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Top 5 Characteristics of Hoya Walliniana

The Hoya Walliniana is one of the over 300 species of Hoya plants that you can find around the world. This plant is a native of Australia, and is considered one of the most beautiful houseplants you can get your hands on.

Like most Hoya plants, this one is a vine known for its climbing properties. Some of the common names Hoya Walliniana is known in different countries are waxflower, waxvine and waxplant.

Are you planning to buy this plant for your home or office? Here are some of the top characteristics you should know before getting one.

Hoya Walliniana
Hoya Walliniana via Reddit

Characteristics of Hoya Walliniana

  • Watering the Hoya Wallininana properly is very important to see the plants grow slowly but steadily.
    • According to experts, this plant needs about 0.8 cups of water once in 12 days.
    • It could be a challenge to take care of this plant’s water requirements, but when you see the glorious white & pink-colored blooms on the plant, you will realize that it was worth all your efforts.
    • Though this plant needs quite a lot of water when compared to other Hoya plants, you have to remember that you need to keep the plant dry between your watering schedules.
    • This is why it is essential to only water the plants once every 12 days.
  • You should always use well-drained soil for growing the Hoya Walliniana plants.
    • These plants are averse to clogged and impure soil; therefore, ensure that you drain the soil well before you grow this plant.
    • You can use organic substances like cocoa coir along with perlite and vermiculite in the soil.
  • If this plant doesn’t get enough sunlight, it will start shedding leaves quickly. Please ensure that you keep the plant at a distance of 3feet or less from a south-facing window, for it to get ample sunlight to grow.
  • For the Hoya Walliniana plants to grow well, you have to repot them once a year, or as soon as they double in size, whichever is earlier.
  • These plants grow up to a height of 3metres. Like most Hoya plants, the flowers of Hoya Walliniana have a yellow, star-shaped structure right in their center, which makes them look like they are molded with wax.