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Top 8 Plants That Grow from Cuttings In Water!

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Propagating the plants may sound like a drag, but it depends on what kind of plants you are working with, but it will be simple.

It isn’t successful in the first few tries, but we are encouraging every person to initiate somewhere because it is really rewarding when it works.

Even the majority of the gardener always knows that plants require soil, light, and water to grow. A considerable amount of the best plants are out there that root in the Water.

So many Plants That Grow From Cuttings In Water and you should choose the right one. Free plants are also great because you can easily grow from cutting in Water.

There are different kinds of cuttings that produce roots growing in the Water. This has become 1 of the best ways to grow species. There are so many plants out there that are easy to grow in a particular glass of Water that includes basil, sage, mint, lemon verbena.

There are so many subtropical and tropical houseplants out there that perform well whenever propagated in the old Water.

In the following paragraphs, we are going to share important data about the best plants that will grow from cutting in Water.

8 Plants That Grow from Cuttings In Water

1. Pothos Plants

Pothos Plants That Grow from Cuttings In Water

When it comes to the best plant that can grow from cutting in Water, then Pothos is the first name that comes to our mind. The care of Pothos is really undemanding and easy.

This great plant has become a great method to add green to the home. Basic Pothos is completely easy. These are some great plants that enjoy a wide variety of environments. They are performing well in the indirect, low light.

It will be able to grow in the dry soil. They will surely be able to thrive in nutrient-rich soil. Pothos plants will be able to make the best addition to the office or bathroom because they will be able to tolerate light.

The popularity of Pothos is at its peak. The main fact is that it will surely be grown in the dry soil and waters.

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle Leaf Fig Plants That Grow from Cuttings In Water
Fiddle Leaf Fig propagating via

You will surely see that people are already growing the fiddle-leaf figs in the containers of Southern Florida.

If you are already thinking of growing such a plant yourself or want more details on the fiddle leaf fig care, then you should read the following important points carefully.

  • Nothing is better than Fiddle Leaf Fig that is completely evergreen trees with fiddle-shaped, enormous, and green leaves. They will be able to get 10 inches wide and 15 inches long.
  • If you are already living in the war zone, then you will not be able to start growing the fiddle-leaf figs. In case you have already decided to go ahead and plant the fiddle-leaf fig trees in a sunny location that is protected from the wind, then it will surely enhance overall longevity.
  • If you don’t want to face any complicated issue, then you should pay attention to the basic requirements of the Fiddle Leaf Fig.

3. Baby’s Tear Care

Babys Tears Plants That Grow from Cuttings In Water

Are you searching for the best Plants That Grow From Cuttings In Water, then you should consider Baby’s Tear Care? These kinds of plants are frequently found in bottle gardens or terrariums.

It will surely be listed under other common names like Corsican Carpet Plant, Corsican curse, and Irish moss. This plant is completely easy & such houseplant will offer additional interest to the home.

This kind of tear needs medium to high humidity that will surely be accomplished quickly in the terrarium environment as they will be able to retain the moisture.

It has become the best plant that can flourish in moderate daylight and medium exposure settings. These types of plants always require the perfect circulation of air, so you should consider this whenever adding the plant to a bottle garden or terrarium.

Make sure that you are investing money in it so you can enjoy the higher humidity, and it also requires great air circulation. You don’t have to cover the terrarium in case you are including such a plant.

4. Impatiens

Impatiens Plants That Grow from Cuttings In Water

If you are looking for Plants That Grow from Cuttings in Water, then one should consider Impatiens that is considered one of the greatest flowering plants to grow.

These are some interesting and attractive flowers that will surely be propagated. If you are already searching for an important method for so many flowers to garden, then Impatiens would be a reliable option for you.

The majority of the Impatiens plants are completely propagated by cuttings. Insert every Impatiens cutting in the pots or trays that are filled with the two leaf nodes.

Holes will surely be made beforehand using a finger or pencil. Try to be pinched off any lower leaves on the impatiens cutting. Try to insert cutting in soil properly. 

