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29 of the Pretty Pink Perennials for Garden You Can Grow!

So, you’ve decided to have more pink perennials around your home. That is a fabulous idea! You can have pretty blooms all year round that can attract your guests and even uninvited ones like the butterflies, bees and dragonflies. But who doesn’t want some colorful pretty pink hue in their humble abode?

There is the element of romantic charm when it comes to pink colored flowers. It may be a little too feminine but its bright shade contrasts the usual greens. If you prefer a garden that makes it the best or the most attractive spot within your neighborhood, definitely go for pink perennials.

Have no idea which plants produce flowers in pink? Fortunately, there’s plenty of beautiful choices! A few of those blooms should be enough, but if you like more than just a couple then feel free to plant more pinks!

29 Pretty Pink Perennials

1. Achimenes

This purplish pink flower is a great addition to any green field. It is a perennial houseplant that can be grown outdoors or indoors.

It does look like yellow bells and morning glory due to their funnel-shaped flower heads. The leaves are glossy and a little hairy. This grows well in zones 7 and 8.

2. Amarcrinum

Amercinums are one of the pretty pink perennials anyone can grow. Its pink color may not be vibrant but a pale or light shade can still make a beautiful view.

This plant is typically shown in front of a home like the patio, but can also be grown on the sides and back. It tolerates warmth so a full sun is required. This has to be planted in zones 8 to 10.

3. Anemone

Anemone Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

Although available in different colors, the pink anemone can showcase a whimsical touch to a garden. Generally, this flower has a few species featuring various shapes and sizes of petals.

Some have purplish shades, while others are too pink. This perennial plant blooms in summer until the beginning of autumn. It thrives better in well-drained soil from zones 4 to 9 under full sun to partial shade.

4. Antirrhinum

Antirrhinum Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

Snapdragon or dragon flower is the common name that refers to antirrhinum. It is one of the pink perennials you can add to your surroundings.

From light pink to purple, this plant blooms with tubular shaped heads in vertical. It is a hardy plant that lives more abundantly in well-drained soil. It is recommended that you regularly deadhead to keep the plant providing more blooms.

5. Aster

When it comes to multiple varieties, aster is an ideal choice because there are plenty to select from. Different petal colors and shapes are available at your disposal.

You may go for the daisy like ones or the round balls. Of course, you may mix a few pink varieties. Regardless, this summer flower is very easy to grow.

6. Astilbe

Astilbe Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

For a bushy cover, astilbe is a lovely pick. It is a tall perennial that reaches up to 5 feet high. But its clustered pink perennials flowers that are formed in Christmas shape is the highlight.

Apart from the popular pink, there are purple, red, yellow, cream and white hues. This thrives in rich, moist and well-drained soil.

7. Bergenia

Bergenia offers an absolute charming glory with its flowers, especially the pink variety. The foliage is completed by green, glossy leaves that form into a heart shape.

This plant is sometimes known as pigsqueak for the noise the flowers make when they are rubbed together. This can be planted as a groundcover since it doesn’t extend up tall like other pink perennials. It thrives in zones 3 to 8.

8. Campion

Campion Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

If you like a little brightness to your garden, campions are also a great choice. The beautiful flowers that usually come in neon hues can surely attract attention.

You may choose a purplish pink or a deeper shade like magenta. This spring bloomer is able to resist drought and deer, and grows well in zones 3 to 9.

9. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

You know it’s springtime once cherry blossoms start popping up. This famous flower bush tree is too pretty to ignore. Why growing them in your own backyard can definitely add some highlights. Do you know that the flowers are edible, too?

10. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

One of the easiest pink perennials to grow is chrysanthemum. Care is very basic as it only requires little maintenance. However, it needs a lot of sunlight but some shade is nice to keep its huge flowers blooming much longer. It is a summer flowering plant but can extend up to early fall.

11. Coral Bell

Coral Bell Pink Perennials
via Pxhere

Full sun or partial shade, coral bells make a great impression as a groundcover and sideway paths. Best cultivated in zones 3 to 10, this perennial plant is delightful to look at with its cute flowers.

12. Creeping Phlox

Creeping Phlox Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

Add more volume to your groundcover with creeping phlox. Mostly popular with the purple and violet shades, this flowering plant is one of the easy to grow pink perennials.

13. Dahlia

When it comes to multiple colors, dahlias are one of the beautiful options. Yes, pink shades are included. This plant thrives in well-drained soil, requires full sun, and eventually blooms in the summer season.

