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14 of the Manageable and Colorful Houseplants

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Do you want to surround your house with plants that aren’t just plain green? No problem, because you’re at the right page.

You can brighten up your home and make your interior look more powerful by putting colorful houseplants that may surely and definitely catch eyes.

This idea also helps improve the levels of positivity causing the reduction of any stress related triggers and ultimately make you feel better. So, here is a list of manageable, beautiful and colorful houseplants that can become relevant to your home.

Top 14 Colorful Houseplants

1. Croton (Codiaeumvariegatum)

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Croton Codiaeumvariegatum

Croton, also called variegated Laurel, belongs to the rosid dicot family Euphorbiaceae. There are quite hundreds of different types of this leafy plant.

One example is the “Mother and Daughter” that has the foremost exotic looking leaves of all. This plant presents itself with a variety of shapes and colors from yellow green to light green, orange to red, purple to pink and even white.

Its leaves have a quality of color and if they look diminished and not seemingly fresh, then there’s a deficiency of natural light. It’s important to place this plant around sunny locations.

2. Prayer Plant (Marantaleuconeura)

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Prayer Plant Marantaleuconeura

Marantaleuconeura, most popularly known as prayer plant, is a variety of angiosperm within the Marantaceae family that is local to the Brazilian tropical woodlands.

It’s a rhizomatous evergreen showcasing strikingly-checked oval leaves that can grow up to 12 cm long. Generally, this plant develops up to 30 cm tall and wide, and one of the coolest colourful houseplants to choose from.

This plant is a low, spreading spring and summer plant that’s frequently grown in hanging bins, yet will likewise develop on level plane along the surface on ordinary pots.

For best growth, place it in an area with brilliant light, whether natural or artificial. However, abstain from direct sun as it can blur the leaf’s natural hues and consume the foliage. In addition, keep the soil reliably damp.

3. Calathea Ornata

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Calathea Ornata

Prayer plant is a type of calathea, which belongs to Marantaceae family that consists of a wide range of tropical flowering to leafy plants.

One good example of this plant is the calathea ornate that features a beautiful pattern of its leaves. Each leaf is long and oval in shape. The simple yet striking look of this plant makes it one of the colourful houseplants to place at home.

4. Madagascar Dracaena

Madagascar Dracaena - Colorful Houseplants
Madagascar Dracaena via

Madagascar dracaena, which suggests “dragon”, is a type of both outdoor and indoor plant that is easy to grow. This is also one of the most common colourful houseplants that can be manageable to keep.

To ensure its best growth, the process starts germinating in brilliant light and continues from there. Aside from regular watering, sunshine is an essential element to increase its growth and intensify its leaves’ color. 

5. Triostar Stromanthe

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Triostar Stromanthe

Apart from poinsettia, triostar stromanthe is a wonderful choice of plant for Christmas season. With its striking stripes in green, red and white colors, this plant, which is also known as tricolor stromanthe, is perhaps one of the colourful houseplants for anyone’s space.

If you’re looking to include a pop of color with a tropical vibe this leafy plant is perfect.

This plant develops at least 2 feet tall or over at full growth with the correct basic maintenance and care. Keep this plant in a very warm, well-lit place.

The more sunlight the plant receives the better the leaves become in terms of color quality. But do not place it in direct sunlight as it may cause a burning spot on the leaves.

6. Alocasia

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Alocasia

A fabulous and eye-catching houseplant mainly due to its large heart-shaped leaves, alocasia comes out with a promising benefit as far as natural indoor decoration is concerned.

Also, this plant is defined by its shady, glossy and roughly jagged green or purple-green leaves, some varieties with highlight whitish or light green veins.

Otherwise referred to as the African Mask plant, alocasia can produce a brand new leaf hebdomadally. Every new leaf has twice dimensions of the previous leaf that is capable of growing at quite huge if it is given sufficient humidity and further light during the winter months.

It may not be as common as other green plants but it’s among the recommended colourful houseplants.

