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Top 8 Beautiful Flowers for Window Boxes in Sun

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It is basic for a house to have a little garden at both of the front yard and backyard and even sideway paths and patios. Some homeowners keep plants indoor for the sake of adding décor and purifying air.

But do you know which other part of the house where you can place flowers and plants? The windows!

Having flowering plants on your windows is an amazing idea. It can surely add beauty to your own home. The question now is which flowers for window boxes are recommended?

First of all, the flowering plants for window boxes are placed outside. Basically, you have to choose flowers that need full sunlight. However, some flowers that require partial shaded area can also be considered but they must be placed where they only get a few hours of sun.

To help you out find the most beautiful flowers for window boxes, here is a list to keep in mind. There are also a few good choices of what leafy plants you can mix with those flowers.

8 Beautiful Flowers for Window Boxes

1. Impatiens

Flowers for Window Boxes Impatiens

Impatiens is a fantastic flowering plant to sow in a window box. This blooms red, white, orange, violet, pink and bi-colored flowers. These plants grow best in shaded area and must not be exposed to too much sunlight.

Water is needed to make its soil moist all the time and eventually live longer. Why it’s a perfect plant for window boxes is to keep the flowers close so they grow much better.

This flowering plant is also used as a treatment for skin and other diseases. Its leaves are often used to help remove warts and treat snakebites. It is also very good for fractures. Does this make it more an excellent choice of flower for window box to consider?

2. Forget Me Not

Flowers for Window Boxes Forget Me Nots

Flowers of these plants are bright blue that are obviously beautiful. Some varieties produce rare pink flowers that are quite pretty too.

Regardless, it’s another perfect choice for your window box. It’s also ideal for a small window as the petals are tiny. It can be planted near with bigger flower plants.

Forget Me Not grows best in a slight shaded part. There has to be large bushes or a tree nearby the window where you’d place it.

The meaning of this flower’s name is undying and true love. It also represents loyalty in relationship.

3. Begonias

Flowers for Window Boxes Begonias

Begonias are a plant with wax-like leaves that are unique and attractive, especially when they are surrounded by bright red blooms. This flower is very attractive because of its flowers that vary from red to pink to orange to a mix of red or pink with white shade.

This kind of plant grows best in the shade, but if your window box is located on the sunny side of your home, then you will still be able to grow them. Like most flowers for window boxes, it tolerates a well-drained soil. Make sure to keep that in mind when you water your plants.

4. Nasturtiums

Flowers for Window Boxes Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are ideal to grow closer to home as this is an edible flower, which has a sweet and peppery flavor. It bears beautiful flowers in yellow, orange and light red petals.

Moreover, this plant is full of nutritional values. It is rich in vitamin C, B1, B2 and B3 as well as iron, calcium and phosphorus. There are also properties that help boost the immune system.

It’s definitely very practical to grow nasturtiums in your house to have a supply of additional ingredients that can provide supplements for you and your family’s health.

5. Petunias

Flowers for Window Boxes Petunias

Petunia is another beautiful choice among flowers for window boxes. This plant can enhance the outer part of your windows. This is planted often in the wayside and along windows, but can also be grown in terraces and patios.

The flowers are very pretty blooming in a trumpet shape. Some varieties are pink, purple, red, pale yellow and white. Others bear a combination, like white-pink and white-purple. Most varieties are hybrid and easy to plant in good soil.

6. Snapdragon

Flowers for Window Boxes Snapdragon

Snapdragon is a stunning, robust plant that grows easily in any kind of soil. It can beautify the exterior of your house due to its nice looking lobed flowers.

You may choose any variety of this as it comes with a range of colors of its flowers. There are yellow, pink, white, dark purple, orange, and red. There are also varieties that produce a combination of white and pink.

Like most flowers for window boxes, this plant can withstand sunlight. However, it must be watered frequently in order to survive.

7. Verbena

Flowers for Window Boxes Verbena

Verbena is quite a beautiful plant primarily because of its flowers. It is a woody plant that is easy to grow and can tolerate a small container, such as a window box.

It grows very nice looking with its small flowers that are colored pink with white spots in the center. But this plant has other varieties too, in terms of color, which are purple and red.

This plant likes to have sunlight everyday but must not be exposed to it a lot. That’s why it’s a great idea to plant it in window boxes to be able to move when there is too much sun or if it’s raining.

8. Zinnia

Flowers for Window Boxes Zinnia

Zinnia belongs to the daisy family, which also explains it similar look. Besides being one of the flowers for window boxes, this can grow in grassland. It is a very popular flower plant in Mexico and many areas in the United States.

The flowers are very easy to quickly grow and bloom. This plant has seeds, which you can use to sow instead of a cut part.

Its flowers are very nice to look. It showcases rounded clusters of red, yellow or orange colored petals. Some have a combination of two or three colors too.

Flowers for window boxes can absolutely create a more stunning view and detail to any home. Regardless of the exterior color, such flowers displayed around give life to a residential property.

Leafy Plants Ideal to Mix with Flowers for Window Boxes

In addition to flowers, you may also use or mix leafy plants with the flowers mentioned above. Here are a few of them that you can try sowing.

1. Caladium

Leafy Plants for Window Boxes Caladium

If you are looking for a plant with extremely colorful leaves that will do well in a shady window box, caladium is an excellent option. The foliage, which is typically shaped like a heart, grows in shades of full green, reddish pink, whitish green, and purple with a little green.

This plant tends to be care-free and easy to maintain. It grows best in shady areas, but some varieties prefer sunlight. It also needs a well-drained soil in a cooler space.

Although this doesn’t produce flowers, you can mix it with other flowers for window boxes. Combining it with other bulbs or flowers can make the window side looks nicer and attractive.

2. Coleus

Leafy Plants for Window Boxes Coleus

Coleus is another option to blend with your flowers for window boxes. Its leaves are breathtaking having a unique edge and combined colors of purple green, dark purple and green, red and yellow green, etc. Amazingly, this leafy plant produces tiny racemes of flowers.

This window box flower plant can withstand some sunlight but is best if placed in a shaded spot. The soil must be well watered to help its growth and produce a beautiful foliage.

3. Ivy

Leafy Plants for Window Boxes Ivy

Ivy is a gorgeous leafy vine, and can be a great option to decor the outer frame of a window or the edges of the window box.

This leafy plant grows best with a lot of light, but it does not need direct sunlight all day long, which is why a window box is perfect for this plant.

Unless you trim on a regular basis, this plant can grow quickly and easily. It can even cover the whole wall if not properly and occasionally cut.

Though it matures with thick green foliage, this plant is considered one of the flowers for window box. Yes, it produces flowers with five petals. Its variety of colors includes white and bluish purple.


Make your house look more outstanding by sowing beautiful flowers for window boxes. Such flowering plants are able to create a fancy look even when placed on the edge or your windows.

Have you tried installing a box along the bottom edge of a window? What flowers did you plant in the window box? We’d love to hear your gardening experiences regarding flowers for window boxes.