14. Delphinium

Delphinium Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

From zones 3 to 7, delphinium is a nice plant that produces florets in vertical position. It is a great fence and wall cover as it grows really tall plus the spiky racemes of its beautiful flowers. It is still easy to grow despite its enormous need for water and sun.

15. Foxglove

Like delphiniums, foxgloves also showcase towering blooms. It is one of those pink perennials that can grab the attention of visitors and pollinators.

Its flowers that come in shades of pink, purple, white are tubular and arranged upside down. The downside is that it is toxic, which makes it not eco-friendly and safe to little kids and pets.

16. Hibiscus

Hibiscus Pink Perennials
via Pxhere

The tropical vibe that hibiscus brings is a nice touch to consider. Not to mention that the flowers come in various colors and patterns – some are spiral, tie-dyed and striped.

There’s absolutely different varieties of this shrub. It is also easy to grow, especially in warm climates under zone 4.

17. Hollyhocks

Hollyhocks Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

Hollyhocks do look like mini hibiscus, and equally pretty too. It is one of the low maintenance pink perennials you can grow. It is recommended to stake or provide support to avoid the plant from falling and this also helps protect the flowers.

18. Hyssop

Hyssop, which is otherwise known as agastache, is a spiky bushy plant that produces pretty flowers in shades of pink, purple and white. This can be a great welcome to your guests on your porch and patio.

19. Impatiens

Impatiens Pink Perennials2
via Pixabay

You can still have pretty pink blooms during the cold, frosty season with impatiens. Even indoors, this plant is easy to grow as it needs partial sun rather than full sunlight. It can attract butterflies, hummingbirds and some pollinators.

20. Lupine

Lupine Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

Towering up to 3 feet, lupines are beautiful pink perennials that can surely bring some attention. The spike clusters of flowers are hard to resist. Apart from pink, these come in white, yellow, purple, blue, and red. It grows best in zones 4 through 8.

21. Myosotis or Forget-Me-Not

Myosotis or Forget Me Not Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

Forget-me-not is a cute flowering plant that blooms during spring and summer. Its florets can add some pop to your green lawn or groundcover. It is also a nice touch around your pond or pool as it grows best near water.

22. Obedient Plant

Obedient Plant Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

Physostegia, which is also commonly called obedient plant and false dragonhead, is another perennial that can provide some pink around your garden. This is best cultivated in zones 3 to 9 under full sun.

23. Oriental Lily or Stargazer

Oriental Lily or Stargazer Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

It is hard to resist if pink perennials are as gorgeous as the stargazer, also known as oriental lily. It is one of the popular lilies that many homeowners love to grow not just for its large, undeniably beautiful flowers but also its minimal care requirement. It needs well-drained soil and full sun.

24. Peony

Peony Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

One of the iconic beautiful cut flowers are peonies. This springtime bloomer has a nice fragrance. It comes in different shades from pink to purple, white to cream, orange to red. There are also bicolored varieties.

25. Prunella

For a grassy plant, prunella is an ideal choice. You may want to minimize the appearance of flowers but still want to lessen the green. This purple and pink flowering plant thrives better in zones 4 to 9. It must be planted in rich, well-drained soil.

26. Rodgersia

Rodgersia Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

Among the unique pink perennials you can grow is the rodgersia. It has dark green foliage so its creamy, pink flowers can add delight. It tolerates wet soil and thrives best in zones 5 to 7.

27. Tulip

Tulip Pink Perennials
via Pxhere

Tulips are gorgeous, no doubt about it. It is a popular and favorite flower by many people due to its simple beauty. What’s also good about this is that there’s an array of color choices, including light pink to deep purple. It is a myth to grow this in a spacious field.

As long as you know the growing and maintenance requirements, it should not be a problem to have this around your garden.

28. Veronica Spicata or Red Fox

Veronica Spicata or Red Fox Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

The spiky flowers of veronica spicata, also known as red fox, can display an attractive aura within your vicinity. It is surely a good pick to create borders around your garden, front yard or sidewalks.

29. Yarrow

Yarrow Pink Perennials
via Pixabay

In addition to the pink perennials mentioned above, yarrow makes an excellent beauty in a garden. This plant belongs to the aster family that features thick clusters of tiny florets. It also has a fragrance similar to licorice. This is also known for its medicinal benefits.


The life that flower plants bring to a home, no matter how simple or small it is, can make a huge significance. In terms of home decor and beauty, pink perennials are specifically an excellent choice.

From the list we’ve discussed here, you may have surely found a few personal favorites. It’s important that you know the type of soil found in your yard or perhaps change what’s in the pots or beds.

Other required factors, such as weather, sunlight and water, should be considered in choosing the right plants.