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13 of the Most Reliable, Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home

Wind is one of those natural enemies of plants, especially flowers, which cannot be controlled and can be frustrating. Even without the presence of storm, a slightly strong wind is able to wilt flower plants easily.

This is a nightmare to every homeowner who tries their very best to keep the garden or landscape looking beautiful and untangled.

Gardeners create barriers to protect vulnerable plants against winds, storms and typhoons. The use of other taller and bigger plants with thick stems or woody branches can be a great defense too. Others make some shade and fences from some light materials.

While all those are really fantastic ideas, there is also one simple way to lessen the hassle of preparing or working extra effort to protect plants and prevent the frustration brought by wind destruction. This is the planting of wind tolerant flowers.

There are some flowering plants that withstand wind. Flowers with strong, flexible stems can resist wind. They may sway and bend easily but can remain intact even after a wind passes by. Let’s find out which wind tolerant flowers to add to your home garden.

Top 13 Wind Tolerant Flowers

1. African Daisies

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home African Daisies

African daisy, also known as gazania with scientific name Osteospermum, is a flowering plant that belongs to the Calenduleae family. It is a smaller version type of daisy and sunflower.

In fact, it looks like the common daisies but there are slight and unique differences. The middle disc looks like metallic dye painted. The petals are smooth and flat, while some varieties have that spoon-like appearance. The leaves are also smooth, ovate, lobed and toothed.

Gazania is a plant from the family of Asteracea with daisy-like flower heads. It is one of those drought and wind tolerant flowers you can choose.

Not only because of that, but it also that it produces bright, beautiful flowers in yellow, orange, purple, white and bi-colored ones during summer.

2. Azalea

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Azalea

Shrubs are great wind tolerant flowers, and one of those best choices is azaleas. This perennial small tree is a favorite spring bloom.

You get to enjoy flowers in white, pink, yellow or orange both in the spring and summer seasons. This best grows in a partial shade as it needs protection from the afternoon sun.

3. Bottlebrush

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Bottlebrush

Bottlebrush flowers bloom during spring and summer. This plant can tolerate drought as well as wind. It is an ideal flower to grow near the coastal area or location that gets windy climates.

Its name is given due to the fact that the beautiful, spiky, red or crimson flowers look like bottle brush. The flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Naturally, this plant grows into a big shrub, but with pruning you can shape and mold it into a smaller version. Like most wind tolerant flowers, regular watering and care must be observed to ensure their growth and flower production.

4. Coreopsis

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Coreopsis 1

Coreopsis or Tickseed and Mädchenauge is also a great choice among wind tolerant flowers. Depending on the variety, this can be grown as perennial or annual. But generally it is a plant that grows and thrives best in full sun.

This plant produces yellow flowers that easily attract bees, butterflies and birds. Although plain yellow petals are common, some varieties have flowers in white, red and pink. Others are combined yellow and red or yellow and orange flowers.

5. Daylily

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Daylily

Surprisingly, daylilies are considered wind tolerant flowers. They may look fragile but this beautiful flower can resist a windy climate. It is a hardy perennial plant that creates a beautiful view on the front patio, sidewalks of the house or at the backyard.

Flowers vary in colors from one color to a blend of two or three hues. They open for one day only but re-bloom on the next day. However, a single stem produces a dozen of these pretty lilies. It’s worth taking care of, keep that in mind.

Part of its basic maintenance is to keep it exposed under full sun. During the afternoon, it’s best to place them in a shaded area to avoid the intense heat of the sun at these hours.

6. Geranium

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Geranium

Geraniums are not just good wind tolerant flowers but also excellent plants in window boxes. This type of plant prefers a sunny area in the morning and a shaded location in the afternoon, especially if the weather is too hot. Before frost, it has to be kept indoors.

Regular watering is a part of its care and maintenance. The base should be watered in order to keep the leaves dry as these can be easily infected by fungal diseases if moist.

7. Marigold

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Marigold

Calendula or marigold is a popular plant mainly for its bright yellow or orange flowers. This annual plant is considered as one of the reliable wind tolerant flowers. It blooms in spring and summer.

After frost, you may sow seeds directly in the ground of your yard or garden. This needs full sun in order to grow with excellent and abundant flower production.

8. Nasturtium

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Nasturtium

Nasturtiums are known as edible flower but also a wind tolerant plant. It is an annual that is fast growing and easy to care. Aside from its orange, yellow or red petals, the leaves are also good to add to dishes.

Like any wind tolerant flowers, this plant can be directly sown in the ground of a garden, or in containers and baskets. But it is best that you start planting after the last frost so you can harvest the pretty flowers as soon as spring starts.

9. New Zealand Christmas Bush

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home New Zealand Christmas Bush

New Zealand Christmas Bush is also known as New Zealand Christmas tree and iron tree. This shrub tree is grown in foliage that adds beauty and color in any home garden.

Its contrasting crimson flowers and green, sometimes golden, leaves create a beautiful backdrop. These flowers attract bees and birds. This wind tolerant plant is ideal to grow in the sunlight.

10. Portulaca

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Portulaca

One of the drought and wind tolerant flowers you can add to your garden or landscape is the Portulaca. This fast growing annual plant produces small, cute flowers in various colors.

It is a type of ground cover plant that requires minimal care and maintenance. Its foliage is able to retain moisture, which lessen the hassle of watering it a lot.

11. Shasta Daisy

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Shasta Daisy

Another daisy member that is wind tolerant is the shasta daisy. It is a plant with strong stems and hardy flowers featuring white petals and yellow central disc. It is a short-lived perennial but cut flowers last longer than other common ornamentals.

What makes this as one of the best wind tolerant flowers is that it grows well in full sun. It is also able to tolerate any types of soil. As a low maintenance plant, it can resist pests and diseases.

12. Tea Tree

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Tea Tree

Originated from New Zealand, tea tree is an amazing green shrub with its distinctive needle-like and prickly leaves, which are also aromatic or scented especially when crushed.

But its flowers in pink, red, or white are more eye-catching. These pretty flowers easily attract insects, including bees.

This shrub is a famous source of foods, medicines and cosmetic products. There are oils with essential nutrients extracted from the leaves and barks.

13. Zinnia

Wind Tolerant Flowers for Home Zinnia

You can include zinnias among the wind tolerant flowers for home gardens. This fast growing annual produces beautiful blooms that vary from one color to another.

The hues include yellow, orange, red, pink, white, and bi-colors or tri-colors. It is suggested to plant seeds than replant cuts. Spring time or when weather is warm is the best season to sow this flowering plant.

A garden is more lively looking and attractive if there are pretty and colorful flowers around. But it’s important for every home owner and gardener to keep flowering plants that can last longer and bloom abundantly.


The list of wind tolerant flowers mentioned above is one sample of a specific criterion of what to plant in a home garden, especially if the area is near the coast or where windy condition occurs often.

These are not just plants that can resist wind. They are also easy and fast to grow, which make them popular choices.

The beautiful, charming view these flowers give can be priceless and rewarding. You can have the supply of cute flower arrangements used for various special events or even without occasion at all.

Which of these wind tolerant flowers you are going to most likely plant in your yard?