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17 of the Low Maintenance and Best Bathroom Plants

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There’s nothing wrong with having plants in the bathroom, but which best bathroom plants should be taken into consideration?

While you can have plants in the living room and in the dining area due to their much larger space, there is some room for a plant or two in the bathroom too.

It is a nice idea with benefits if you include indoor and best bathroom plants. This doesn’t only add something green and make your bathroom eco-friendly, but also enhances the interiors and helps purify air keeping it clean and fresh.

Green plants that do not require high maintenance and can tolerate humidity or cool temperature are the best bathroom plants to keep in mind.

These plants do not easily wilt inside the bathroom, but can withstand too much water as well as humidity. These have the capability to absorb bad odor and toxic substances.

In addition to plants, the space is also important to think of. You must consider the entire space so that you will know how many plants to place there.

This doesn’t only mean the floor of the bathroom, but also the cabinets, window sills and the ceiling (yes, for hanging plants).

Listed below are some of the common, recommended and the best bathroom plants.

17 Best Bathroom Plants

1. Air Plants

Best Bathroom Plants Air Plants

Air plants do not need soil to grow as they depend on and live in the air. These plants love water or moisture that comes from your shower, which is why the bathroom is an ideal place.

That doesn’t mean that you must not water them. Once dry, it is still necessary to add a little amount of water. They also need some sunlight so it is wise if you hang them near or around the window.

They usually have leaves that are similar to the tentacles of octopuses or other sea creatures. This plant is so popular and can be seen anywhere but it is good to see it in your own private bathroom.

You can hang one in a terrarium or place in a pot with small pebbles and place anywhere in the bathroom.

2. Aglaonema

Best Bathroom Plants Aglaonema

There are several varieties of aglaonema that are identifiable by the color, shape and pattern of the leaves. The leaves are quite lovely and very fascinating to look at.

This type of leafy plant loves indirect sunlight and high humidity. It makes it among the ideal best bathroom plants. If you want to add something beautiful in your bathroom then consider aglaonema. 

3. Alocasia

Best Bathroom Plants Alocasia
Alocasia via

Elephant ear, African mask plant and kris plant, alocasia is a variety of leafy perennial plant with white lily-like flowers. Although sensitive, this plant can grow easily and fast in pots. But be aware that its leaves contain toxic properties that are not good for young kids and pets.

With numerous species to choose from, this plant has great dark green foliage make it a contrasting attraction in a light painted wall bathroom.

It is a beautiful indoor plant that can enhance the entire bathroom. And its need for high humidity makes it one of the perfect or best bathroom plants.

4. Anthurium

Best Bathroom Plants Anthurium

Anthurium is one of the best plants for any type of bathroom. It has a beautiful heart like flowers and tall stems.

While red is the most common, the color of its flowers can be pink or white, which adds beauty to its surroundings. Always observe for any brown leaves or yellow tips as this indicates dryness and must be watered immediately.

Overall, this plant, along with its flowers, last longer with minimal maintenance.

5. Bird’s Nest Fern

Amazing Indoor Hanging Plants Bird Nest Fern Asplenium Nidus

Bird’s nest fern or asplenium is also one of the best bathroom plants to choose. Its rosette foliage consists of spoon-like, straight, long and light green colored leaves.

It requires a lot of attention in order to attain its fullest potential growth. It grows best in moist environment with minimal light from the sun.

It may grow up to 3 feet long, but cannot do so when placed indoor. However, it can beautify your bathroom.

6. Bromeliad

Best Bathroom Plants Bromeliad

The foliage of bromeliad varies from bright green to burgundy. This indoor plant is among the favorite and also one of the best bathroom plants because of its colorful and beautiful bracts that look like flowers. It is comprised of unique leaves with specks that have red or pink lining.

Since this plant needs some sunlight, it is ideal to place along the window of the bathroom. It also loves to stay in a moist location. 

7. Calathea (Zebra Plant)

Best Bathroom Plants Calathea Zebra Plant

Calathea, which is commonly known as zebra plant due to its zebra-like pattern leaves, is one of the best bathroom plants to choose. The leaves are big and beautiful.

Its long speckled green pattern can add enhancement into a bath room. This grows best in humid area and needs some sunlight. Thus, the bathroom is a perfect place for this plant to grow.

