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Little-Known Gardening Hacks that Surprise You With Their Ingenui

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For every gardener, the most important things are beautiful plants that thrive with your love and care and preventing pests from ruining them.

What if you could do both using everyday items around your house and kitchen? And, what if you could use organic and natural things to keep away the pests without damaging the soil and environment?

Sounds awesome?? Read ahead for a few of the most interesting gardening hacks you can try. Your plants will love you for them.

Nourish Your Plants With Eggs

Eggs are possibly one of the most fantastic things for not just your health, but also your garden’s health. When cooking eggs, save the carton as a starter bed for seedlings.

You can also set aside the shells and fill with a little soil for growing seeds. Once the seedlings are ready to be moved into bigger pots, remember to place a whole egg in the planter before heaping the soil.

The egg will break down slowly over time, releasing its nutrients into the soil and fetilizing your new plants. Having boiled eggs for breakfast? Don’t throw away the water. Cool it down and sprinkle on your vegetable patch for a quick boost of calcium.

Dealing with Snails and Slugs? Treat Them to a Beer

Do you have some old beer lying around? Don’t pour it down the drain just yet. Beer attracts snails and slugs that love the smell.

Pour some into a tin or shallow dish and bury the edges in the beds so the pests climb into them. This trick also works perfectly when you’re trying to get rid of fruit flies.

Just add a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the mix. Stale beer is loaded with sugars, yeast, and proteins along with lots of nutrients like phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and various others that will do wonders for your plants. 

Snails and Slugs Beer Trap 2
Snails and Slugs Beer Trap via

Protecting Your Newly-Sown Seeds

Your newly-sown seeds need lots of TLC before they start germinating. Most gardeners like to grow them in smaller containers in a protected environment before placing them in pots.

Some of the best options include ice cream cones, empty soda cans with the tops removed, and even the cardboard tubes leftover from used toilet paper and paper towel rolls. Fill with earth and plant the seeds. 

You can also cut out the bottoms from 2-liter soda bottles and place them over the seedlings to protect them while they’re getting a fix of sunshine.

Need a watering can? Punch a few holes in an old milk can and use it to sprinkle H2O. Treat your plants to some music by hanging up wind chimes made with art epoxy resin or make tiny ornaments to adorn your garden.

Create Your Own Compost

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on store-bought fertilizers when you can make a heap of organic compost at home. Once your robotic lawnmowers are done cutting the lawn, you could rake up the grass clippings and collect them in a bucket.

Also, add the weeds you pulled up along with the vegetable waste from your kitchen. Potato peels, banana peels, over-ripe squishy fruit, leftover salads, and other stale produce can be added to the compost bin.

Top it off with some beer to add yeast and some vinegar to deter bugs. You can also add used coffee grinds to the mix. Cover and set aside to let the organic matter break down and release their nutrients. Your compost is now ready to nourish your garden. 

Use these quick and easy gardening hacks to care for your garden and your plants are sure to respond by growing well and thriving.