insects

If you have a great plant in your garden, but it is attacked by insects, then all your efforts will be wasted. It is always essential to protect the plant you love and care about.

When we talk about Hoya Rebecca, it is always good to have it indoors. The main reason is that moths, bees, and birds eat the plant’s leaves at times. They create holes in the leaves, ultimately leading to death. Good quality fertilizers and pesticides must be used to keep Hoya Rebecca safe.

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It is crucial to have greenery around the place you live. If it possesses a barren outlook, it will never bring the right impression. So, if you wish to own a plant, Hoya Rebecca can be the best choice for you.

This plant not only accommodates and compliments your home, but it is also pretty good for your living or study room.

When any visitor comes to your home, the aesthetic value Hoya Rebecca holds, along with the great smell, makes them complement your flower choice. In like manner, the cost of the plant is also not so high.

What makes it an immediate purchase is that the watering and the care of the plant are not so demanding. Minimum care and nurturing of Hoya Rebecca will enhance the value of your home and also your life if you wish to own this plant.