8. Cast Iron Plant

Best Bathroom Plants Cast Iron Plant

For a more spacious bathroom, cast iron Plant is an excellent indoor plant to use. It is a herbaceous perennial plant with tight tiered deep green leaves.

It grows best in dark places and can produce purple flowers near its base. This plant can withstand too much and low heat at the same time.

9. Dracaena

Best Bathroom Plants Dracaena

Another popular choice among the best bathroom plants is the dracaena, which name refers to a female dragon. This is because of its similarity to red gum resin in its stem that looks like a dragon blood. Its resin is commonly used for photoengraving and varnish these days.

There are different species of dracaena plant. Some have long thin leaves, while the leaves of others are wider and thicker.

Regardless, this plant can help in purifying a room especially the bathroom. It grows well in high humidity and low light, but can also thrive in medium or less light areas just like the washroom. It can live without too much care. 

10. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Best Bathroom Plants Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig is a unique houseplant featuring its big, oval-shaped leaves. Despite its big foliage, this is ideal to place in the bathroom since it loves to linger in warm wet areas.

It is easy to grow and keep it alive as it only needs less amount of water and some sunshine.

11. Golden Pothos

Best Bathroom Plants Golden Pothos

Pothos is a climbing plant that you can grow in a pot or a hanging container. Its low maintenance makes it one of those best bathroom plants to choose from.

This vine inhibits pointed heart shaped, golden or bright green leaves. Some other variants have yellow or whitish green leaves.

This plant needs only little sunlight, but prefers cool or humid atmosphere. It is also one of the easiest to grow as it does not need water all the time.

However, its leaves easily turn brown when becomes dry. That’s why the bathroom is an ideal place for this. 

12. Heart Leaf Philodendron

Best Bathroom Plants Heart Leaf Philodendron

Heart leaf philodendron is a green perennial vine, which is included among the easiest indoor and best bathroom plants to grow. It survives well in high humidity.

Its heart shaped, green leaves can add beauty. It can also filter the bathroom, helps remove toxins. Thus, a perfect trailing plant for your own bathroom. 

13. Lucky Bamboo

Best Bathroom Plants Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo looks exactly like the typical bamboo but smaller in size and has several small, straight stalks. Its small, neat size makes it ideal for the bathroom. This plant also likes water and moist. It can survive with less sunlight too.

Feng Shui experts recommend this plant for home, including the bathroom because it can create good vibes and bring luck. That is why this is a favorite indoor plant.

14. Majesty Palm

Best Bathroom Plants Majesty Palm

Majesty palms prefer humidity, which is why it’s included in this list of the best bathroom plants. However, this is a more ideal choice if your bathroom has a spacious spot for it. It is a leafy plant that can grow with tall foliage.

This plant likes occasional misting, and can handle lower light including partial sunny locations. It is such a pretty plant enhancing the looks of any indoor space and easy to care.

15. Monstera

Best Bathroom Plants Monstera

Monstera is another stunning, popular plant you can display in a bathroom. Its amazing leaves known for the cut-out designs add elegance. This is a tropical plant that thrives well in low sunlight and higher humidity areas. 

16. Snake Plant

Best Bathroom Plants Snake Plant

Snake plant is also known by the name mother-in-law plant. It showcases long, snake-like, strappy green leaves with yellow lining. It is one of the most popular and best bathroom plants.

Not to mention that this is a great air purifier, perfect for indoor use. Placing one inside your bathroom can clean the air by flushing out toxins.

This plant is loved by every house owner because of less attention and care it requires. There is no need to daily take care of it as long as there is some sunlight and water for it to grow.

17. Spider Plant

Best Bathroom Plants Spider Plant

To complete our list of the low maintenance, best bathroom plants, spider plant is one cute plant to consider. It is one of the easiest houseplants to grow because it is very adaptable to any space, which includes the bathroom.. 

This bathroom plant starts as a tiny flower that grows with spreading foliage. It has thin, long green leaves with white lining. Its name is given because it looks like a spider in its web


No matter how small or spacious your bathroom is, you can surely find a spot to add a plant or two. Simply choose a couple from the best bathroom plants shared above.