One will be able to place the impatient cutting directly in the garden. Try to poke perfectly into the ground.  If you are paying attention to everything, then you will never face any complicated issues.

5. African Violet

African violet Plants That Grow from Cuttings In Water

There are so many gardeners out there that shy away from growing the elegant and frilly African violet because they are completely intimidated by the African Violet care.

If you are learning how to grow the violets properly, then one will surely be able to add to the indoor space for cheerful and bright blooms whenever the outdoor landscape is completely bare and brown.

If you want to grow the plant properly, then you should plant it into perfect soil from one of the easiest African violet care.

There are also special mixes that will be helpful for you. You can also take the aid of a professional who will give you effective tips related to it.

6. Creeping Fig Plant

Creeping Fig Plant Plants That Grow from Cuttings In Water

Creeping fig vine is also considered as fig ivy, climbing fig & creeping ficus is considered as one of the great wall cover & ground in the warmer part of the country.

It will surely be able to make a great addition to the garden and home. Whenever growing the creeping fig as a houseplant, then it will surely require indirect and bright light.

For a genuine indoor creeping care of the fig, then one should also pay attention to the quality of the soil. It would be better to pay attention to the top of the soil before watering.

If you want to grow the plant properly, then you will have to keep the soil wet.  If you don’t want to face any issues, then you should always check the top of the soil before watering it. In case the soil is trying, then it should be watered. 

Make sure that you are fertilizing the creeping fig in summer and spring almost once a month. One will not have to fertilize the soil in winter & fall.

During winter, one will have to always offer the additional humidity to creeping the fig plant. If possible, then one should take the assistance of professionals who will surely give you effective suggestions related to it.

7. Begonia

Begonia Plants That Grow from Cuttings In Water

Varieties of the best plants are out there, and Begonia is considered one of the best ones. There are some best varieties of the begonia houseplants that are always grown for flowers, and others are always grown via striking the foliage.

If you want to grow the begonias as houseplants, then it will need a little bit of information in order to keep searching they’re very great indoors.

After investing money in Begonia then one should always learn how to care for such an incredible plant. Make sure that you are also determining what type of begonia you must have.

These kinds of the plant always belong to one of three kinds like fibrous, tuberous & rhizomatous. This plant will surely be also grown as houseplants but sometimes requires a little bit of tough time surviving due to the requirements of higher humidity & light as compared to the other two types.

Care of the begonias indoors always initiates with the right location. Suppose you want to place them so where then one will have to pay attention to the light. Your plant will need a lot of humidity.

8. Polka Dot Plant

Polka Dot Plant Plants That Grow from Cuttings In Water
Polka Dot Plant Plants Growing In Water via

If you want to grow the Polka Dot Plant, then you should pay attention to lots of important things. It is considered a member of the Hypoestes group of almost 100 plants.

They are completely herbaceous shrubs whose stems will surely get woody as they age. You will find breeders have also developed lots of other varieties in which few have green mottled spotting.

Make sure that you are buying the plant according to the requirements. If possible, then one should also take the assistance of professionals who will surely give you important information about it.


Moving Further, these are some fantastic plants that will surely grow from cuttings in the Water. You can also make your own from vermiculite, perlite, and peat moss in equal parts with ease.  Proper watering is considered an important aspect of learning how to grow plants properly.

alexander alexiou

Sunday 24th of March 2024

Thank you for the most interesting info.Is it ok to leave the rooted stems in the water for ever?

Hoang Quang

Thursday 4th of April 2024

Hi @alexander alexiou,

You're welcome!

To answer your question - For some plants like Pothos and African Violet, leaving the rooted stems in water indefinitely can be fine. Although, they might eventually benefit from being transferred to soil.

However, for plants like Fiddle leaf fig, Baby tear, Impatiens, Creeping fig, Begonia, and Polka dot plant, it's better to transfer them to soil once they have rooted to provide better support and nutrients for long-term growth.