7. Fittonia

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Fittonia

This plant, which is also called fittonia albivenis, is a fantastic tropical houseplant for small containers and even terrariums. It presents a stylistic layout of pattern through its wealthy green leaves with stunning pink, red, or white veins.

It looks exceptional in white pots to emphasize its rare vein colors, which is also the reason why it’s called the nerve plant. Therefore, it is a perfect choice to include among colourful houseplants.

8. Succulents/Dessert Gem Plants

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Succulents Dessert Gem Plants

These are easy-to-grow houseplants that are becoming trendy these days. The striking sprint of jewel-tone shades of topaz pink, bright to faded green, amethyst purple, fire-opal orange, and sapphire blue are what make this plant among the best colourful houseplants.

Apart from that, the tiny size and low maintenance required even heighten its demand as an indoor plant ideal for home tabletops and office work stations.

What’s even more fascinating is that you can blend different succulents regardless of their varieties, colors, sizes or shapes. Each of these coordinates with one another, whether you place them all together in one big pot or separately.

Remember that these do best when they get sufficient light from the sun.

9. Variegated Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Variegated Rubber Plant Ficus Elastica

In case you need an uncommon yet simple and eye-catching indoor plant, the variegated rubber plant is what you’re looking for.

This plant can reach a stunning stature for a long time. It has ruddy midribs and bright, velvety yellow edges on each leaf. It’s best to place it anywhere there is an indirect light to preserve its natural color.

10. Snake Plant

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Snake Plant

Exceedingly simple to develop, snake plant charms with its dazzling, slender, snake-like pattern leaves. This foliage is a very common houseplant because it’s not only easy to grow and maintain, but also beautifully neat to place everywhere in a house.

For beginners, this is perfect because it is almost impossible to die. It endures low light, and develops much faster in sunny conditions.

11. Chinese Evergreens

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Chinese Evergreens

The Chinese evergreens, from the botanical family Aglaonema, are fleshy tropical Asian herbs with weathered leaves frequently bearing gleaming or colorful patterns.

This could be a staple indoor plant, broadly utilized in interior beautifying apart from its ability to resist destitute conditions.

What makes this as one of the cute colourful houseplants is the fact that it bears pointed, dull green, weathered leaves that are 3 inches to 5 inches wide and up to at least 1 foot long. The leaves frequently have silver marbling. Its thick stems should be cut when they grow for best quality.

12. Wandering Jew

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew is a vigorous grower that is known for its lavish, trailing foliage secured in exquisite stripes of purple, white or cream and green.

This is one of the most effortless colorful houseplants to grow. With the right soil, sufficient water needs and sunlight, this plant can develop well.

13. Purple Passion Plant

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Purple Passion Plant

Purple passion plant is ideal for homes too because of its pretty great look! This colorful houseplant highlights dull green leaves with delicate, purple haired flowers.

Like most indoor plants, this old-fashioned houseplant is super simple to develop. Just soak it within the shining spot, water routinely and you can appreciate the color it brings.

14. Aluminum Plant

Manageable and Colorful Houseplants Aluminum Plant

Also referred to as pilea cadierei, aluminum plant gets their title from their signature brilliant leaves, which shows up in an appealing design between the veins of the green leaves.

The plant flourishes after sufficient exposure from the sun. Hence, a warm location is an ideal spot even if it’s placed inside your home.

Among the favorite colourful houseplants, aluminum plant offers metallic-silver or white and green stripes. The color is not as common and makes an excellent indoor plant.

Moreover, this leafy plant has an impartial tone that combines well with any other plants.


These 14 colorful houseplants are some of the best choices that are perfectly suitable for home or indoor display. They do not only present unique beauty through their distinctive patterns and colors of leaves, but also offer low maintenance that reduces hassle of taking care of them.

Such plants make it more enjoyable for homeowners, especially if they are newly starting to grow this type of living organism in their own humble abode.

Which of these colourful houseplants catch your attention the most?