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10 Beautiful Plants That Grow In Water – #2 Will Surprise You

Growing plants in water can be a great activity for novice gardeners who have limited space or have an aversion to getting their hands dirty. Growing plants that grow in water is not just low maintenance but also pest and disease resistant.

You can plan an indoor water garden with clippings of plants that grow in water or you can just place a couple of water plants on your kitchen windowsill. If you want to learn more about the plants that you can grow in water, then keep reading this post to uncover valuable information!      

10 Beautiful Plants That Grow In Water

1. Calla Lily

Calla Lily Plants That Grow In Water
Botanical Name: Zantedeshchia aethiopica

Despite the name, Calla Lilies are not actually lilies. These plants are immensely popular because of their extraordinary flowers and beautiful foliage. The best thing is that they are easy to take care of.

This beautiful plant is available in a multitude of colors and can be grown easily in containers. These plants are generally resilient and do not require too much attention.   

2. Amazon Frogbit

Amazon Frogbit Plants That Grow In Water
Botanical Name: Limnobium laeviatum

This water plant is interesting, gorgeous and easy to look after. It is immensely popular amongst aquarists because of its ornamental nature.

The plant grows its characteristic flat leaves that float on the surface of water. The mature plant produces small white flowers which makes it really elegant and attractive.

This floating aquatic plant is often mistakes for water hyacinth due to the similarity. The juvenile plant grows in rosettes that float on the water surface which is a distinguishing character.

The mature plants can grow 50 cm tall. The leaves are not inflated like the spongy leaf stalks like water hyacinth. The flowers are small and white and add beauty to water gardens. 

3. Parrot’s Feather

Parrots Feather Plants That Grow In Water
Botanical Name: Myriophyllum aquaticum

Parrot’s Feather plant grows underwater and can touch a foot above the water. Their distinct feathery foliage makes them really attractive.

However, these plants are considered to be invasive species and can grow really fast thereby filling their habitat. Checking up on them every now and then will not overwhelm your other plants. This plant has both emergent and submerged foliage.

This perennial plant gets its name from its feather-like leaves. The leaves and stems look distinctive like a parrot feather and can grow up to a foot above the water surface. The plants bear pinkish-white flowers that extend up to 1/16 inches long. The plant flourishes in spring. 

4. Creeping Jenny

Creeping Jenny Plants That Grow In Water
Botanical Name: Lysimachia nummularia

Popular as ground covers, the creeping jenny looks great on the sides of your outdoor ponds. It can thrive between rocks and grows cup-shaped flowers in summer thereby adding a colorful pop to your pond.

This glossy evergreen perennial is a member of the Primulacea family and can quickly create a carpet of lime green oval leaves. Growing creeping jenny is relatively easy. This hardy plant can thrive in different conditions. 

This perennial plant can grow up to four inches in high. The leaves appear like small coins and this is the reason why it is also referred to as Moneywort. The yellow flowers bloom during June to August. They measure about an inch in width and can bear small red dots on the petals.

5. Waterlily/Lotus

Lotus Plants That Grow In Water
Botanical Name: Nelumbo nucifera

The water lilies are one of the stunning additions you can make to your water garden and this is the reason why they are preferred by many gardeners.

These beautiful pond plants are characterized by amazing flowers representing all the colors of the light spectrum. The flowers are majestic, dramatic and exotic. They flourish in sunlight and fill the garden with exotic fragrances.

The flowers range from 2” in diameter to some blooms touching 12”. Their leaves float freely unless the pond is really crowded. These perennial water plants can be broken down into two basic groups: tropical and hardy.

The smaller lotuses can reach 8 to 12 inches tall with leaves ranging from 2 to 3 inches in diameter. These lotuses are referred to as dwarf lotuses and can grow wonderful flowers up to 1 foot wide. The larger ones can touch 6 to 16 inches tall on steams ranging from 2 to 4 feet long.  

