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Pilea Dark Mystery Plant – 9 Caring and 4 Propagating Tips!

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Pilea Dark Mystery is the plant for people who want something different from an old-school plant collection. These plants produce unique shapes and colors that can stun almost every plant lover. The color of the plant changes as it grows mature.

They are also known as lizard tail Pilea because of their foliage shape. The leaves extend themselves similar to the tail of a lizard. These plants will give you a Jurassic park vibe in your garden, so we recommend you to grow these plants if you love to try something new and different.

Pilea Dark Mystery 1
Pilea Dark Mystery – via Etsy

Characteristics of Pilea Dark Mystery Plant

We always choose a plant because of its looks. But most of us forget to get good knowledge about its growth habit and condition it prefers to live in. For that reason, we have listed down some characteristics of your plant to understand it better.


The leaves of these plants are dark green with silver stripes in the middle. The center of the leaves is quite broad and narrows down at the top, similar to the lizard’s tail.

New leaves have a rose color that changes to deep green as they mature. It has bushy foliage that fills the whole environment with its mesmerizing colors.

Height and width

These plants can grow 8 inches high and 6 inches wide. The compactness of the plant allows you to place them anywhere in your garden or room with limited space. They have a clumping growth habit that allows its spread control, making its handling easier.


The origin of these plants is in Ecuador, so keep them in an environment as similar as possible to their native lands. They are not frost-hardy, so make sure that you protect them from frost in the winter season.


These plants are not toxic at all. You can place your plant anywhere inside your house without worrying about your pets and children getting infected from it.

Hardiness zones

They grow in hardiness zones 10 and 11, where temperatures are mildly warm, so maintain a stable temperature and humidity level, allowing these plants to grow faster and healthier.


The flowers of these plants form in clusters. They have pink color that combines perfectly with the intense foliage to balance the contrast.

Pilea Dark Mystery 2
Pilea Dark Mystery – via Etsy

Caring tips for Pilea Dark Mystery Plant

These plants have a moderate caring difficulty, but it can become quite easy if you follow the tips we have provided in this guide. Your plant will thrive and flourish like none other in your garden if you fulfill all the basic requirements of your precious plant mentioned below.


Bright, indirect sunlight is ideal for these plants to grow healthy and strong, but make sure that you do not place them under the direct sun. Harsh sun rays can burn the sensitive leaves of your plant. On the other hand, low light conditions can cause the leaves of the plant to become leggy and darker.


Peat moss and perlite combination makes one of the best soil mixes for the plants, but make sure you make a good drainage system to avoid standing water. Roots of the plant soaking in water can cause root, so please do not keep the soil soggy at any cost.


Water the plant when the top half of the soil goes dry. These plants require a medium to a high amount of watering, but please do not overwater the plant as it can damage the roots. You can check the soil with the help of your fingers to determine whether the plant needs watering or not.


Keep your plant above 10 degrees centigrade temperature for ideal growth. These plants are not very good against extremely cold climate conditions, so keep them at a distance from A/C vents if you decide to place them inside your room.


These plants prefer a high humidity level. You can increase and maintain a high humidity level with the help of a humidifier. Misting can also be used to increase the moisture level in the air to make the plant feel at home.


A liquid fertilizer diluted to half-strength is a good choice to boost the plant’s growth; however, you are advised to cut back completely on feeding once the winter season arrives.


Remove the damaged leaves and make the plant look healthy with occasional pruning. Pruning the plant before the growing season encourages the growth of the plant’s leaves.

Pests and other diseases

Mealybugs and spider mites are some of the most common pests that can damage the beautiful foliage of your plant. Neem oil sprays can be used to get rid of such pests and protect the plant from any harm.


Repotting for this plant is tricky, but it can easily be done if you repot them in the spring season when it is actively growing and has time to settle. We recommend you reduce the stress on your plant by waiting for at least a year before shifting them into a new pot again.

Propagating Pilea Dark Mystery Plant

Propagating your dark mystery plant does not require a lot of effort. We recommend you use the stem tip cutting method as it is the most economical and easy to perform. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind for the best results.

  • Choose a stem tip and cut a few inches below the leaf node.
  • Place the cutting inside the water and wait for roots to develop a few inches from the cuttings.
  • Plant the roots inside the soil and water to keep it hydrated.
  • The new roots take two to three weeks to grow.


Pilea Dark Mystery Plant is an absolute gem of a plant when it comes to the uniqueness of color and shape. Please make sure that you follow all the tips provided in this guide to ensure the proper growth of your plant for astonishing and mesmerizing foliage.