Though the plants appear tropical, these water plants are actually perennials. Lotuses require sun and heat to thrive to their fullest potential. These plants do not fare well in humid conditions. 

6. Amazon Water Lily

Amazon Water Lily Plants That Grow In Water

This Amazon water lily can only be cultivated in large ponds. It is popular for its gigantic floating leaves. It is said that the leaves are so big that a large gigantic person can sit comfortably in it.

The flowers are also usually large. The plants remain perennial as long as the water temperatures remain at least 75 degrees F.

There are many cultivators who love growing this plant in containers. This plant is native to quiet shallow waters in tropical South America.

The flowers are night-blooming and have a characteristic pineapple-scent. The leaves are yellowish green above and coppery red underneath. Each leaf has a distinctive vertical edge.

The undersides of the stems and leaves have sharp prickles. Each flower lasts for just 2-3 days. The flowers bloom as white and turn to pinkish to rose-purple color as they age. 

7. Cattail

Cattail Plants That Grow In Water
Botanical Name: Typha angustifolia

Whenever you pass by any river, pond or lake, the chances are you would have noticed cattails. When it comes to landscaping a water pond, cattails can truly be a delight and with little care these can tip the scales dramatically in your favor. These plants grow vertical and have a bold presence in water gardens.

The leaves are sword-like and persist throughout winter. These are a favorite landing spot for dragonflies and red-winged blackbirds.

Cattails are also valuable habitat for wetland birds and wildlife. Apart from finding a place in landscaping projects, cattails are collected for use in both dried and fresh arrangements.

These are also eaten as produce. The rhizomes can be cooked like potatoes. The young spring shoots have a nutty flavor and can be used as asparagus.   

8. Water Lettuce

Water lettuce Plants That Grow In Water
Botanical name: Pistia stratiotes

This water plant is grown for its alluring foliage that resembles a carpet of lettuce heads on water. It is an important plant for ponds as it shades and water and provides small fishes a place to hide.

The early origin of this water plant has been recorded to be river Nile. Today, it can be found all over the world. 

Today, water lettuce makes an attractive water feature. Belonging to the family Araceae, this evergreen plant forms large floating colonies. The spongy foliage varies in color from light green to gray-green and is about 1 to 6 inches long.

This moderate grower has leaves that form velvety rosettes which resembles the heads of lettuce. Its dangling roots will form a safe haven for fishes in your pond. Its yellow flowers are hidden in the foliage and can be spotted from late summer to early winter.  

9. Water Hyacinth

Water hyacinth Plants That Grow In Water
Botanical name: Marsilea mutica

Water hyacinth is one of the showiest plants you can have in your water garden. The flower stalks touch about six inches above the foliage arises from the centers of the rosettes in spring. Each plant can hold about 20 spectacular purple flowers. The flowers usually last until fall.

Growing this plant in your water garden is easy. In perfect conditions, this plant doubles its size in every 8 to 12 days. The plants require full sun and hot summer temperatures. These plants can also be grown in containers and must be placed in full sun.

10. Water Clover

Water clover Plants That Grow In Water
Botanical name: Marsilea mutica

Water clover is basically a fern and grows at the edge of a pond. It is easy to grow and spreads quickly. This excellent water garden plant can also be grown in a water tray. This will make an excellent addition to your pond if you wish to add some texture and color to the water surface.

Marsilea is a genus of water ferns which contains approximately 65 species of water clovers. This deciduous aquatic fern produces clumps of leaves bearing four wedge-shaped leaflets.

The dense stands and the random growing patterns make it quite distinct. The plant has for long been harvested for use as medicine and food. It is also cultivated as an ornamental plant in garden ponds.  


Did you enjoy this incredible list of plants that grow in water. If you have been working on creating a water garden, then you can shortlist a few beauties from this list.

You will surely have a great time adding the most exotic species of water plants from our extensive list to your pond or water garden. If you loved this post, then do share your comments below. Have something more to share on the topic? We welcome your thoughts and suggestions.